Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 13 Episode 104

Hank Azaria, Mimi Rogers, P!NK

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Apr 11, 2006 on NBC



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    • Celebrity Survey
      "When I get tired of public attention I..."
      Sharon Stone's Survey Response: "make 'Basic Instinct 2.'"

      "America's immigrants need..."
      President George W. Bush's Survey Response: "to go back to Immigra."

      "When I really want to pig out, I..."
      Nicole Richie's Survey Response: "sniff beans."

      "You know baseball is officially underway when..."
      Barry Bond's Survey Response: "the blood carries synthetic anabolic compounds to your tissue, creating new cytoplasmic proteins which increase muscle mass.

      "I don't go to the beach anymore because..."
      Kirsty Alley's Survey Response: "Greenpeace kept pushing me back into the ocean."

      "I'm constantly asking the question, 'What do I need to do..."
      Justin Guarini Survey Response: to get you behind the wheel of this fully-loaded Kia Sportage?'"

      "When it's really sunny out, I often..."
      Conan O'Brien's Survey Response: "burst into flames."

      "I think the glass is always..."
      Geraldo Rivera's Survey Response: "half full...or a den of strippers? Find out tonight on 'Geraldo At Large!'"

      "It really hit me that I was going to be a parent when..."
      Tom Cruise's Survey Response: "Emperor Nordlix of Sector 5 granted us the birthing rods."

      "Out of my entire body of work, I'll most likely be remembered for..."
      Tara Reid Survey Response: "that time my boob popped out."

      "Sometimes I check into hotels under the name..."
      O.J. Simpson's Survey Response: "Slasho McMurderson"

      "You know the honeymoon's over when..."
      Michael Jackson's Survey Response: "his voice changes."