Last Resort

Season 1 Episode 10

Blue Water

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on ABC

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  • Chinese don't bow...

    That's a Japanese custom...

    Why doesn't anyone involved with the show know this.. it's just a silly mistake.
  • Very good!

    This was a very good episode once more!

    Most of the interesting stufff happened off the island with the search for Christine. That was breathtakign stuff! And the cliffhanger at the end was sublime!

    There were good scenes on the island too. Looks like they are striking a deal with China. That could make things instantly interesting.

    I'm disappointed that we are nearing the end, but hopefully it will be enjoyable until then!
  • Little to not like in this episode

    There was no lead-up as to why 2 of the main characters showed up in the Philippines, but I guess that is part of the accelerated storyline, as noted by others. I guess I was a little surprised that the 2 didn't just off the guy in the bar, seeing what a threat he could potentially be, but maybe I am a bit too bloodthirsty. And, of course, it would have hurt the story. Overall, another hour of TV that was worth watching. Sad that there are only 3 more hours.
  • wrapping it up

    looks like the writers and producers have time to wrap this up as a 13 episode show - that's better than telling them at the last hour so they have to compromise the ending. this is an interesting show with a good plot, interesting characters, good dialogue and very good acting. I don't know how long they could have carried the storyline, but 15 or 16 episodes could have made it memorable.

    too bad - but not as bad as it could have been
  • Falling apart

    This episode broke my heart.

    There were a lot of brutal cuts, so I guess they had to rearrange the episodes they had, to make the ending by episode 13. There was so much going on and most of it felt like Season 2. It is great that we still get to see this, but I cannot believe this show was cancelled. For the better part, it was more thrilling than Prison Break Season 1.

    Is someone still fighting this? Maybe they will continue it at some points. That happens right?

    Anyways, amazing episode, wish we could have seen all of the build up.