Last Resort

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • Shawn Ryan

    Loved what he's done with tv (except for Chicago Code) so I wasn't totally surprised the Pilot was good. The problem is? It was a great Pilot.

    Like most I will be intrigued to see how they can carry the intensity into multiple seasons.
  • Great start!

    This was a terrific pilot episode of what appears to be a great show! Surprised to see that it has been cancelled, because this first episode looked really interesting.

    The storylines were really great for the most part, and there were some really interesting characters I would like to know more about!

    Overall, a great episode and premiere! I am looking forward to the next one!
  • The Nuclear Family just had another baby

    Notwithstanding the glaringly obvious errors for what one might consider dramatic license Last Resort is a well made post-cold war teledrama with good production values, suspenseful teleplay and decent acting. As with any new show there is always a risk of being a bit hit and miss for the first few episodes and with such subject matter, international diplomacy, atom bomb politics and high tech props, there are some huge bear traps for the producers to negotiate.

    I've now watched 3 episodes and my litmus test for this sort of show is how often I find myself saying 'that is not what would happen' or 'that is not what they would do'. I have found myself saying such phrases at times but outside of the huge herd of elephants sat in the room, which I am sure will be dealt with in future episodes, I haven't been too concerned with the, shall we say, operational omissions.

    So why did the US really nuke Pakistan, a NATO-friendly nuclear power, albeit with some very severe internal problems, that borders another Nuclear power, India, (friendly with NATO but hostile to Pakistan) and is a stones throw away from Russia and China, two more nuclear powers? I'm not sure this will be revealed in a very convincing way.

    However, any child will tell you that throwing that region into the turmoil of a nuclear war will not be good for anyone on the planet. The international condemnation would be absolutely unprecedented and to assume that any administration would last long given the leaky nature of democratic government and our global 24hr news culture is naive in the extreme. For that reason I doubt the producers of Last Resort will emphasise those issues and instead will concentrate on the conspiracy plot line and events on the island.

    I'll carry on watching as it is quite an entertaining show though I'm not sure it will last beyond a season. I've rated it purely on entertainment value and not deducted anything for the obvious omissions.
  • Captain

    Captain was a perfectly entertaining pilot episode of Last Resort. I really enjoyed watching because the characters had a lot of depth, the story lines were intriguing and there was a lot of tension. Many scenes reminded me of Battlestar Galactica. I liked how the Captain of the Sub maintained composure and protocol to the best of his ability within his moral range and even better that his First Officer did the same thing. This show looks like it will be quite engaging and full of action, drama and suspense. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Excellent

    I loved it, lets see if if stays on the same track if it does i am most certainly going to keep watching.
  • Submarine Scicence FIction

    Based on conversation with a former sub weapons officer, marginal as to technical side. Female officers are only supply officers aboard subs and would have zero line officer duties. The detonated missile '200 miles east of Washington' would not have been visible as shown, wouldn't look like it did and probably would have had really bad effects on Rehobeth, DE. The rest is the usual hogwash (identifying bombers, boating back the sub, seeing bombers turn back, & launching a missile with really really new coordinates). Suspend disbelief and enjoy.
  • This show had me and my girlfriend on the edge of our seats

    When I saw the preview for this show I was intrigued but the writers really did knock this out of the park. I knew that I'd be interested but I wasn't sure that my g/f would appreciate the story but she loved it too. Good writing, good actors, the story moved pretty fast which was the main issue I had but it's a pilot and they needed to get everything set for the season which they did. I'll definitely be watching this show going forward and I'm already look forward to the next one.
  • Excellent

    A Talented cast, well executed plot, and lives on the line build for a spine-tingling, suspenseful pilot. This will either be the next big thing, or it will go down like Firefly. Give this a watch and you will not be disappointed.
  • You have to give a shot.

    Until the last minute of the show, I was locked to my seat, thrilled and amazed. I did not know much about the plot so it was all a surprise for me to actually like "army type" tv show. If they know what they are doing and if they keep it at this pace with some balance, I believe we might have a new masterpiece.
  • Quite a start

    So much plot. Lots of great tension. A chilling speech.

    It would have been a perfect 10 if I weren't so skeptical about what's next... the idea of the crew living on an island and battling some angry locals for the rest of the season is less than thrilling.
  • Nice setup episode

    Shawn Ryan's slick new show looks like it'll be a lot of fun. It's too early to tell how well it'll do but the writers seem to have found quite a few story threads to pursue over the course of the first season.
  • Worth your time.

    I watched the preview pilot a few days before the broadcast, and it felt like a movie. Thought provoking, with plot twists. They leave you wanting the next episode. I will be watching this one. Very promising new show.