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Saturday Night Live veteran Jimmy Fallon takes the Late Night reins from Conan O'Brien when O'Brien as the new host. The Roots are the house band with Steve Higgins as the announcer. The show features comedy sketches, interviews and whatever other antics the Late Night crew can come up with.

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  • the truth about . Cooper

    how about a new feature called 'What really happened'? you could do stuff like re-enacting the DB Cooper incident--and after the plane lands--have him kicking out the baggage, climbing down from the overhead compartment where he had been hiding all the time--and just walking away-all the security is going in--not going out. let me know if you ever want any other original material.
  • Sorry Jimmy...

    Right off the bat, (which he tells everyone on his show that there acting hit one out of the ballpark) his interviewing skills are horrible. He's a reboot of Arsenio Hall kissing everyone's ass and telling them there the best. Enough already. Fake laughing face in get rid of that idiot in The Roots who talks into the mic along with the band playing with random words out of the dictionary (I guess its rap). Don't know single word he says and ears bleed constantly. Its f&%#in horrible and brain cell melting. I liked you better before you took over The Tonight Show. Can we talk Craig Ferguson to take over?moreless
  • I've been watching broadcast TV since 1950, and it has never been worse!

    Steve Allen in the late 1950s was brilliant. Jack Paar tried to act like an intellectual, which he was not. Johnny Carson set the gold standard. Then it started to decline, with Letterman and that last gen crew. Even Craig Ferguson was novel. But this millennial crew, . Fallon, Myers, and that chubby Brit Corden are the PITS! The worst imaginable! Why are they in show business? THey are totally devoid of looks, talent, humor and conversational skills! Granted I'm an old "boomer" pushing 70 and totally out of touch with this "Millennial generation," but I don't want to be in touch with them! This is the mostly ungainly, talentless generation that I know of. I am, however, awaiting Stephen Colber, who is techinally from the tail end of Gen X and not a "Millennial," thank God, which is probably why he is witty, intelligent, and has some looks and a modicum of talent and not just another dumb fat slob, which apparently is the most important criteria for getting a Late Night gig in the early 21st century If Colbert does not deliver, then death is preferable to watching late nigh TV at this time in history..moreless
  • Bring back Leno

    I agree with most of you folks below---THE SHOW IS TERRIBLE---and I'm being kind. When you're brougt up on either Carson, Leno or Letterman and then NBC throws this pathetic show at you they call Late Night---what a let down---they can't do anything right! Sombody please tell me who the target audience/ demographic is that watches this nonsense? Will this show last? I rather watch re-runs of Judge Judy---which I do. I always thought Ben Baily who did "Cash Cab" would be a good fit for late night. His band isn't that good either. Is there another Leno out there somewhere? I only gave a 1 star because he's probably a nice guy---but in the wrong profession.moreless
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