Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 13 Episode 34

Robert Downey Jr, Steve Irwin, Alison Krauss and Union Station

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Nov 10, 2005 on NBC
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Robert Downey Jr, Steve Irwin, Alison Krauss and Union Station
Robert Downey Jr., Steve Irwin, Alison Krauss and Union Station. Comedy bits included "Where in the Booth is Joel Godard?", SAT Analogies, and the new iPod video commercial.

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    Conan O'Brien

    Conan O'Brien


    Joel Godard

    Joel Godard


    Max Weinberg

    Max Weinberg

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    Jerry Vivino

    Jerry Vivino

    Max Weinberg 7 - Saxaphone, Woodwinds, Vocalist

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This is the first episode to air after Conan's second child, Beckett, was born. The previous nights recording with Donald Trump was cancelled and a rerun was aired instead.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • SAT Analogies:

        George Washington: he founded the nation::
        George W. Bush: he found Waldo

        Terrell Owens, 2005: "What will it take to get me back on the Eagles' roster?"::
        Terrell Owens, 2006: "What will it take to get you out of here in this new Honda?":

        Federal Prosecutor: "I'm trying someone named 'Scooter'."::
        Michael Jackson: "What a coincidence, I'm also trying someone named 'Scooter'."

        ABC: "Lost"::
        NBC: Last

        A drunk Tara Reid: "At least I'm not Courtney Love."::
        A drunk Courtney Love: "At least I'm not...I am? Crap."

        Kirstie Alley: recently lost 60 pounds::
        Conan O'Brien: recently lost 60 Kirstie Alley jokes

        Thomas Jefferson: has face on the $2 bill::
        Clay Aiken: paid $2 to put face under guy named Bill

        Donald Rumsfeld to reporters: "The Bush Administration would never engage in any mistreatment of detainees."::
        Donald Rumsfeld to detainees: "It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

        The Edward R. Murrow Story: "Good Night and Good Luck"::
        The Geraldo Rivera Story: "Good Bye and I Suck."

        Navy battleship: tied up by longshoreman and then boarded by hundreds of sailors until it's almost bursting with seamen::
        Paris Hilton: Oh what, we can't do this one?

      • Conan: I haven't slept in twenty-four hours. That will become clear as the evening progresses. "His ears are bleeding!"

      • Conan: The other day in Los Angeles, Paris Hilton was involved in a minor car accident. Yeah, apparently Paris was rammed from behind, then later she had a car accident.

      • Conan: This week, Coca-Cola made a big announcement. Coca-Cola announced that by the end of the year it will phase out Vanilla Coke. Yeah, this is the most popular move since America phased out Vanilla Ice.

      • Conan: Michael Jackson's father says that Michael will never again live in the United States, instead he's gonna live in the Middle East. Yeah, yeah, so take that terrorists.

      • Conan: Today the Christmas tree did arrive at Rockefeller Center and this year its a seventy-four foot spruce from New Jersey. Officials say before they can decorate the New Jersey tree, they'll have to remove its giant track suit. Its got a mullet, apparently.

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