Late Night With David Letterman

Season 5 Episode 52

Show #0710

Aired Weekdays 12:35 AM May 14, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the "Making Friends on Our Interstate Highways" sequence, David Letterman misspells Brandon Tartikoff's last name with a C, rather than a K.

  • Quotes

    • Letterman: The Top Ten Indicators of a Brighter Future:
      10. Low gasoline prices
      9. Airline peanuts available to general public
      8. Cleveland Indians in third place
      7. Quincy reruns will last at least five years
      6. New technology can keep lettuce and tomato cool, burger hot
      5. Big bands aren't coming back after all
      4. Civil Service exams easier than ever–impossible for humans to fail
      3. More fabulous babes on TV than ever before in the history of the medium
      2. We have Neanderthal skull in our studio
      1. LaRouche supporters can't take a punch

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dave: "New technology can keep lettuce and tomato cool, burger hot."
      The "new technology" was a styrofoam package McDonald's used for their short-lived burger called the McDLT. One side of the styrofoam held just the beef patty and bottom bun, the other side had the top bun plus the lettuce, tomato and all condiments. But by 1990, McDonald's ran headlong with the rising number of environmentalists because all the sandwiches were kept in styrofoam. Forced to comply, McDonald's started wrapping all sandwiches, large and small, in paper. That ruined the principle of the McDLT, and it was replaced by the equally-unsuccessful McLean Deluxe in 1991. --Contributed by Sporadically