Last Resort

Season 1 Episode 13

Controlled Flight Into Terrain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on ABC

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  • Sad to see it go.

    This was a great finale and a fitting end for the show. It really had to go on longer, but it was canned prematurely and so I'm glad that at least it had a good ending.

    Kylie was spectacular in this episode, and as my favourite character, she really played the role very well! Great stuff with Christine and Sam and pretty muhc everyone.

    It was rushed and not everything got as much detail as it needed, but for a finale, it did a great joab! I will miss the show!
  • A great ending!

    This was not one of my favorite shows this season but I liked it, and when it was cancelled I almost stopped watching, but I continued, hoping there would be a wrap up to the story lines, and they did and did it very well at the that. I couldn't help but tear as they return to shore and the XO had a happy ending. I can say now, that I am glad I watched til the end!
  • Over way too soon!

    This was a great show and was telling the truth about our military industrial complex. That's probably why it was cancelled. Great actors, great special effects, and great dialogue. When the captain said to the visiting "dignitary," "you should have killed those other SEALS while you had the chance," in a previous episode, you know people in the know were writing the script. The SEALS from SEAL team six were killed deliberately in both the chopper crashes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our country has totally run amok.

    Thanks to all the actors and script writers and people who made this show possible. You'll be missed!

    Want to know the truth about the SEALS? Watch the You Tube......

    Colonel Sixx: SEAL Team 6 Family Members, Bin Laden Raid Was Staged!! 1/2

  • Good finale, a shame for all the side story lines

    I really liked this series and looked formward to two seasons of building up of all the story lines and the coming together of all of them in the end. I'm pretty happy with what they could do with the main story after the cancellation, but all the sidestories got too few minutes to really make sense.
  • Good but rushed finale

    In those last couple of episodes the creators of Last Resort really had to stretch themselves in order to conclude many storylines that had been set up to last more episodes or possibly seasons. It was kind of sad to see some of those carefully built up stories to be rushed to an end in a few scenes but I also have to admire and applaud the producers for getting to the closure Last Resort now has in such a short amount of time. Most series that get axed so early just stop in the middle of the story and sometimes the producers don't even care, Last Resort at least concluded it.

    I have to say that I am still VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED with ABC at this time. With very few exceptions, some of which due to the time constraints because of the cancellation, the show was very intense and enjoyable. I am most certainly going to support the makers of it by buying it on Blu-ray if it gets released. I would have followed this show for a long time of that I am certain. It was different from the average crap on television. Shame on you ABC, for axing it so early on.
  • closure, mostly

    pretty good wrapup for a canceled show, very good cast, interesting premise, and always great acting. Obviously they rushed the ending to make the ever-dwindling audience have a sense of closure. To be honest, I don't know how long they could have continued the storyline - they should have had it as a 13 episode mini-series to begin with.