Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 13 Episode 123

Larry King, Omar Epps, Sheila Kelley

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM May 19, 2006 on NBC
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Larry King, Omar Epps, Sheila Kelley
Larry King, Omar Epps, Sheila Kelley. Britany & Baby; Grumbles & Beth; "In the Year 2000: The Will Arnett Edition"; NBC Safety Message.
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      • Conan O'Brien: Mexicans will agree to stop sneaking into the United States as long as Americans agree to stop vomiting all over Cancun.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Will Arnett: God will arrive the judge the living and the dead. As if that weren't bad enough, the whole thing will be hosted by Jeff Probst.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Conan O'Brien: Magician David Blaine will be forced to hold his breath for another six days when his car breaks down in New Jersey.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Will Arnett: Millions will run for their lives but to no avail, the bloodshed will be awful and swift. But when it's over no one will ever call Randy Quaid "Dennis" again.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Conan O'Brien: Barry Bonds will not be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he will be injected into it.
        La Bamba: In the Year 2000
        Will Arnett: Punk rockers will stop wearing Mohawk haircuts when they discover that the original Mohawk Indians were into smooth jazz.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Conan O'Brien: Larry the Cable Guy will admit he changed his name from the more Jewish sounding Larry Cableman.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Will Arnett: The 80's pop band Mister Mister will receive and honorary degree from the University of Arizona, and thereafter insist on being called Doctor Mister.
        La Bamba: In the Year 2000
        Conan O'Brien: The television networks ABC, CBS and FOX will cease to exist, and NBC will still come in fourth.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000.
        Will Arnett: In a brilliant case of cutting out the middleman, White Castle will begin grinding up their burgers and spraying them all over the inside of toilets.
        La Bamba: In the year 2000
        Conan O'Brien: After Star Jones leaves The View, the show will change its name to "The Fheww!" as in "Fheww! Thank God that bitch is gone!"

      • Conan O'Brien: Yesterday the Senate voted to make English the national language of the United States. The vote drew protests from several immigrant groups and one governor of California.

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