Last Resort

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • The Nuclear Family just had another baby

    Notwithstanding the glaringly obvious errors for what one might consider dramatic license Last Resort is a well made post-cold war teledrama with good production values, suspenseful teleplay and decent acting. As with any new show there is always a risk of being a bit hit and miss for the first few episodes and with such subject matter, international diplomacy, atom bomb politics and high tech props, there are some huge bear traps for the producers to negotiate.

    I've now watched 3 episodes and my litmus test for this sort of show is how often I find myself saying 'that is not what would happen' or 'that is not what they would do'. I have found myself saying such phrases at times but outside of the huge herd of elephants sat in the room, which I am sure will be dealt with in future episodes, I haven't been too concerned with the, shall we say, operational omissions.

    So why did the US really nuke Pakistan, a NATO-friendly nuclear power, albeit with some very severe internal problems, that borders another Nuclear power, India, (friendly with NATO but hostile to Pakistan) and is a stones throw away from Russia and China, two more nuclear powers? I'm not sure this will be revealed in a very convincing way.

    However, any child will tell you that throwing that region into the turmoil of a nuclear war will not be good for anyone on the planet. The international condemnation would be absolutely unprecedented and to assume that any administration would last long given the leaky nature of democratic government and our global 24hr news culture is naive in the extreme. For that reason I doubt the producers of Last Resort will emphasise those issues and instead will concentrate on the conspiracy plot line and events on the island.

    I'll carry on watching as it is quite an entertaining show though I'm not sure it will last beyond a season. I've rated it purely on entertainment value and not deducted anything for the obvious omissions.