Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Season 12 Episode 145

Tony Shalhoub, Greg Giraldo, Feist

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM Jul 07, 2005 on NBC



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    • Tony Shalhoub: Just to drive the women crazy we like to cook shirtless, you know with aprons on, so they now insist that we wear hair nets and they'd like us to wear body nets.
      Conan: Are the Shalhoubs a hairy, the Shalhoub males... let's just get into it, lets just find out. I don't want to see anything right now. No, no, no, this show is in high-def now, people at home could be killed.

    • Tony Shalhoub: We have a big reunion out by the lake and its great.
      Conan: And like what do you do? What do you guys do for fun?
      Tony Shalhoub: Well we love the water, the water's great. We're into food of course and so we have this whole kind of thing set up, we've gotten it down to a system here. We all take turns cooking and cleaning up and of course we'll have girly man night which is where all the men get together and cool and its...
      Conan: Girly man night could be all the men getting together and doing a lot of things. I was relieved to hear you say cook - "We all grease ourselves up and wrestle, and then tickle ourselves with feathers."

    • Conan: Its been reported that Michael Jackson gave every juror in his trial a Tiffany key chain engraved with the words, "I will love you forever." Its true. The weird thing is that each keychain had the word "Timmy" crossed out.

    • Conan: Yesterday the city of Paris lost the chance to host the 2012 Olympics. Apparently they're very bitter about it, very bitter. Apparently the Parisians are disappointed because they were looking forward to being rude to thousands of new people.

  • Notes

    • The shows format was very atypical from usual. Comedian Greg Giraldo gave a short standup performance after which he joined Conan for a few questions. Then, musical guest Feist performed.

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