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  • I'm gonna stop watching maiden shows until they get picked up

    What a very disappointing ending if this is how the show is going out. The pilot was fantastic (best of the season as far as I care), and while the rest of the season has been not as good as that, I've still enjoyed it. Please give us a decent ending if cancelling the show is how it is going to be :( I hate shows that just end with no proper finishing story.

    This is a reoccurring thing, my fav maiden show gets cancelled every year without fail :(
  • The best

    It is awesome and also it's not out in Australia but its out in us and its awesome and I love it

    This is a great show. I don't understand how a show can have so many viewers and such a low rating - makes no sense.
  • what a bs......

    It is a nice show at start it did not hold the strength

    at last to continue , it is a movie based story not a tv series
  • Amazing Pilot, Muddled Series

    Last Resort was my favorite pilot of the season. Sadly, Last Resort trips itself up along the way, and ends up being confused and muddled.
  • Lost at Sea

    Not sure why Last Resort was unable to find an audience. Maybe the time slot, poor promotion, or the dumbing down of the TV audience by the Network's usual fare. My feeling is ABC failed this promising series, along with the poor episodes between the blockbuster pilot and episode 5 'Skeleton Crew'. I can't imagine the creative minds behind Last Resort being so confused about what the show ought to be, but that seemed to have happened here as well.
  • Quality loses out, as usual.

    An excellent show with an interesting story and good actors, which didn't just play to the lowest common denominator - so of course it was cancelled. Thankfully the Brits stubbornly keep on making quality television, or I'd have sold my TV already.
  • Good show, but not many viewers

    Last Resort is a pretty good show. I hate that it's being cancelled, but apparently people just aren't watching it. This has actually been happening to a lot of shows lately. It makes me wonder what networks could do differently to attract and keep viewers to a new show. Anyway, at least there's talk of Last Resort getting a proper ending.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I've enjoyed every episode, i believe is one of the best new shows this year, that's why i can't believe its getting cancelled. they've done a great job with and would recommend watching it.
  • The Worst Show Ever - With the Best Pilot of the Season

    The pilot was so great with so much promise for an interesting series that I was truly disappointed for the show to go downwards so fast - pretty much from episode 2 and up now. It would only get worse with every episode, and, in my opinion, the writers simply couldn't come up with a realistic plot that we all could enjoy and believe into. It felt almost a relieve when he camera would take you from the island and onto the mainland because whatever was happening on the island was crap. The show was asking to be cancelled right after the pilot aired, and my only hope is that they will give us an entertaining finale.
  • awsome

    This show is one of the best on tv... if they are canceling it this is regtarded.. people have to stop living there lives through these goof singin shows you cant sing you wont get a million doller deal and your fkn ugly... leave last resort alone.
  • falling off with all the romantic crap!

    I am a chick and I hate all the mushy love stuff that they throw in this show. There is no premise for it. This show started off good and quickly fell off. My husband is losing intrest as well. This is one of the most boring. pointless, over acted show.
  • Duty or Country?

    Last Resort is the ABC dramatic series about the crew of a Navy nuclear submarine that somehow got involved in a covert military operation that has gone wrong, resulting in a nuclear attack on Pakistan.

    Andre Braugher portrays Capt. Marcus Chaplin as a Navy officer who was given orders by some mysterious higher-up in the Pentagon. Orders that were suspicious in nature & thus Capt. Chaplin & his crew were forced to take matters into their hands & risking retaliation by the US government.

    So they decided to take the submarine & base it on a tiny tropical island which happens to be ruled ad hoc by a gangster who calls himself mayor, not to mention that particular island also has a NATO listening base on it.

    The story takes off on various tangents including a wife of the sub's XO being branded a traitor because of her husband's involvement, a shadowy woman who claims a defense system installed in the sub was the cause of all the trouble & the various goings on by the crew.

    I was sorry to hear that ABC has cancelled the series in midstream. I just hope they will allow the creators of this worthwhile show to end it on a proper manner & not leave any loose threads.
  • The Last Resort

    This is the best show ever, it show you what can really happen and i know that after working for the government for 38 years. Great great show ABC the best.
  • Saw it coming...

    The show's failure was very predictable (at least for me) after only the pilot. They made an extremely good trailer only to ruin all the hype with the first 30 mins of show's air time.

    First of all I never expected the pilot to be anything less than a 2-hour premiere, and so for me it felt like half of the good stuff was edited out. I also do see a bit of "overacting" present with lead characters (which people usually valued but that was about 3 -4 decades ago) and it is sometimes in fact "hilarious" on close-ups as one of my fellow reviewers already stated. Also for a military-themed drama/thriller it doesn't seem to feature much "thrill" for the audience as it jumps between pretty weak plots quite seamlessly.

    It's a shame that they wasted such a great idea for a story on this show. But then again, that seems to be the way to go these days...
  • interesting show

    I like the show very much. But I hope that if it only has 13 episodes, the end will be a clear ending and not leave us with unsolved issues...

    And I hope that that frog who thinks he's the king of the Island gets what we all hope for...
  • Cancellation is a good thing

    This (excellent) show is now what it should have been from the start: a mini-series.
  • How can this be?

    Too bad Last Resort is cancelled after only 13 episodes! I totally love this show and I'll keep watching till the end. Hope they will be able to make it a great finale with a proper ending.
  • I like It!

    I really like this show. Too bad it's been cancelled. But can always hope they'll change their mind...
  • Great Show!!

    I don't see how anyone can not like this show.. Nice story line, nice plot development, not rushed at all... I consider it "LOST Part 2"

    Sam is like Jack.. He wants to go home, but can't.. lol

    Also I see that people don't communicate either well, which is going to lead to some problems

    LOVE triangles too
  • Review scores look like they might map to political bias

    I bet you can map the review scores to the degree of faith the reviewer has in our current government (inversely). After reading a number of reviews I began to see this pattern was going on.

    Those who trust the government to be their savior, and think it would never (at least, not under the current administration) do anything seriously wrong, will likely find the show's premise preposterous, and even dangerous to maintaining the level of unquestioning trust that citizens must have to allow this government to pursue its agenda unimpeded.

    Those who distrust this and all recent governments--who've looked beyond the heavily-managed news from the networks and the major internet corps; who seek the facts that these outlets all refuse to report--know how close we are to extreme government actions right now (think NDAA, massive deployment of aerial clones to surveil citizens, several recent Executive Orders...). That it's not a "Democrat/Republican thing;" it's a class thing between entrenched power brokers and the masses they think they have every right to control. People who think this way may appreciate seeing a show take on the subject of conflict between an out-of-control government and principled citizens who will put their lives on the line because they still believe there's something to defend greater than personal comfort.

    BTW, I find the dialog to be refreshingly light on cliches (opposite to some opinions expressed here) and even at times profound. The acting is also great. As a culture we've become so cynical about ourselves that we just can't stomach a character with integrity any more...Andre does a masterful job of showing wisdom as well as humanity. The rest of the cast keeps our family riveted as well.

    And the "This is my island" quote was clearly linked back to Captain Chaplin's earlier statement that you must make people think you are crazy, if they are to stop and take you seriously. To think he delivered that line straight is to overlook its context.
  • This makes no sense!

    The captain or first officer should have returned back to their homeland, after they even publicly announced their story on TV. Why invade an island and force everybody to step in line, at gunpoint? They're becoming terrorists at that point. How the hell am I supposed to emphasize or sympathize with the captain OR the first officer, or almost ANYbody from the crew besides, say - Master Chief Prosser played by none other than Robert Patrick, who is the sole reason why I keep watching for now.

    Even though they make him out to be an absolute jerk in the series pilot, at least he acts believable.

    And this rogue captain ... don't even get me started. "This is my island"?! Is this guy nuts?!

    I really hope there is SOME other reason for him to act like a complete bastard trying his luck as a dictator. These folks aren't likable! They are threatening the world peace! THEY are! Not the US or Pakistan!
  • Where to Next

    Some people are saying this show is great, some average and some say to cancel it. I rather enjoy the show but my concern is how long it can continue to come up with story lines that keep us enthralled enough to keep watching. They can only keep the military at bay for so long, they can only keep fighting the good fight for so long. I hope the writers are clever enough to keep up the great work so far as this show is one of the better new shows this year and I for one would love to see it continue for a few more seasons and not leave us disappointed with only a freshman year.
  • LOL.... I love all the "I was (pick your branch of military) officer" comments

    First, everyone, it's fantasy. Get that. We know these scenarios are highly unlikely, but there is always a possibility. If you want proof look at "The Siege (1998)", the plot was about something people thought was completely impossible at the time. Then 9-11-2001 happened. Point is we've already had the incidents with the Wikileaks cables, the NDAA, and the Assasination of the U.S. Libyan Ambassador and the 2 seals who tried to protect him. I think this show deserves alot of credit. They started out with a blow-out, slowly worked things back up to speed then by episode 4 we were really rocking again with full character development. I bet my bottom dollar the finale is going to be a real cliffhanger leaving people's mouth watering for season 2. Remember the common trait of all good fiction is writing about the possible no matter how improbable. Think of it this way if everyone watched only for the absolute truth in these shows neither JAG, NCIS, Fringe, or Heroes would rank towards the top. I think this is one of the best pieces of Drama fiction next to Criminal Minds and NCIS.
  • Pretty intresting concept.

    I hope it doesn't get canceled but the way the story is, it can't go to far without repeating.
  • Best there is

    There is Hope in TV after a long long time, Finally !

    This will be a sweet compensation on the sour ending of LOST !
  • best new show of the season

    The Last Resort is the most interesting new show of the season. It is the one show that I will watch live without fail
  • Give me a break!

    Ballistic missile subs don't go on Seal pickup missions in the Indian Ocean. Their entire mission is go out for 6 months and become invisible. They never give their position away by maneuvering or running close to the surface. The guys who thought this story up confirm my suspicion about Hollywood writers, their stories come from drug hallucinations. Maybe they should have done some homework about what our various subs actually do, then there wouldn't have been this brain dead program.
  • As a Last resort against the evil..!

    A Last resort against the evil who wants to destroy the world.An evil who's is imposing mania on the sane people.The Captain Conscience of the boat is standing right in the face of this evil and dealing with it courageously.For him enough is enough.Meanwhile he tries to convince the dejected crew members hat the decision he made was the only right way to go.It's getting interesting with every episode.

    Great show.
  • last resort

    I really like this show. As a realist, I do not believe there is a second season in its future.

    Andre Braugher and Robert Patrick can not carry this show by themselves. The other actors

    are horrible and this show was set up for failure. Look at the heavy hitters in the same time slot.

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