Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 12 Episode 163

Eric McCormack, Morgan Spurlock, Jason Mraz

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Aug 16, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • "In the Year 2000: The Mr. T Edition"
      Conan was joined by actor, "Mr. T" in this rendition of the popular "In the Year 2000" skit. In the last "Year 2000" run through, on July 14th show (Ep. # 2090), Conan told a "prediction" that Mr. T will open a hair salon called "I Pretty the Fool."

  • Quotes

    • Conan: Folks, I think its time we look once again, into the future.
      Mr. T: The future Conan?
      Conan: That's right Mr. T, let's look to the future, all the way to the year 2000.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000, In the year 2000!
      Conan: Rafael Palmeiro will once again deny taking steroids but his speech will be drowned out by the loud "whooshing" sound of his testicles shrinking.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Mr. T: Gas prices will get so high, they'll start hangin' out with Snoop Dogg.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Conan: Israel will pull out of Gaza, but not before contracting Gaza-orrhea.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Mr. T: Jude Law will have an affair with Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez when he mistakes him for "Nanny Ramirez."
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Conan: The old saying, "The camera addes ten pounds," will prove literally true when Kirstie Alley eats the camera.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Mr. T: The guy who played Carmine on "Laverne & Shirley" will look into a mirror and know he looks familar, but not know from where.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Conan: Pope Benedict will create a new egg receipe he calls, "Eggs Benedict." When he is informed that the name "Eggs Benedict" already exists, he will change his name to Pope Huevos Rancheros.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Mr. T: Britney Spears will announce she has gone into labor and Kevin Federline, thinkin' labor means work will run away.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Conan: The Internet will turn ten years old. Upon hearing this, Michael Jackson will immediately ask how he can get on the Internet.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Mr. T: After five weeks in Texas, George W. Bush will return to Washington, go into the Oval Office, spin around in his chair for five minutes and return to Texas for a much needed vacation.
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Conan: After becoming a judge on American Idol, Mr. T will be fired the first night for telling the other judges, "I pity Abdul."
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!
      Mr. T: After performing "The Year 2000," I Mr. T will change my catch-phrase from "I pity the fool," to "I pity that chump, Conan O'Brien."
      LaBamba: In the year 2000!

    • Conan: Farmers in Russia don't have enough food to feed their cattle this year, so they are going to feed their cows tons of marijuana that was confiscated from drug dealers. They're gonna fed their cows marijuana. Yeah, and you can tell which cows they are 'cause instead of going "Moo!" they go "Woah!"

    • Conan: This is an interesting story: Police are on the lookout for a man wearing a diaper - this is true, I didn't make this up - police are on the lookout for a man wearing a diaper who's been approaching women and asking to be changed. Witnesses are describing the man as Larry King.

    • Conan: It was reported today that Michael Jackson recently bought a palace in Bahrain. He bought a palace in Bahrain, yeah. When asked about it, Michael said, "Its great, the palace overlooks a lake and the government overlooks my obsession with young boys."

    • Conan: This weekend, Lance Armstrong is going on a bike ride with President Bush. Lance Armstrong and President Bush are going to go bike riding. Appearantly Armstrong's mom called the President's mom and they set the whole things up. They're gonna have a sleep over and make a tent, eat smores.

    • Conan: Big week in the Middle East; huge week in the Middle East. Yesterday, the Israeli government began moving thousands of Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip. This is huge, yeah. Officials say once the area is cleared of all Jews the land will be renamed "Utah." Put a Bennigan's in there and things will be good.

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