Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 13 Episode 126

Jennifer Anistion, Harold Perrineau, Victor Varnado

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM May 25, 2006 on NBC



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    • Conan: At the end of last night's American Idol, Ryan Seacrest announced that more than sixty-three million votes were cast, which is more than any President in U.S. history has ever received. In a related story, Hillary Clinton bought a karaoke machine.

    • Conan: This week President Vicente Fox of Mexico is on an official visit to the United States. Fox has only been in the U.S. for three days and he's already got a job and a social security number.

    • Conan: Tomorrow the New Orleans Aquarium reopens to the public. Yeah, New Orleans residents say they can wait to go to the Aquarium and finally see some water.

    • Conan: The latest Hollywood rumor is that Britney Spears is writing poetry about her marriage. The rumor got started when Britney was overheard asking someone, "What rhymes with deadbeat?"

    • Conan: The New York Daily News reports that Star Jones recently posed for a giant oil painting of herself. Which, by the way, may finally explain the oil shortage.

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