Last Resort

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on ABC

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  • Drilling Season

    The problem with your pilot being the best episode of network television all season is that it sets a really high bar. Like you already launched the Nuke. 24 didn't even do that until like 8 episode in.

    Submarine drills just don't have the same stakes as real fights. I liked the way they dealt with the morale issue, and I also like that you've kept some disgruntled crewman for future requirements. I don't need the entire crew on the brink of mutiny for the entire show, but it's nice to have some dissenters for required plot points in the future.

    I don't care about XO's wife at all, hopefully she'll join up with Autumn Reeser and start being relevant. I was impressed that they reveal her dad behind the theft right away, as the secrecy angle of that story didn't have legs.

    The Washington story line needs to move faster, there have been zero reveals of new information regarding the main mystery. I'm somewhat glad this show isn't fairing great in the ratings because it feels like it could rock a fantastic single season with some really strong stories and wrap everything up tidily in 24 episodes.

    I'm speaking as someone with zero military experience, so hopefully someone with better information that me can confirm this. Robert Patrick's portrayal of military men (this, The Unit) seems very good. I completely believe him in these roles. Between him and Andre I think the Navy is well represented.

    All told, not enough is happening for me each week. It's a very good show, but I think it needs to embrace the fact that it's a one season show. Hopefully ABC will give it a back 9 and there can be some very tight writing in the second half.