Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 12 Episode 152

Michael Clarke Duncan, Carlos Mencia, Yerba Buena

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jul 20, 2005 on NBC
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Michael Clarke Duncan, Carlos Mencia, Yerba Buena
Michael Clarke Duncan, Carlos Mencia, Yerba Buena. Comedy bits included "Walker, Texas Ranger Lever," "SAT Analogies" and the "fantastic" audience member who interrupts Conan.

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      • Michael Clarke Duncan: I was a little hell raiser. We used to, you know shoot dice and stuff and play this game called "Slap." You ever played "Slap?"
        Conan: No, no... I'm from a different. I played "Hungry, Hungry Hippos." And let me tell you something, I was a badass too - I always got the blue hippo.

      • Conan: What are you doing to stay in shape? I'm always interested, I like to bulk up, what's your... people laugh at that!
        Michael Clarke Duncan: I do a lot of road work, a lot of cardio and sometimes I go to the park and climb a fence. It's about that high...
        Conan: What are you talking about climb a fence? Are you serious?
        Michael Clarke Duncan: Yeah. When was the last time you climbed a fence?
        Conan: When I stole a radio from RadioShack and Starsky and Hutch were chasing me.

      • SAT Analogies:
        "Batman Begins" star Christian Bale: starred in "American Psycho"::
        "Batman Begins" star Katie Holmes: engaged to American Psycho

        Australian Prime Minister meeting George Bush: "I look forward to strengthening ties between our two great nations."::
        George Bush meeting Australian Prime Minister: "How come y'all don't fall off the bottom of the world?"

        Tiger Woods: has won ten majors::
        Michael Jackson: has done ten minors

        NBC News: very concerned about safety of their reporters in Baghdad::
        FOX News: "We're sending Geraldo."

        Human Torch: teams up with Invisible Girl::
        Max Weinberg: teams up with Inflatable Girl

        Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: "Bradgelina"::
        Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston: "Screwy McLawbreak and his walking pharmacy wife"

        Jude Law, 2003: "Cold Mountain"::
        Jude Law, 2005: nanny mountin'

        Rolling Stones, 1969: "You Can't Always Get What You Want"::
        Rolling Stones, 2005: "We can't always chew what we eat."

        Kobayashi: can eat 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes::
        Kirstie Alley: can eat 50 Kobayashis in 5 minutes

        Charlie Bucket: got golden ticket in Wonka Bar::
        Paris Hilton: got herpes in biker bar

      • Conan: [After a particularly bad "Walker" clipI feel like I'm driving a school bus, the kids made my stop for some ice cream and now we're all sick to our stomachs.

      • Conan: Did you hear this? Sean "P. Diddy" Combs says he's tired of his latest name, he's planning on changing it again. Yeah, now instead of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, it's going to be Sean "Who Gives a Crap?" Combs.

      • Conan: USA Today reports that Willie Nelson has written an advice book. Yeah, Willie's first piece of advice: use chapter one to roll a joint.

      • Conan: This week, President Bush hosted a State Dinner for the Prime Minister of India. There was an awkward moment where Bush urged the Indian Prime Minister to clean his plate because there are people starving in his country.

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