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Saturday Night Live veteran Jimmy Fallon takes the Late Night reins from Conan O'Brien when O'Brien as the new host. The Roots are the house band with Steve Higgins as the announcer. The show features comedy sketches, interviews and whatever other antics the Late Night crew can come up with.

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    • Fallon Fallacy

      Completely agree with Sven! Fallon is not funny and obsequious is the perfect adjective. I get the feeling that he thinks he's some sort of musical genius because he covers great songs by real musical artists. And if I wanted to watch other people play drinking games for an hour, I could go to any bar frequented by 20-something frat boys. He's just terrible.
    • fallon your face

      I cannot believe how low the former to-night show has sunk. Carson set the standard-Leno was a worthy replacement -then disaster. First with a pathetic short run by Conan O'Brien, and finally a juvenile mimic named Jimmy Fallon-his mimicry rarely reaches beyond the amateur status-and nervous self centered unfunny comedic attempts fall short. His interviewing skills are poor and his forced laughter and obsequiousness have me cringing and finally made me stop watching a once enjoyable hour after nearly 50 years. NBC smarten up.moreless
    • What a terrible host

      Why was this guy ever hired he ruined a decent show to the point the name was changed and not suited for TV maybe B no... C grade movies please fire this wanna be and get a real host
    • Not funny....

      I can see why they dropped The Tonight Show name and went with Late Night. It is not the same show at all and does not follow the dynasty of what the previous hosts built. Jimmy Fallon is not funny on this program. He is a comedian, a sketch actor, a spot-on impressionist, a great entertainer, and a nice guy. He is not an interviewer. Writers have to keep coming up with different skits just to keep it interesting. All show, all about Jimmy acting like a frat boy, substance is very lacking. Bunch of people in the audience screaming and carrying on, being immature as well, his fans just don't get it, but if that's all they know, I'm sure it works for them.. I like the guy, just can't watch this .........moreless
    • Re - To All The Haters

      People DO CARE of the opinions here. This is a BLOG, regarding TV shows, IDIOT!

      Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is absolutely terrible. I'm not a hater but I agree with the people here who think that the show is NOT funny. I tuned in last night because Donald Trump was on. The show was painful to watch. PAINFUL!! I don't know how much Jimmy Fallon gets paid but whatever it is, it's too much. I couldn't get past the first guest. Jimmy's fake laughing ... what the hell is up with that?

      The person who hired Jimmy should sober up. Sorry Jimmy.

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