Last Resort

Season 1 Episode 7

Nuke It Out

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2012 on ABC

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  • This was very good!

    This was a superbly enetrtaining episode of Last Resort, which had huge developments and the most suspenseful of endings!

    The storyline was superb with some surprising revealtions right throughout the episode.

    But it was the ending that has been making me anxious to see the next one!
  • Crazy episode

    Talk about fitting a lot of storyline in one episode. (Could have done without the Grace/James
  • One of my favorite

    Can't wait to watch
  • Another terrible episode which led to ABC pulling this show

    I'm continually surprised that people actually find this show good. The acting is unbearable, the directing is very poor, and the writing is awful. However, I do find this show very entertaining because I'm surprised such a show could actually make it on air.

    Every time I watch an episode, I am amazed at the terrible acting by Andre. His delivery of his lines and the constant close-ups are hilarious. In fact, I'm still laughing at the scene that started with, "Where is he!?" Why would anyone start the scene that way? Pure comedy.

    My only regret is that Robert Patrick got mixed up in this show. He is a wonderful actor with more talent than everyone on this show combined. I can only assume that people forced him into this show, but in my heart, I know he wanted to refuse. Such a wonderful actor. He'll bounce back, but it'll take some time because this show has done irreparable damage to his career.

    Finally, I originally wrote a review on Episode 3 where I predicted the cancellation of this show. And a lot of people disagreed with me. So now I'm back to listen to all your apologies because ABC canceled this terrible show after this episode aired. If you could only see the smile on my face....
  • Great episode and yuppy for Grace/James

    It was a great episode. I hope they will continue to give us great episodes. I cannot believe Cortez is against the crew, she may be the sleeper agent but I do not think is is prepared to take orders from Curry after he wanted to blow up the sub.

    I like better James/Grace pairing than James/Tani. James and Grace have tiptoed around each other from the beginning of the series and in this episode it culminated with them sleeping together. I do not think it will be a one-time thing, I personally hope to see more of them together.

    Sam and Sophie are also cute together. I feel bad for Christine but I like Sam/Sophie better.

    I really hate Serrat but I also love to hate him. He makes a good enemy but I want him to give the crew a little peace so that we have more answers about why the sub was attacked and to see more relationship development among the characters.

    I cannot wait for the next episode. And why didn't the network order a whole season of this series? It is awesome and I want a second season!!!!
  • just kick his scrawny ass

    why do the swabbies put up with that tiny tyrant Serrat? I woulda shot him in the leg, dragged his bloody body across the sand to leave a trail for all to see, and dropped him in the ocean a long time ago.

    I know - continuing dramatic conflict yet to be resolved, but Really?!? You know he's just gonna cause more trouble - Take. Him. Out.
  • Last Resort aka LOST Part 2

    Another great episode. More plot twist was thrown in. Its crazy how the crew doesn't communicate with one another which is only going to lead to more problems. I like how XO Sam reminds me of jack Sheppard. Navy vs The Islanders is like the Oceanic Survivors Vs The Others lol
  • Nuke It Out

    Nuke It Out was another superb episode of Last Resort. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and the characters were engaging. It was awesome to see the various conflicts and in some cases their escalations. It was interesting to watch the Captain and Lt. investigate the disappearance of one of the Firing Keys. It was intriguing to see the LT.'s wife back home stir the pot with some help. The conflict between the Navy and the native islanders grew exponentially and I like how it all played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!