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  • Pathetic Jimmy Fallon

    As an Australia viewer I can't believe that Jay Leno has been replaced by this immature, anxious looking man (comedian?) who laughs hysterically at his own (written for him) jokes. Everything that happens on his show is artificially over the top and unfunny.

    Unlikely that I'll be watching this show again.

    Sincerely, Harry from Sydney, Australia.
  • Boring Bomb

    Who was responsible for picking Fallon?! He is as boring as watching paint dry. He is flat and dull. Look like a fish out of water.

    They should just retire the Tonight Show in honor of Johny Carson.

    The show with Fallon now just sucks big time!
  • Fallon is such a light weight

    What has happened to late night? I guess Carson set the bar too high. Fallon sucks, The Roots are the perfect band for him they compliment his back could you replace an icon with this guy? Pathetic.
  • NBC's Useless & Damaging Quest

    Poor NBC: forever on the hunt for the young demographic. It's sad to watch. They've had a lock on late night for decades now, and they keep throwing it away. We watched them do it with Conan, and now here comes Jimmy. Why does this happen? It's called 30 Rock. Not the show, it's the building. It's where the programming execs work, and just happens to be the same location as SNL, and Conan & Fallon's 'Late Night' shows. Burbank is 3000 miles & 3 time-zones away. Every year a new crop of New York twenty-somethings arrives at 30 Rock, and with Lorne Michaels and the SNL kiddies along for backup, the pressure on management to "younger-ize" is irresistible. This time they've also had the Fallon crew pushing as well. The only reason outlander Leno wasn't forced out earlier is the incredible blowback it would have created.

    What NBC and these programming novices don't understand, is that at the end of the day, we don't want to watch the antics of a young frenetic squirrel. Most of us see enough of that during the day. Fallon's (and Conan's) humor comes off as demeaning and biting. Jumping through outlandish skits, letting the ego-maniacal host bomb the musical guest, or sucking up hard on celebrities is the stuff of PRIMETIME. At the end of the day, we don't want to party. We want a slower, older, wiser and more stable person delivering our entertainment. We want a TALK show. We want Daddy. On the other hand, the late, late night spot works well as a destination for always energized & rebellious teens & college kids, but most of us have gone to bed by then.

    Sure, we could see Leno's punchlines coming a mile away, but there was some comfort in that. He wasn't my all-time favorite, but he was honest, real, and down to earth. And he wasn't obsessed with having or giving the last laugh. The same thing could have been said about Johnny Carson. One thing is sure, Leno won't be coming back. Letterman has become just a cranky, snide old man. Kimmel is so obsessed with his backpack of ethnic & family shtick, it's too annoying to watch. Someone like Brian Williams would knock them all dead.

    Thank you, NBC, for ending my decades-long addiction to late night TV. As painful as watching Conan was, at least I would check to see who was on that night. With Jimmy, I don't even care. Yes, he has a very talented staff, and his skits can be very funny, but that was true of Conan. Jimmy's energy belongs in primetime. You won't catch me staying up to watch him. Or the now unfunny SNL either.

    If you like what I said, give me a thumbs up. I'd like to know.
  • Horrible show!

    I have a really hard time watching the tonight show since Fallon replaced Leno. The show lacks substance with the guests and Fallon's monologue stinks! Why would you ever replace Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon? Leno was number one! What more did you want?? I will not be watching the Tonight show anymore since it now sucks!
  • Scary Terrible!

    Ugh! "Painful" is the correct word. What a mess. NBC believes the hype they created. And no offense to people who think the Roots are good, but their sound is thin and lacking musicality. Horrible all around. Can't bear to watch it other than to keep track of how bad it really is. I doubt it will last long. Then again there is no accounting for people's taste.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is Awful

    NBC please help him with some new writers and some new producers!!!
  • Who farted in my TV!!???

    The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallopian.

    The biggest wannabe in the wrong arena. He should audition for American Idolt

    Does he want to be a comedian or a rock star? (Of course we all

    Painful to watch, not funny, making BIG stretches with every poor attempt at a joke.

    He's like a lingering diaper-fart that won't go away.

    Dumb skits. Infomercials are easier to watch at LEAST there's a take away.

    Those who find Fallon funny clearly have their heads filled with marshmallows.

    Wit? Forget it. PAINFULLY NOT funny AT ALL. You couldn't GIVE me tickets & a limo to

    come see his show. Every time I see or hear this dolt I want to go put my nuts in a blender.

    Skiiny-jean-wearing-hipster-emo-douchebag feeding the airwaves with oral diarrhea.

    fluff, cheese-whiz, twinkie-filling, lard, and costume jewelry!

    NBC has farted in a bag and is passing this off as "content". Really the tonite show is now

    just an abortion.

    Note to Mr. Fallon: In order to be THE late night MASTER, you need to see a judge.

    Change your last name to Kimmel. After which, notify Social Security & change that too.

    Your new number? 000-00-0000.

  • Where's the beef ?

    I think that it is inevitable that Jimmy Fallon will fail on the Tonight Show. He is no comic genius like Conan O'Brien or an uber standup comedian like Bill Maher or Jay Leno (despite what you think of his jokes). These three individuals are seasoned pros that have worked extremely hard at their craft over the years and Jimmy Fallon has barely made it out of high school. He needs another decade or so to hone whatever it is that he brings to the table.

    I can assure you that I am not wasting my time watching this television program.
  • Fallon has more connections than talent

    If you compare Jimmy Fallon to Carson,Letterman,Leno,O'Brien or even Jimmy Kimmel,there is one big are all genuinely funny stand up biggest similarity and you can throw Bill Maher in here too,is they all can't act in a movie to pay the those gentlemen,save Leno to a degree,can be a little acerbic if the guest is is a professional ass kisser who just isn't that unscripted banter are their collective best qualities and generally are the funniest moments of their skits are usually channel changers,maybe 5 % are is a worlds class ass smoocher however and if the guests were walking,you would just see Fallons feet hanging out of their Jimmy Fallon does have is connections,in with his mentor,Lorne Michaels,his guest book will always be full and lets face it,it's easier giving an interview to Fallon,than to somebody with wit,who may throw in a few good spirited zingers and actually get you to open up a be honest,I could only stomach watching Fallons show,begining to end,several times,but I have also seen more than enough.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

    You guys at NBC are being paid millions a year and yet you keep making the same mistake over and over again again. I will take your job for half the price, keep Leno and keep the ratings up. Simple. The ratings are going to go down with Fallon. Bring Leno back....
  • never seen a bigger a** kisser..

    Now hear me out.. I watch conan, ferg, fallon, and kimmel. I don't like leno what soo ever.. and dislike letterman in a similar, yet less hateful way. What I respect in talk shows is respect towards the guest while "keeping it real".. fallon is such a suck up and painfully awkward at times. Its sad that this is who will take over the tonight show. Jay leno has a lot of history but lost my respect long before the conan fued. I hope nbc now see's that setteling with fallon was and will be a huge mistake in comparison to what conan has and would have done. Yea it cost them 40mill and a great talk show host. Now they're left with this d list actor/ comedian who sucks a huge amount of a**, yet is better than leno.. whome also sucks a huge amount of a**. My review may sound a little immature but I watch a lot of talk shows and it doesn't take just my sense of humor to understand what I'm saying.
  • Jimmy Fallon is not Funny, he is so not funny that I started a petition to keep Jay Leno, who is very funny.

    Please sign the online petition to stop the unfunny Jimmy Fallon before he destroys the Tonight Show, we need to keep Jay Leno around.

  • Love Fallon and the Roots

    I'm hoping Fallon can take the Roots with them to the Tonight Show. It would be a shame to leave them behind!! They work so well together. I watch every night and laugh out loud. Love it!!!

    Jimmy fallon is the epitome of douche bag why wont this ass go away i mean i choose not to watch his horrific painfully awkward but i still have to see him once in a while on a stupid commercial with a baby why dont you just give up nobody thinks your funny
  • Love Jimmy Fallon..

    I always liked JImmy Fallon with his SNL days. I think his show is awesome and adds a unique and refreshing alternative to the late night talk show circuit. I love Leno it makes my night to have two great shows in a row to enjoy. I reallly like the musical skits in which he Stills, he would do more of those. He does a great Neil Young. More of those and more of the acting parts would be the one with Michael SNL type characters really add a lot to the show. I am a big SNL show and would love to see more of these and other unique ideas in the show because Fallon is multi talented and would love to see that in all of the enjoy the Cap 1 commercials..
  • You people are so wrong.

    JIMMY FALLON IS HILARIOUS. His jokes are funny, he interviews great. He is taking over late night. He's such a likable guy and I love that he laughs with the interviewees. Whoever gave him bad ratings is wrong. He's going places.
  • Jimmy Fallon is funny as hell

    Pretty good show but don't watch every night.
  • It's painful to watch

    I used to really enjoy the Jimmy Fallon show, but listening to him bash Romney EVERY SINGLE NIGHT is getting old. Where did his humor go? That's why people watched him, not for him to use his show as a platform to promote his political views. Please get back to what you were paid to do!!!
  • I have tried my best to like this show, but to no avail.

    I used to like jimmy fallon, I still do. But he is so bad as a host it is mind boggling that he still has not been fired yet. His jokes are awkward, nonsensical and plain unfunny. He has ZERO charisma and tries to fill up time on his show through gimmicky absurd/childish/diabolical/stupid "games" with celebrities. Conan is the most naturally funny guy on television right now and thats because he stays true to who he is. Jimmy tries too hard to be funny, and fails miserably.
  • Jimmy Fallon blows

    I have iover 900 stations to watch,so I can avoid Fallon with no sweat,but the baby commercial,which comes on with my remote out of reach,makes me want to beat him over the head with the guitar.This man has NEVER been even a little funny,and must hit his knees,to get the gig he has.The roots are an awesome band,but are only a small piece of this horrid show.Letterman makes Fallon look like pee wee herman,who he kind of reminds me of,in his andgrogynous fashion.I give it 1 star out of 10,only because that was as low as I could go.He stinks

  • Jimmy Fallon Great!

    I love the Jimmy Fallon show. Going to see John Caparulo at watseka theatre watseka illinois on st pattys day march 17, 2012. Cap is soooooooo funny.
  • He's so funny!


    He's quirky...I like Jimmy Fallon. He's sweet and silly. Just what America needs! Sometimes his Late show isn't too good, but it's always watchable. I love Jimmy especially when he shows up on SNL with Justin Timberlake to play Barry & RobinGibb.."Double Dutch"

  • What is with these haters?

    Jimmy's show ROCKS! I now watch in when I wake in morning to get a good belly laugh to strat the day. I TiVo every night. The man has so much fun every night and you can tell he loves the job. The ROOTS? Awesome! What a stroke of genius to get these guys. Also jimmy's side kick Higgins is a hoot...guess he's been around a while, but they've been hiding him. The Real Housewives of Late Night, singing " scrambled eggs " to tune of Yesterday w/ McCarthy and Whip my hair as Neil Young with Springsteen? Genius! yes, has some very adolescent games, but tweets of the week is great. Thanks Lorne Michaels.....I love Jimmy Fallon's Late Night!
  • Awesome show, you need to watch it.

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made its broadcast debut on March 2, 2009, as Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon became the third host of the NBC comedy-talk franchise. The show serves as a platform for comedy, music and A-list talent out of NBC's Rockefeller Center Studio 6B. Fallon first garnered attention in 1998 when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live and quickly became an audience favorite for his impressions of actors and musicians as well as creating many memorable recurring characters. In 2000, he became co-anchor of the popular segment Weekend Update alongside Tina Fey. Fallon went on to appear in the Emmy Award-winning miniseries Band of Brothers and made his feature-film debut in Almost Famous. He also had starring roles in Taxi and Fever Pitch.
  • Abyssmal...

    ...and it looks like even Jimmy himself knows it. He's looking more and more jittery each day. Have some mercy, NBC, and hire someone else PRONTO! I wonder who the genius at NBC was who came up with this idea? Kenneth the Page? Didn't they even have test runs or something like that? It feels like they just picked a name out of a hat and then called up whoever got picked 10 mins. before the first show and said, "Hey, you're the new host of Late Night! Start taping... NOW!" Poor Jimmy Fallon! Shame on you, NBC! Boo! Hiss!
  • Poorly timed jokes and overall awkwardness lead to pity views in the hope that Jimmy will soon find his stride.

    Initially, Mr Fallon read the cue cards like the slow kid in class. The lack of emotion in the build up to his jokes ruined the entire line. The audience didn't laugh but yet Jimmy held for the laughter. It seemed the painful awkward silence and Jimmy's smile combined to be the funniest part of the routines.

    Lately, the new Late Night host has become more comfortable in his role but still lacks the timing and charisma to be a replacement for Conan O'Brien. He no longer stops mid sentence after every joke, which is good, but he still lacks emotion. A big difference between The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and Jimmy's show is the audience participation. It seems the producers are doing interactive contests with the audience because Jimmy cannot hold the attention of viewers both at home and on the set.

    Overall, Jimmy needs to relax, have fun, stop laughing with the audience and instead take his role as the front man. For now it is still awkward and painful, but at least he's trying. I wish Jimmy the best in the future and I believe he can become a quality host with experience.
  • Less of a dick than Letterman, with the back up band talent THE ROOTS, playing every-night.

    He has the best impersonations on Late night TV since Conan's TV departure.

    He had a struggle in the start but now he wns the stage, the audience, his band, and his guests all feel comfortable and love every moment they are on the show.

    There aren't many interview hosts on Late Night TV which tries to spice things up and make things fun since it really all is about publicity for their films and promotion for the celebs that go on, might as well have fun!..

    I expectually enjoy the bands involvement with the show, it allows the audience at home t feel as if they are they and it is a really relaxed vibe going on every night hes on. Good on you, Jimmy!
  • More fresh than Conan's new show, plus they have the best house band ever.

    Conan's new show is the same, but safer and the musical guests SUCK. I started watching Jimmy Fallon's show expecting it to be just terrible but I actually really like it and watch every episode now. It's cool to see a guy who's always excited on a show that airs every day. He plays cool games with the guests and audience. He also does Freestylin' with the Roots where the band makes up a song about a random audience member on the spot. This is my favorite thing to watch on the show because the band is unbelievably talented.

    As for comedy, the Friday routine of thank you letters are usually REALLY funny.
  • Nowhere near Conan

    Jimmy Fallon is funny, but bland and unexciting. His monologues were incredibly awkward when he started, but he's become much more comfortable. Late night is now bland, boring and dull in every way imaginable. It was alright as a filler between conans time off the air, but now that conan's back I'm probably gonna stop watching. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And now, with all unnecessary punctuation included, my review is a hundred words long!
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