Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 12 Episode 44

Kelsey Grammer, Rosario Dawson, Lee Lindeman

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Nov 23, 2004 on NBC
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Kelsey Grammer, Rosario Dawson, Lee Lindeman
Kelsey Grammer, Rosario Dawson, Lee Lindeman. Comedy bits included, "NCAA: Football Mascots" and "Reality TV Small Talk Moment."

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      • Conan: Have you ever shot into some bushes and then you go over and there's a dead guy with a diaphram in his mouth?
        Lee Lindeman: No, I try not to do that.

      • Conan: [Like a nerd] What is this football you discuss? King takes Rook! Hurray! Throw the orb!

      • Conan: Earlier today in Washington, Vice President Cheny's wife, Lynne, lit the star ontop of the National Christmas Tree. Yeah, I'll be honest, there was an awkward moment when Cheny said, if you have any trouble with the electrical work, my daughter is a lesbian.

      • Conan: The Ron Artest story, the big NBA scandal still in the news, have you heard about this? [No crowd response] Excellent, good. When you say yes it allows me to continue, when the audience says no I have to fill out forms for an hour.

      • Kelsey Grammer: I recently tired laser, and that's been really interesting.
        Conan: Laser? Doesn't that just set fire to the hair on your back?
        Kelsey Grammer: Pretty much, but it sure is worth it.
        Conan: I'm sorry but I'm just picturing you with this hairy back and they fire a Bond laser at you and a forest fire goes up - nine miles away a ranger's like, "Oh my God, get the trucks!"

      • Kelsey Grammer: My wife said, why don't you get your back waxed, because you've got a nice back and you'll look good like all these other young, strapping lads out here, so we went down to the little salon and this lovely esthetician from Mexico took, I think delight, in removing the hair from my back.
        Conan: Now, I don't even know how they do that, I know nothing about it.
        Kelsey Grammer: Its pretty barbaric actually. They have a hot, what looks like a paint roller but it also looks like its hunny, and its like melted, hot hunny but you realize that its actually epoxy or something. They rub that on your back and then they put something on it, I don't know what it is exactly, its some kind of cloth - its like fiberglass in a surfboard.
        Conan: Are you sure you weren't at a surf shop?
        Kelsey Grammer: Well, I might have been. And then she pats it for a minute there and rips it off. So while my wife and this lovely esthetician were laughing, I was screaming and biting the pillow like, you know the big girl that I am.
        Conan: What happens to this thing when you're done? Do you get to keep it?
        Kelsey Grammer: No they throw it out.
        Conan: That could be a mat in an F-1 Ford truck. You could sell that on eBay. "Hey welcome to our home - that's Kelsey Grammer's back!"

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