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102 - "Blue on Blue" Discussion Thread

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    [1]Oct 5, 2012
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    So the second episode of "Last Resort" has aired. What did you guys think?

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    [2]Oct 5, 2012
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    I liked it, but I was hoping for a bit more focus on international reaction to the nuking of Pakistan, followed pretty much immediately by a nuke going of in front of Washington. The only thing I caught from the background was that the UN condemned 'something'.

    On top of that they calmly mention that they are trying to de-escalate the angry Muslim situation. After nuking two Pakistani cities. When I heard that I actually made a !!! sound.

    It might be just me, but I get the feeling that the writers of this show live in a magical lala land where nukes flying back and forth with no warning or build up of tensions or anything isn't that big a deal. I get that international reaction isn't really the focus here, but a UN condemnation is the best they could come up with? How are the Russians not freaking the fuck out? America and Russia stared each other down for half a century, and now one of them is suddenly breaking the nuclear taboo, but when the secdef talks to them it's nothing but irritation. The Russian doesn't even blink!

    On top of that, how are the Americans not freaking out? Why aren't their massive riots throughout the nation, or at the very least Washington DC after they were treated to a second sun? They are all so calm. There's not enough prozac in the world to remain this calm. I had a stronger panic reaction just WATCHING such a scenario play out in a TV show.

    And China (AKA the new Russia), Europe or the UK? What are they thinking?

    Come to think of it, why isn't the crew working an international angle here? It's really the only option left open to them on this point. It's not like they can go back to the US without consequences. Certainly the captain is never setting foot on US soil again without being immediately disappeared.

    I read that some people get annoyed because the workings of the navy and sub are badly researched and unbelievable. While I don't really consider myself a fan of geopolitics or an international relations nerd, I finally get their point.

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    [3]Oct 6, 2012
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    Just have to turn your brain off and have fun watching causing thinking will just get ya in trouble.

    If your thinking youll start asking things like...

    If you made a 200 mile no go zone around island, why is the sub, which was in harbor, now surrounded by warships and the other sub at the beginning of the second episode?

    How was a NATO radar early warning station tracking the sub and why would a magnetic masking system allow the sub to "disappear" from their scope?

    If the Russians are trying to steal the boat, why are they going overland instead of swimming to the harbor and trying to assault the sub from the water?

    Exactly why are the Russians trying to steal a "rogue" sub that just fired a nuke near their own country and threatened to fire on anyone if they came after them? Do they magically think they are immune to the "crazy" captains threats?

    The failed attack, while good for ratings, i had fun watching it, was horrible for the Captain. Either he now fires a warhead at Russia or hes shown you can attempt to get back the sub as much as you want cause hes not a madman and wont fire on you for trying.

    But the show itself if you arnt thinking too hard isnt that bad. I like the bartender and NATO guy who joins their side. He has a brain unlike the NATO gal who goes all righteous on them. Like the XO said, DUH WE DIDNT FIRE you dork thats why we are in this predicament but sure hate us for being the "arrogant" Americans. I agree the female LT, who supposedly never quits, yet tries to get herself relieved while taking to the XO is my least favorite part of the show.

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    [4]Oct 7, 2012
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    I liked it, though I wish they would have shown a little more from the fall-out of the nuclear attack on Pakistan, as well as the bomb going off in the ocean near D.C. - there surely must be some kind of panic going on. So far I'm quite happy with the characters as well, the only one bothering me a bit is the NATO gal, she annoys me 'cause she seems a bit righteous.

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