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Thursday 10:30 PM on BBC Four Premiered Mar 03, 2005 In Season


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  • Brilliantly funny satirical side-swipe at the weeks news.

    Very funny - makes me laugh every time I watch it. Marcus Brigstocke seems to have a knack of using just the right amount of sarcasm and satire to mock the invaringly political news story in question whilst still informing the viewer what the story was about. It does help that the majority of stuff in the news recently is so easy to make fun of, and I accept there are a lot of shows similarly taking the proverbial out of the news, but this seems to have a different and original take that makes it worth watching. The genius addition of the randomly selected 'focus group' in this latest series give the opportunity for direct in-their-face mick-taking of people who turned up to watch the show. You also have to admit that the fake MPs, 'experts' and commentators (excellently portrayed by Steve Furst) add to the amusement, although sometimes in a Ricky Gervais 'Office'-esque way. Overall, top show - Watch it!