Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 13 Episode 61

Seth Green, Andy Serkis, Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jan 04, 2006 on NBC



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      "The nomination of Judge Alito will be..."
      President George W. Bush's Survey Response: "the best Harry Potter movie yet!"

      "I'll never love anyone the way I love..."
      Kirstee Alley's Survey Response: "Mrs. Butterworth."

      "When I saw 'Brokeback Mountain,' I..."
      Clay Aiken's Survey Response: "wondered who ready my diary."

      "My first crush was..."
      Larry King's Survey Response: "Anat, the pharaoh's daughter."

      "'06 is..."
      Nicole Richie's Survey Response: "my target weight."

      "The worst gift I got this year was..."
      Stevie Wonder's Survey Response: "I can't tell, but it feels like Kenny G's latest album."

      "The greatest invention over the past few years has been..."
      Dick Cheney's Survey Response: "the link between Saddam and 9/11."

      "I've always based my career on the assumption that..."
      Tony Danza's Survey Response: "this has to appeal to somebody."

      "I'll become a mother when..."
      Paris Hilton's Survey Response: "the condom breaks."

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