Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 12 Episode 67

Heidi Klum, Harland Williams, Joss Stone

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jan 18, 2005 on NBC



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    • Harland Williams: I was walking out here today and it was so cold steaming their nuts [laughs at his own joke part way through] on a sewer grate.
      Conan: Wow, you like that one so much you couldn't get it out. You were just
      delighted by your own comedy Harland. You find yourself to be delightful don't you?

    • Harland Williams: I came up with a new slogan: "KFC - the only thing missing is you."

    • Conan: [Talking about prosposing] We're simple people, simple people. I just said, "You want the deal to go down?" and she said, "Thumbs up" and that was it. Tell us what you did.
      Heidi Klum: I don't believe you. You won't tell me what you did.
      Conan: Okay... I just pretty much said, let's get married, come on let's do it. I said, "I'm not getting any younger and neither are you."
      Heidi Klum: Did you go on your knee?
      Conan: I did not. No I didn't go on my knee.
      Heidi Klum: Did you mention my name at all?
      Conan: I can't go down on my knee because my hip would blow out. Did I mention your name? Yeah, that's what every woman wants to hear. Yeah women love that when you go, "I don't think its gonna happen with Heidi Klum so if you want to let's just do it."

    • Heidi Klum: How did you propose?
      Conan: How did I propose? I sent an e-mail.
      Heidi Klum: Because you were busy.
      Conan: I'm a busy man.

    • SAT Analogies:

      Prince Harry: impersonated a Nazi soldier::
      Ashlee Simpson: impersonated a professional singer

      President Reagan: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."::
      President Bush: "Mr. Oatmeal, get in my tummy."

      "The Aviator": won the Golden Globe for best drama::
      "Sideways": how Ruben Studdard gets through doors

      Necklaces: hang gracefully from the neck, commonly displaying a jewel::
      Chokers: The New York Jets

      Brad on the phone to Jen: "I need some breathing room."::
      Brad on the phone to Richard Simmons: "Who's there? I can hear you breathing."

      Jack Daniels: preserved in oak barrels::
      Keith Richards: preserved in Jack Daniels

      Annoying term used in e-mails: "LOL"::
      Annoying term used in movies: "Starring Ben Affleck"

      Michael Jackson, 2005: surveying jury pool::
      Michael Jackson, 2004: surveying kiddie pool

      Question from George Clooney after sex: "Was it good for you?"::
      Question from Paris Hilton after sex: "Do you need your parking validated?"

    • Conan: Now let's talk about you - enough about me, some about you and then more about me.

    • Conan: [After a SAT Analogy] I'll tell ya, this room - it's getting tense in here right now. People are making weapons out of the seats, which is hard to do.

    • Conan: Yesterday, talk show host, Jerry Springer called the war in Iraq immoral. Springer made the remarks while breaking up a fight between a hooker and a dead-beat dad, so it carries extra weight.

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