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Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 12 Episode 141

Bob Costas, Justin Long, Kaptain Robbie Knievel

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jun 23, 2005 on NBC
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Bob Costas, Justin Long, Kaptain Robbie Knievel
Bob Costas, Justin Long, Kaptain Robbie Knievel. Comedy bits included "Late Night Summer Picnic Photos" and a National Weather Service warning on lightning by spokesman, "Larry the Lightning Bolt," in honor of National Lightning Safety Awareness Week.

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  • One of the better "Late Night" shows, and had a feeling of fluidity and looseness, that usually are reserved for the famous "Friday Shows." Bob Costas, Justin Long and Kaptain Robbie Knievel all offered terrific interviews and opportunities for Conan to rmoreless

    One of the better "Late Night" shows, and had a feeling of fluidity and looseness, that usually are reserved for the famous "Friday Shows." Bob Costas, Justin Long and Kaptain Robbie Knievel all offered terrific interviews and opportunities for Conan to riff.

    Conan's monologue was funny as usual and began with his famous “Keep cool my babies” line. The standup was filled with jokes poking fun at Jacko, President Bush, the NBA finals, and my personal favorites of the monologue was his mention of Oprah buying France and Martha Stewart’s Apprentice catch-phrase. In his final joke of the monologue, Conan took a jab at the Barbie musical. I had a long hard laugh at Conan’s “corker” comment and the 92 year old relating to it.

    The rendition Conan and Max did with the Led Zeppelin song was hilarious and something not seen often on the show. Right before he got into the Late Night Summer Picnic Photos segment, Conan had some really side-splitting comments about viewers that I enjoyed. The Late Night Summer Picnic Photos bit was made funny by the commentary by Conan. Two of the best parts of the “Photos” bit for me was when everyone showed off what they brought to the picnic, and when Joel “bottomed out.”

    The Bob Costas Interview was somewhat odd to me. Costas seemed initially receptive to Conan’s humor until late in the interview. I particularly enjoyed the two versions of the NBA finals game that Conan and Bob Costas spoke of and Conan’s comment on Costas’ lack of soul. Costas cracked a mildly-funny joke about the Amish and Conan seemed to take the liberty in poking fun at him. Later in the interview, Costas mentioned that he had the choice of either filling in for Larry King or being the host of “Taxi Cab Confessions” on HBO. Conan commented something about how good Costas was on “G-String Divas” and it was apparent that there was some heavy editing going on (audience applause abruptly ceased). Maybe the show got out of hand or possibly Bob Costas became too embarrassed and made the moment awkward?

    The National Weather Service warning in honor of National Lightning Safety Awareness Week was not one of my favorite sketches but was worth a laugh, especially at the end with the people

    Much of the Justin Long interview consisted of Long’s impressions of Matt Dillon and serial killer from “Silence of the Lambs,” Ted Levine, but began with talk of mustaches. Long mentioned about his mustache being “pubic” and Conan pointed out how Costas moved it to touch it and he pulled away upon hearing it. Costas didn’t receive the comment well and the entire interview was relatively brief.

    Kaptain Robbie Knievel came out and talked to Conan about his father and his stunts, some jumps that didn’t go as Robbie planned and “pulling pavement” from his rear end. Knievel was random through much of his time on the show and it was very welcoming to see. I enjoyed the relatively easy-going nature of this interview very much and allowed Conan to insert quips and anecdotes throughout. Knievel’s business venture of “Knievel’s Fried Chicken – KFC” with ½ off broken wings was quite humorous for me as well. I had to especially laugh at Knievel’s pronunciation of Conan as “Cone-nan.”

    In considering all about this episode, there are a few reasons I gave the show a rating of 8.8 and not a higher rank. Despite loving the shows opening, I felt it peaked early. The Bob Costas interview as made funny because of what Conan said, not because of Bob Costas. I also was disappointed with the editing. Justin Long’s interview was too brief to have a real impact on the shows content but was funny from the short amount that was shown. Knievel’s interview was by far the best of the night. After all that I said, show number 2082 was above-average and it’s mood was one of a relaxed and loose nature, making it easy to laugh and enjoy everything that is “Late Night.”moreless

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