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  • Total waste of time

    I used to watch Conan because there was nothing else on and it helped put me to sleep. Now, I can't stand to watch it at all. Like SNL, the writers seem to be stuck in the "bash Trump" mode and their material lacks any creativity at all. It's like sitting at the back of a kindergarten classroom. How do they find sponsors for this crap?
  • Down the toilet

    Wow just watched the show with the guest band Highly Suspect. Your show sucks now. Cliche, offensive and absent of any intellectual entertainment. Gross political opinions and cheap shots that maybe a 3rd grader would find funny seem to be the highlight these days. Pretty bad when "Everybody loves Raymond" reruns beat you hands down. WTF Conan grow up.
  • Re-runs!!

    Why do you have reruns?? Is it really that difficult to find someone to fill in for Conan when he doesn't want to do his job!?? Johnny Carson used to have people fill in for him all the time! It really sucks to watch Conan have a Christmas show on Easter!! Watch his last night in Dallas, AGAIN, when he was there weeks ago!! COME ON!! Show some class!! At least try to make us believe it's live TV!!
  • Right is Right

    Like your Texas show, but did anyone tell your stage prop folks, the Texas flags are displayed improperly? 3100.051

    (b) If the state flag is displayed vertically:

    (1) the blue stripe should be above the white and red stripes; and

    (2) the white stripe should be, from the perspective of an observer, to the left of the red stripe.

  • "Keep cool, my babies."

    I specifically recall the first time I ever saw Late Night. It was September 1998, and there was a prime-time special commemorating Conan's 5th anniversary. I was only 14 years old and staying up past 11 o'clock was very alien for me; I had only heard of Conan but I was curious to see what he was all about. I found the one-hour clip show to be mildly amusing, and I made a mental note to watch him again at my next opportunity. Fast forward to 10 1/2 years later: after 2,725 shows Conan O'Brien bid a fond adieu to Late Night, packing up for Los Angeles as he prepares to take the reins of The Tonight Show from Jay Leno, and I was a full-fledged fan, watching and passively paying tribute to some of the best late night comedy I've ever seen.

    There was always something oddly compelling about Conan's show. He wasn't just a nerdy ginger in a suit; he was a ringmaster, an intellectual comedian bringing a world of brainy zaniness to audience of college kids and fellow comedy geeks. O'Brien was the eye in that storm of wackiness, detached but self-aware and highly quirky in his own right. Nathan Rabin put it best when he said that Conan assumes that the audience is just as weird and smart and off-kilter as he is, and it's hard to disagree with that presumption. Conan was the anti-Leno; where Jay was a one-time above-average comedian who watered down his act for middle America, O'Brien refused to dilute the hyperactivity and individualism that made him so special.

    Of course, Conan couldn't do it alone- I tip my hat to his writing staff, nominated for 13 Emmys but only winning once in 2007, and his crackerjack house band The Max Weinberg 7 for providing a soundtrack to the mayhem. It wasn't all perfect, either; sometimes his monologue was so cliched and hackneyed that I stepped out of the room or changed the channel, but Conan absolutely glowed in the Act 2 comedy piece and the interview segments. O'Brien selection of stand-up comedians and musical guests near the end of the show was probably just as eclectic as David Letterman during his stint at NBC, if not more obscure and venturesome; he was hip to the brink of being square.

    There's no question that the end of "Late Night" is also the end of an era, and that O'Brien's show won't be quite the same on the left coast. Conan hit it on the head in his farewell speech that New York City was part of the show's DNA; you can't duplicate that jazzy rhythm and distinct sense of identity in that sterile wasteland of smog and traffic jams you and I call Los Angeles. Maybe there's an East Coast bias here (I'm from Chicago, by the way), but I find greater comedic gratification in shows produced in New York than in LA. Letterman, SNL, "30 Rock," you name it: the Big Apple was just as much a part of the show as the Masturbating Bear or Preperation-H Raymond.

    The last two weeks of Late Night was mostly a collection of the same clips I saw ten years ago, but with a heavy emphasis on his peak years in the early-to-mid 2000s. Andy Richter, the portly improv actor who served as Conan's sidekick in the first seven years, dropped by as a special guest on the last show. There was precious little interviewing, just a reminder that for awhile Conan had an associate ringmaster, one that was in on the joke as well as butt of it. At first Richter left a big gap with his departure, but it only encouraged Conan's other supporting players shine: Weinberg, trombonist Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg, saxaphonist Mark Pender, writers like Brian Stack and Brian McCann, and of course, that balefire of bizarro, announcer Joel Godard. Conan was undoubtedly in peak form in early 2008, when a lengthy writers' strike forced him to improvize nearly every aspect of Late Night; sporting a full beard, "Raw Conan" was an precedented journey into a talk show host's psyche, similtaneously unbridled and introverted but a testament to O'Brien's perseverance.

    There's no question that I'll watch Conan in LA, and I know it'll take time to find his footing in his new digs (probably not as long as his first year in NYC), but there was something so inherently special about Conan's first show that won't be equaled and cannot be compared. Late Night with Conan O'Brien was a treat, a delicious nightcap after a long day, and I sincerely hope that Jimmy Fallon is at least half as watchable as Conan was in his prime. Here's to you, Cone Bone.
  • #1 Fan

    Conan you run a tight ship and have an awesome show! This hater that commented before me doesn't know what he's talking about! You always have relevant entertaining stars and kick ass hair. Absolutely love that Andy came back to co-host. You two fellas together are F'n hilarious!!!

  • I'm sorry was that a joke because it wasn't funny

    Man this show is awful. If people think Conan is so great how come he at most gets the B ranking actors while Jay Leno usually gets the real stars. I can't believe people ever find Conan funny. All what he does is wave is hair around for a hour while telling bad joke after bad joke. If we live in a world where Conan is actually funny then someone is killing real comedy right now. Conan only tells one funny joke every half in hour so he probably tells two funny jokes a night. If i wanted to watch someone tell bad jokes that weren't funny i would video tape myself
  • I used to like Conan

    On January 4 Conan commented on the Republican presidential race. I noticed something about Conan that was distasteful. Like David Letterman and Jay Leno, Conan has succumbed to making really inane and rude remarks about the candidates. I was especially disgusted at the way he hammered on Michele Bachmann. I don't know anything about her, but she surely did not deserve being made a laughing stock. Like Sarah Palin. These are women in politics and they are being maligned for no other reason than that they are women in politics. It was so disgusting to me that I have now added Conan to the Letterman and Leno ranks. There are no funny guys anymore- sure miss you Johnny Carson...
  • Conan, I BELIEVE that YOU are Reincarnation of One of my favorites Red Skelton and the humor and savy of Johny Carson With a little George Burns! Keep Up the GREAT WORK! Win Hangren Omaha Nebraska :)

    I My opionion when You first started the show was a little Slooow (BUT) it seemed to take off to me to be one of the Best shows since Red Skelton and Johny Carson. It looks to me that the change was the Best thing for You! I remember when I was a Little Person coming Home after visiting my relatives to watch my DADs shows which was Gun Smoke Red Skelton and Late at night sneeking in the Living Room to watch Johny Carson.O yes I forgot to Mention Nebraskas Comic Best Larry the Cable Guy... Thank You Very Much for making My Day! O Ya My wifes My sisters my cousins aunts uncle my dog in which when i Laughing at the show thinks iam laughing at him also! Win
  • great show

    Former writer on The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. His great style of humor, the band, and the mastur***ing bear made for the best late night shows i have ever seen. I still can't believe what they did to Conan on the tonight show by bringing back the very unfunny Jay Leno. Conan was a great host and i can't wait to see him on his new show on tbs.

    Don't read this i couldn't think of anything else to write so I'm going to keep typing until i reach 100 words so good luck to me on reaching 100
  • Run free Abe Vigoda!

    Late Night With Conan O'Brien was my favourite talk show. Even not being living in the United States of America (or being American, for that matter although it doesn't really make a difference) I still got hold of every episode one way or the other so I could watch Conan.
    For me Conan is the best host. I love his humour, the way he makes fun of himself, the way he still keeps it simple, the way he doesn't show how well he's done although he certainly has.
    I will give the show a chance now that Jimmy Fallon is taking the wheel but what I look forward the most is when Conan starts presenting the Tonight Show in June.
  • "It's beginning to sound like a riot!"

    Late Night With Conan O'Brien was my favourite talk show. Even not being living in the United States of America (or being American, for that matter although it doesn't really make a difference) I still got hold of every episode one way or the other so I could watch Conan.
    For me Conan is the best host. I love his humour, the way he makes fun of himself, the way he still keeps it simple, the way he doesn't show how well he's done although he certainly has.
    I will give the show a chance now that Jimmy Fallon is taking the wheel but what I look forward the most is when Conan starts presenting the Tonight Show in June.
  • Conan started off shaky years ago, but has developed into a solid late night talk show host. His physical comedy gifts separate him from the crowd.

    I remember watching the very first Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I'd been a fan of Letterman and I was curious who the new host was and how he would do. Conan came up with his giant head and shock of red hair and ... just bombed. It was painful. He was so nervous he was visibly shaking. I remember, at the time, feeling sorry for the guy.

    Despite such a rocky start, Conan has, in the intervening years, become an institution and a master of the late night talk show medium. He is incredibly quick-witted and funny. His physical humor and oddball, neurotic mannerisms have developed over the years to the point where he's a top notch physical comedian -- especially compared to his aging competitors Leno and Letterman.

    It will be fun to see how Conan reacts when he moves to the Tonight Show.
  • Great show, glad NBC is keeping him for when Leno goes.

    Great show. It was great when Andy was on and it's great now. Definitely adapted to that change well. I am sad that one of my favortie characters of all time, Pimpbot 5000 isn't on the show anymore. But they have come up with many more new characters since to fill that void. Triumph is a classic, Masturbating Bear, and Preparation H Raymond just to name a few. Also the recurring bits to begin the show, Taking the desk out on the road and of course looking ahead all the way to the year 2000. You can't go wrong with this show, Conan's interviewing style is great too. This is really shown when there's someone there that's either nervous or just not too taklitive and he handles it well and still makes a good interview out of it.
  • Late Night was just a blur to me until Saturday, July 21st.

    On that day in July, I was on "vacation" in New York City. My favorite of course! Anyway, that Saturday we went to visit the NBC studios in the city.. We saw Conan's studio, the Today show and SNL. They were all so awesome, but I never really saw Late Night, so I was unaware of the fact that soon after, I would become hooked on this show! I'm still in school, so I can't stay up to watch it, but I do on Not only is Conan one of the funniest people on this planet, but his show is really entertaining from start to finish. When he takes over for the Tonight Show in 2009, Conan will rise to his acme is his comedic career and give a daily fix of laughter to a broader demographic of people that will enjoy it to the full.
  • Conan O'Brien is the funniest man on television.

    Late Night with Conan O'Brien is my favorite show on television. Sure sometimes the sketches are really stupid, but after a really dumb sketch Conan himself will say how stupid it was which in my opinion makes up for it. I'm just going to say this here I'm glad the writers strike is over, but I have to admit the strike shows of Conan were the best episodes of Conan ever. From him riding a zip line through the crowd to Tom Brokaw going through a cardboard maze. Those shows reestablished my love for this show, and I can not wait for Conan to take over the Tonight Show next year.
  • The funniest talk show on tv today!

    Conan O'Brian is like any other talk show. He gets his guest on and talks to them. The thing that makes him so special is that he's actually funny. For 20 minutes of the show, he says funny jokes that he writes himself with other writers. I like him better then Jay Leno. Jay's boring but Conan has a different style of humor that makes him appreciated. I think he is underappreciated because Jay Leno has tons of movie cameo's and Conan barely has any. Conan is supppose to take Jay's time slot in 2009. I'm ready Conan, bring on the funny!
  • It was hilarious when I used to watch it

    When my brother told me about how funny this show was, I decided to stay up (It's a latenight show) and watch it. And guess what, it was hilarious. There were many funny segments and such ... although I only watched the first 15 minutes of it because the rest of the stuff were celebrity interviews and such. Lots of jokes were made, and lots of characters were made fun of ... and they made jokes about recent happenings ... like I remember one time they made this joke about Friends' cancelation, and another time they made a joke about Star Wars. However, I can't really find a time to watch it anymore ... it used to come on at midnight, now it comes on at strange times ...
  • .....

    It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining. It is an all right talk show. Not the best but still very entertaining.
  • Nothing better on that Late At Night

    Compared to the other late night hosts, Conan O'Brien is faster, crazier and most importantly, funnier. But for every person that says Conan is funny, there's going to be ten that says he isn't.

    It's not really so hard to understand really. Conan's material is more directed towards a younger crowd such as someone in college and high school so it's a type of humor that not everyone gets and appreciates. For those people, they might find someone like Jay a little easier to watch. This is not to say that young people only watch Conan and not Jay but rather, Conan is just more (laser) targeted towards the younger generation than anybody else out there.
  • The BEST Talk show out there. Funniest too! Late Night with Conan O'Brien is worth staying up for.

    Late Night With Conan O'Brien is the best talk show out there. It's hilarious. Conan O'Brien is a great host and has really adapted to the job. The only thing better than watching this show on TV is going to see it live in New York. I went to the October 9th episode which had Mark Wahlberg, Michael Strahan and the Black Lips as guests. It was fantastic...I even got to scream "I LOVE YOU CONAN!" he didnt hear though =[. Anyway its a great show, the jokes are good the host is good its allllll goood. "keep cool mah babies!"
  • This is a talk-show titled Late Night With Conan O'Brien hosted by Conan O'Brien.

    I found this show when my parents put the channel on NBC for a guest they knew, also there was nothing else to watch on TV. At the end of the show, I loved it. To this day, I still watch Late Night With Conan O'Brien. I love when he does the most funniest sketches. If you see me after watch this show, you will see me laughing because of his silliness. I definately give this a laugh, a perfect 10, and my own thumbs up. So, if you are looking for laughter, I'm so sure this show is for you.
  • Only americans find it funny.. Well that is not true

    I have heard many people say that Conan offers the kind of humor that only appeals to americans. I am not american and I find him funny! After watching the show for a very long time, it does get bit old sometimes! But he is a funny guy, and they sometimes pull up great things. His face expressions are priceless. You can so often see, how he really doesn't find the things his guests say funny, but still laughts. I know we all do this, but it is just disturbing to see him do it!
    Maybe it would be time to change the set a bit! It's getting old as well. Have Conan wear clothes that aren't suits sometimes! It's a relaxed show. So I believe the clothing and the set could be a bit relaxed as well
  • I record it every night because you never know when a unforgetable moment will happen. Conan can make even the most boring interview roll on the floor funny. I have been a Conan watcher since the first season, and I love it!

    Some of my favorite moments: Robot Pimp 3000, when Conan took 16 wheeler truck driving lessons, where in the building is Andy?, the M. C. Hammer dancers in the wild, the Chuck Norris clips lever, getting in the bag with Yoko Ono, a week of the White Stripes, Raymond handing out Preparation H, bird watching in Central Park, and at the apple orchard with Mr. T.

    Bottom Line: You should be watching this show!
  • The best late night show out there, funny as Hell, Love Conan, he is a genius! =)

    I had never seen this show untill i went over to Finland to stay for the summer, and they air an episode everyday, and i loved it, it was hilarious!, Conan is sooooo funny, i love they way he even laughs about his looks, a pale skinned Ginger lol!

    When i was in Finland, in Helsinki i saw the Finland Special, where Conan visits Finland, basically because some finnish fans said he looked like their president Tarja! who is a woman, but he is up for a laugh about everything so he went over and met the finnish president! and filmed a small documentary about sauna's and the finnish lifestyle and it was awesome, really funny

    I also love his special section on the show where it is just plain stupid, like the "If they mated", where he picks 2 celebrities, and merges there pictures together to produce a picture of what their child would look like if they mated, its hilarious, even merges black and white celebrities and some of the pictures are soo funny i almost cried, infact i did =)

    Love this show, specially for its funny side and it is very very entertaining! recommend it to anyone!
  • Conan is absolutely HILARIOUS! I love the show, it's great! I can't wait until he takes over for Leno.

    Conan is absolutely HILARIOUS! I love the show, it's great! I can't wait until he takes over for Leno.

    The only problem is the frequent (and long... and random) holidays this guy takes. Not to mention how they tend to reuse sketches very close together, but otherwise it's good.

    There are a few sketches that they could do without though, such as actual items and celebrity survey, but they are good for the most part.

    This show is great, Conan is great and I hope he makes the Tonight Show funny again. Definately one of my all time favourites, a great writer and comedian!
  • The Best Late Night Show EVER!!!!

    I love everything about Late Night with Conan O'Brien!!! He makes me laugh every night, with his funny sketches like "If they mated" and the "Desk drive skit". I love Conan because he's never boring to watch like some of the other talk show hosts. My favorite skit to watch is when conan sings the "Baby Lullaby" it's the best!!!!

    The Cone Zone BABY!!!!
  • Late Night

    Conan O'Brien is the funnies late night talk show host since Jonny Carson most of all of his show is relly funny even if your have a sleep byu the time he comes on. He even makes most of his own guest laught so mutch as well just about all his jokes are good and funny i even his band on his show is relly funny i give this show a rating of 9.9 out of 10 because it is a funny show and entertainig as well that is mostly what i have to say about his tlak show the end/
  • Conan O'Brien has hosted late night's most underappreciated talk show/variety show for over a decade.

    I started watching Conan in 2002/2003 or so. I was so tired of Letterman's obsolete humor and Leno's stale sexual innuendos, so I was happy to find that there was actually a quality late night show on. I don't watch it much anymore because the quality of musical guests has suffered lately. My favorite era was when bands like Finch, The Used and Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed. I was thrilled when one of my favorite bands, The White Stripes, performed for 4 straight episodes. It was the best live music I've ever seen on TV. Even though I don't watch the show much anymore, I still think of Late Night with Conan O'Brien as a classic television show.
  • There are a few sketches which they should just stop doing right NOW (Actual Items being a big one)!

    This show is great! Way better then Leno and that awfull Rove McManus. Conan is one of the funniest people around, alot of the sketches on this show are great. Some of my faves being Pierre Bernards Recliner of Rage, Small Talk Moments and If They Mated - although there are a few sketches which they should just stop now (Actual Items being a big one).

    The guests are normally great with a few odd ones here and there, although i've normally never heard of 80% of the bands. Max Weinberg and Joel Goddard also add alot to the show and are both hilarious!

    Overall its a great show for the most part. Absolutely love it!
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