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  • LOL So freaking bad !

    As bad as LOST and TERRA NOVA, bad acting, awful direction, conversations are idiotic, builds upon conspiracy crap that all the nutters in the world cant help but love. Doesnt float my boat thats for sure.

    I cant stand so unrealistic events, where there is always moonlight at night, or spotlights in the trees and soldiers place them selves as living targets, even special ops guys. Is this just made for 12-14 years old?

    Only thing that works is the special effects.

    Gave up on it after episode 2 :(
  • Awesome

    The show is absolutely amazing, even considering the blanks they've left in information that the viewers should have (seems like it's an abc style... that i hate). Too bad that great shows like these usually get canceled before the first season can finish for some useless garbage by idiot executives. I'm betting on another singing competition one.

    Writing: 3/5

    Plot Line: 15/5

    Acting: 4/5

    Actors: 3.5/5

    Edit - looks like ABC screwed it up.. they're trying to make it like Lost and just turned a show with enormous potential into another second rate show that will get cut within second season. What these networks don't understand is just because a style works for one show doesn't you should use it for all your shows. ABC, Fox, NBC.. they all do it and they all screw up shows that could be considered great.

    If they want to turn it around, start introducing the issues state-side, not the nutjob wife - show the president, the secretary of defense, the former sec.def. and stop hiding things in mystery... this isn't Lost.

    My rating just went from 10 to 4. Pilot was great, just plummeted from there.

    Find this series boring and really slow.Story is stupid and i honestly doubt it will last to a second season.Hope i am wrong for all the fans out there.Never close to the quality of homeland.
  • A clever title goes here!

    This is an Excellent Show! I love it as much as Homeland.
  • why this happens to me....

    after reading the pilot, i thought this will be the epic tv series like homeland & breaking bad...

    after watching pilot, lost 40% of hopes & hoping for better future episodes...

    after two more episodes, i came 2 conclusion that, none of the actors knows how to act

    & even direction is very poor, cinematography is worst-est. (the only thing is script)

    this tv series wont stand for second season renewal & my suggestion please DON'T WATCH...
  • Gets boring

    It starts intense (the pilot), I had high expectations, but it gets really boring, nothing interesting happens anymore, that does not have to be a terrible thing, but the acting is bad, the conversations are bad and weird. They try to create a huge tension, but I am just not feeling it, I can not put myself to care for these characters and developments.
  • Good balance between action and intrigue

    There is no risk of this becoming a series of high-level, but it has good doses of action, intrigue, simpleton character development, the priceless faces of Andre Braugher and many possibilities to explode the world in various scenarios of atomic cataclysms. I liked.

    It will be even better when Jessy Schram reveals her alien harnesses.
  • The Best Comedy Show on Television

    My initial impression of the show was, "This is terrible." But since it was the pilot, I reserved my comments until I saw more of the show. After watching three episodes, I can say with confidence, "This is terrible."

    Last Resort has a good cast and intriguing ideas. The show is moving fast which initially kept me entertained, but the flaws are too hard to ignore. First, there is overacting everywhere and Andre Braugher is a prime example. If there isn't overacting, then there's terrible acting with bad dialogue (including Andre Braugher, remember when he cried?). For example, there is a scene in the second episode where Autumn Reeser's character puts a guy in his place at a bar. She just walked in and then went on this huge rant. Then she sat down and tries to order champagne. It was a terrible scene. She is usually a good actress, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume the Director is at fault too. The sniper who saved all the main characters in the second episode, another poor performance all around. I really liked him in the first episode when he talked about killing the locals. It was a good scene. Unfortunately for him, it's been his only good scene. He has had terrible lines too.

    I feel the same way like many other people do, the dialogue is terrible and so is the writing. It's a terrible drama series. I just cannot believe this show made it on the air. It's a shame Shawn Ryan's name is connected this show because I expect much better from him.

    The funny thing is, my friend and I continue to watch this terrible show because we view it as a comedy now. We laugh at almost every scene and pause the show to see Andre Braugher's terrible facial expressions (once again, remember when he covered his face and cried, yet he looked like he was laughing?).

    This show will be canceled.
  • Excellent Show

    This is by far one of the best surprises of the season premiers.... The script is developing slowly but the intrigue is there.. I can't wait to find out, Whose behind the conspiracy, and to what end.. will the crew and officers of the submarine be villains or heroes. I'm keeping a close eye on this one.
  • Flat story, stereotypical characters....

    I was excited about the Last Resort when I first heard about it. It had an interesting premise - a nuclear sub is deemed 'rogue' by their nation, and they must seek solace on a tropical island.

    To be blunt, I've only seen the first episode, and I will likely never watch another. The characters have absolutely no depth, and their only interactions with eachother are laced with cliches I would expect off something on the Disney Channel. As for the story itself, it really doesn't show any promise. Based on the dynamics presented in the first episode (I'm not going to spoil anything, in the event that you watch the show), there isn't really anywhere the plot can go that hasn't been seen multiple times before.

    All in all, the pilot for this show was brutal. The only positive aspect about it were the special effects which were relatively well done for a TV show, but they definitely aren't enough for me to come back.
  • Great show with continuous story in action genre.

    Finally a great show that keeps u interesting with a continuous story.I love this show.Great cast.Andre Braugher is just like Dennis Haysbert from 24.
  • Awesome pilot

    This has to be the best pilot I've watched this season thus far. It engages me from the get-go with its frenetic pacing and plot thrills. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Last Resort ABC

    Thrilling show, I usually do not watch this kind of drama. I have it on my don't miss shows.
  • Terrible show

    This is a terrible show. A captain of a nuclear submarine receives a message to fire his nukes. He questions it. I can accept that. I can accept his suspicions and his refusal to fire. The captain let the world know, via internet, the predicament they were in, then the responsible thing to do should have been to turn over the sub and it's crew back to the US, which would have been a remarkably easy thing to do since the world was now watching what happened to it. And the launch orders it received could have, and should have, been sent via internet to everyone, proving the orders were sent.

    Instead, the captain and crew invade an island, create their own dictatorship, and endanger the world with their rogue sub and it's nukes, and their demands. Making them traitors, idiots, bullies, and terrorists. The captain calls it "my island", it's not his island, he invaded it.

    Terrible, terrible show. Personally, I hope the crew are captured, court-martialled and shot. The writers need to do a serious overhaul of the show if they expect it to last.
  • Last Resort

    The best new show on TV imo. Very interested in seeing where the show goes
  • Great 1st Episode

    Definitely the best new show for me, hope it keeps it up through the whole season.
  • A lot of potential

    Hope I dont have to come back and change this rating, but the first episode showed how a tv show can surprise you eventhough you already knew the plot (which was a bit subreal) and make it look realistic. I am thrilled to see next episode.
  • Intriguing and thrilling...

    This is b far one of the best military television shows I've ever seen. I can't wait for every new episode. It show's how a unit get's a order that's suspicious and they try to re-verify the order, only to be shot at by their own people. Then the government uses it as a cover to attack Pakistan with a nuclear strike instead of waiting for confirmation that the attack was from a foreign country. Seems like the United States is coming to a civil war and a fight for power, while the crew of the USS Colorado tries to stay safe til they can clear their names of mutiny charges. my only gripe so far, is that Andre's character seems to always have a short and perfect answer for everything. I wish they'd make his character a little flawed considering the situation his crew is in. No commander in his situation would know exactly how to react, let alone always be cool and collected like his character is. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes military action movies that are plausible though extremely unlikely to happen. I'm a huge fan of show's like Burn Notice, Suits, Flashpoint, and a few others, but this show by far is on my number 1 spot for favorites right now. Also the 15 minute preview of episode 2 seems like the show so far stays just as good as the pilot episode.
  • Loved it!

    Looking forward to the coming episodes.
  • Really Dumb

    Really dumb! Very confusing. Andre is my nominee for the "David Caruso Over Acting Award". The Navy must be thrilled. Won't watch again.
  • Simply awesome

    The best pilot of this season simply gr8 and going to watch all thing
  • I SO Loved This!

    I loved the pilot for this new show! The crew chemistry seems to be spot on. The story line for the series is interesting. The writing I really liked. Shawn Ryan is a great creator/writer so I am confident this show will do pretty good, if not great. The acting was for the most part well done. I felt the tension through the show and felt like I was on the edge of my seat. Was an intense pilot. I can't wait to see more of this show. If the pace and acting stay consistent this show will be a winner!
  • Looks promising

    I really don't get those people. "I thought Navi doesn't salut inside bla bla..". Who cares! It's not a documentary. I really liked it and it has all the potential to be a real good show! Thumbs up!
  • Great yarn!

    I'm looking forward to next week's episode. I can imagine many possible paths the story may take. I'm along for the ride.

    Keep it up.

  • Loved this!

    I loved this show ! I re-watched the closing speach by the captin a few times. I can not wait to watch next week!!!
  • oceansailer430

    watched 1st show tonight , as a former US Marine Officer, I can only say; "Are You Kdding Me"? pure crap. glad I can't watch the show while out sailing.
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