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    Are you not of this planet? Fallon is hands down FUNNY,FUNNY,FUNNY! He is the best face and personality for 2014- 2034 for NBC. & NEW YORK. There is life @ 11:35 pm ,now. Worth to wake up groggy! Replace him? NO WAY!
  • Love Fallon and the Roots

    I'm hoping Fallon can take the Roots with them to the Tonight Show. It would be a shame to leave them behind!! They work so well together. I watch every night and laugh out loud. Love it!!!
  • Love Jimmy Fallon..

    I always liked JImmy Fallon with his SNL days. I think his show is awesome and adds a unique and refreshing alternative to the late night talk show circuit. I love Leno it makes my night to have two great shows in a row to enjoy. I reallly like the musical skits in which he Stills, he would do more of those. He does a great Neil Young. More of those and more of the acting parts would be the one with Michael SNL type characters really add a lot to the show. I am a big SNL show and would love to see more of these and other unique ideas in the show because Fallon is multi talented and would love to see that in all of the enjoy the Cap 1 commercials..
  • You people are so wrong.

    JIMMY FALLON IS HILARIOUS. His jokes are funny, he interviews great. He is taking over late night. He's such a likable guy and I love that he laughs with the interviewees. Whoever gave him bad ratings is wrong. He's going places.
  • Jimmy Fallon Great!

    I love the Jimmy Fallon show. Going to see John Caparulo at watseka theatre watseka illinois on st pattys day march 17, 2012. Cap is soooooooo funny.
  • What is with these haters?

    Jimmy's show ROCKS! I now watch in when I wake in morning to get a good belly laugh to strat the day. I TiVo every night. The man has so much fun every night and you can tell he loves the job. The ROOTS? Awesome! What a stroke of genius to get these guys. Also jimmy's side kick Higgins is a hoot...guess he's been around a while, but they've been hiding him. The Real Housewives of Late Night, singing " scrambled eggs " to tune of Yesterday w/ McCarthy and Whip my hair as Neil Young with Springsteen? Genius! yes, has some very adolescent games, but tweets of the week is great. Thanks Lorne Michaels.....I love Jimmy Fallon's Late Night!
  • Awesome show, you need to watch it.

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made its broadcast debut on March 2, 2009, as Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon became the third host of the NBC comedy-talk franchise. The show serves as a platform for comedy, music and A-list talent out of NBC's Rockefeller Center Studio 6B. Fallon first garnered attention in 1998 when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live and quickly became an audience favorite for his impressions of actors and musicians as well as creating many memorable recurring characters. In 2000, he became co-anchor of the popular segment Weekend Update alongside Tina Fey. Fallon went on to appear in the Emmy Award-winning miniseries Band of Brothers and made his feature-film debut in Almost Famous. He also had starring roles in Taxi and Fever Pitch.
  • I love jimmy!! And I made a Ew parody! lol

    I just love jimmy Fallon! he is so talented, funny and everything! I made a Ew parody because he is just too funny!

    Search youtube Ew Jimmy Fallon Parody With Cara And Becky

    Fineartandbeauty! :)
  • He's so funny!


    He's quirky...I like Jimmy Fallon. He's sweet and silly. Just what America needs! Sometimes his Late show isn't too good, but it's always watchable. I love Jimmy especially when he shows up on SNL with Justin Timberlake to play Barry & RobinGibb.."Double Dutch"

  • Less of a dick than Letterman, with the back up band talent THE ROOTS, playing every-night.

    He has the best impersonations on Late night TV since Conan's TV departure.

    He had a struggle in the start but now he wns the stage, the audience, his band, and his guests all feel comfortable and love every moment they are on the show.

    There aren't many interview hosts on Late Night TV which tries to spice things up and make things fun since it really all is about publicity for their films and promotion for the celebs that go on, might as well have fun!..

    I expectually enjoy the bands involvement with the show, it allows the audience at home t feel as if they are they and it is a really relaxed vibe going on every night hes on. Good on you, Jimmy!
  • Jimmy Fallon is funny as hell

    Pretty good show but don't watch every night.
  • More fresh than Conan's new show, plus they have the best house band ever.

    Conan's new show is the same, but safer and the musical guests SUCK. I started watching Jimmy Fallon's show expecting it to be just terrible but I actually really like it and watch every episode now. It's cool to see a guy who's always excited on a show that airs every day. He plays cool games with the guests and audience. He also does Freestylin' with the Roots where the band makes up a song about a random audience member on the spot. This is my favorite thing to watch on the show because the band is unbelievably talented.

    As for comedy, the Friday routine of thank you letters are usually REALLY funny.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is underated and has the potential to grow into a great late night comedy.

    I felt as though Jimmy Fallon did an amazing job for his first late night show, and I look forward to watching his show grow and mature in comedy. The Roots are an amazing home band and Jimmy is beyond lucky to have received them as such. Jimmy Fallon's funniest skit for his first episode was the News Slow Down by far, and the rest of the episode only had minor laughs to provide. However, I suggest this show to all late night lovers, and all I ask is that you be patient with his comedy. Even Conan wasn't amazing when he first started.
  • Off to a rough start, but I think it will get there.

    When I first found out that Fallon was taking over Conan, I wasn't too happy. However, after watching the first week, I changed my mind, and can see how this show will grow with time. Fallon seems to be getting more and more comfortable as the shows go on. I can see after a few seasons this show being one of the many regulars everyone considers for Late Night Television. ps. The Roots are a great band for the show. They really mix it up from all the other late night house bands. The tuba player really makes it too :p
  • Not bad.

    For his first episode this wasn't bad. He was really nervous and kind or rough around the edges at times but that's expected. I mean, he's got big shoes to fill and everyone was already hating the show before it even came on. Most people would be sweating if they were put in his place. The monologue was alright, kind of forgettable but it wasn't a trainwreck. I didn't like the "Slow Jam the News" bit but I do like The Roots, really good house band. The De Niro interview wasn't that great but he was being a little unresponsive. That makes it kind of tough for the interviewer. The Timberlake interview was quite good though, they interact with each other really well and JT should probably be a recurring guest if possible. As for the musical act, I think that Van Morrison was horrid. Sounded like he was drunk or something.
  • Nowhere near Conan

    Jimmy Fallon is funny, but bland and unexciting. His monologues were incredibly awkward when he started, but he's become much more comfortable. Late night is now bland, boring and dull in every way imaginable. It was alright as a filler between conans time off the air, but now that conan's back I'm probably gonna stop watching. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And now, with all unnecessary punctuation included, my review is a hundred words long!
  • Jimmy Fallon may have gotten off to a rocky start, but I think he can make the show not only his own, but memorable.

    Jimmy Fallon got off to a medicore start. I love Conan and thought his show was hilarious, no questions asked. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon just needs to find its special something that sets it apart. Fallon seems nervous and forces jokes. He is funny, but he needs to relax. I have not watched all his interviews, but I did enjoy his interview with Tina Fey. I like the show's set with the spiral stair case. I do not particularly care for the taped segments, most are boring. Although the show may have had a shaky start, I think Jimmy Fallon will be able to make the show his own and memorable.
  • I've always felt lukewarm about the Fallon, but it seems like a talk show is right up his alley.

    I'll be honest, I used to HATE Jimmy Fallon. Much for the same reasons many other people did. Plus, he was totally in the shadow of a better comedian, namely, Will Ferrell. Ferrell stole the spotlight from everyone, and for good reason, the guy is hilarious. But Fallon still didn't seem to have it and would even laugh a ton during skits with Ferrell. Now that they have moved on and Fallon failed and Ferrell excelled. Fallon looks to find a new beginning. Enter Late Night. I think he's trying to make it his own and there are times where it is funny, but he has yet to convince me on why I should be coming back to his show. Even Conan to his last days had really bad writing. The show was extremely hit or miss, but I usually just liked watching Conan. I don't feel that way about Fallon. If he can get me to just want to watch HIM, then maybe he'll be a mainstay.
  • never seen a bigger a** kisser..

    Now hear me out.. I watch conan, ferg, fallon, and kimmel. I don't like leno what soo ever.. and dislike letterman in a similar, yet less hateful way. What I respect in talk shows is respect towards the guest while "keeping it real".. fallon is such a suck up and painfully awkward at times. Its sad that this is who will take over the tonight show. Jay leno has a lot of history but lost my respect long before the conan fued. I hope nbc now see's that setteling with fallon was and will be a huge mistake in comparison to what conan has and would have done. Yea it cost them 40mill and a great talk show host. Now they're left with this d list actor/ comedian who sucks a huge amount of a**, yet is better than leno.. whome also sucks a huge amount of a**. My review may sound a little immature but I watch a lot of talk shows and it doesn't take just my sense of humor to understand what I'm saying.
  • Horrible show!

    I have a really hard time watching the tonight show since Fallon replaced Leno. The show lacks substance with the guests and Fallon's monologue stinks! Why would you ever replace Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon? Leno was number one! What more did you want?? I will not be watching the Tonight show anymore since it now sucks!
  • It was painful. First off who thought Robert DeNiro was a good first guess? Big name? Yes. Good talkshow guest? HEEeelll no! And really? The Roots? If they were trying for "hip", they missed by a mile.

    Frankly they need more then finetunning. They need brand new parts. Jimmy Fallon's monologue was decent but the rest of the show -- even the part with Justin Timberlake -- was bad. I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy in the first place but he wasn't bad on SNL. Unfortunately this did not make him any more endearing imo. The person taking over Conan's shoes had to be up to par, but NBC -- I think the 'N' stands for 'Nepotism' -- decided with Fallon. Am I harsh? Yes. But because it was a good show under Conan, and I don't like how it has been redone, I won't go easy on him.
  • Tonight show Screen Grabs OMFG Its ssooo lbad, Fallon sucks S1E170

    This is about 20 minutes in S1E170 brodcast 11/25/2014. Ok it Screen Grabs and the first is during a basketball game and the caption has the players stats and his age is 114, really funny. Next was a security log in and the two words were "weiner and Hound". Immediately fallon says "dont come in dads office" as if porno or something was on. The jackass to his right kept saying "weiner hound" over and over and over 20 or 30 times. 45sec later it was over. Next was an dinner invite with typos. "Crap cakes and sweet potato hay" i swear only a few seconds short of 2 minutes nothing but stool jokes, No.2 specials, corn, peanut butter, serving crap cakes and on and on and on. Then they run the joke into the next capture with a typo that has "Anus". Sure i enjoy a shit joke occasiknally but not for my late night entertainment. Especially when it seems to be coming from two 11 year olds. I realize these times dont seem long but watch the video. It seems like its never gonna end. Theres more but you get the idea. Again he needs to be replaced with a more mature comedian.
  • The Roots Suck Big Time!

    I'm giving Jimmy Fallon the benefit of the doubt and more time to get it together. Some of his signature skits like "the note writing" are often cringe worthy.

    BUT, the Roots are just plain terrible. I don't need that noise every night and they are enough to cause me to find something else. What the hell ever happened to real MUSIC?

    As long as he keeps the Roots I'm happier with alternatives.
  • Bad, bad, bad!

    First off, let me say that I am a huge fan of Conan O'Brien and I watch Leno and Letterman from time to time. Jimmy Fallon lacks the charisma of the hosts I've just mentionned. His monologues are plain awful and I seldom laugh during that part of the show. The "Lick it for ten" segment is really bad. Having members of the audience come on stage is a good idea but come on, this "game" is so childish. I've watched the first 3 episodes of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and it is clear to me that the guy is a really bad interviewer. Just take a look at the first episode with Robert De Niro. Enough said! The band, "The Roots" does a fine job but it is not enough to make the show enjoyable and people tune in every night.

    Bottomline: don't waste your time with this show.
  • NBC handed over Conan O'Brien's show to this guy? What were they thinking?

    Is it any wonder why NBC is tanking? A show that David Letterman started and which was bequeathed to the capable, is somewhat hokey, Conan O'Brien has now been dropped in the lap of the supremely unfunny Jimmy Fallon. His tenure at SNL was extremely forgettable; his time behind the anchor desk at "Weekend Update" was a pale imitation of greater comedic talents that came before and after him; his film career has been a bust and we have now seen that his skills as an interviewer are comparable to Chris Farley when he interviewed Paul McCartney in an SNL sketch.

    His opening guest was film legend Robert DeNiro and he spent more time talking about himself than asking questions of DeNiro. He even went so far as to cut DeNiro off mid-sentence on at least two occasions. The less said about the "Space Train" bit they did together the better. I honestly don't think I have ever Robert DeNiro looking more anxiously at the exits. The people who schedule Fallon's guests must have cashed in every favor they had to get him to come and they will NEVER get him again.

    When Justin Timberlake came on, Fallon STILL rambled on whenever Timberlake tried to speak and he spent more time talking about the times Timberlake was on SNL than anything else. If you haven't seen the episode or weren't involved in the production, you were left out of the conversation.

    If Fallon cannot figure out that being an interviewer is a different gig than just shooting the s**t with your buddies in your living room, the show will die a horrible, painful death in a matter of weeks.
  • I give up. It sucks!

    Honestly, I've never been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. I found his child/monkey-ish characters & humor on SNL cringe-full. Needless to say, that didn't draw me to his late night show - but I did tune in on occasion just to see what the fuss was about. I figured The Roots were some band he "discovered" at a concert while stoned in college and took along for his ride up.

    That said, I have given The Tonight Show w/ Fallon an honest chance. I get the format. I thought this might be a new beginning and a new way to access and enjoy this comic. FALSE. Fallon comes off as SO out of his depth but is so self absorbed he doesn't even realize it. I've seen his musical "performances" with various it's embarrassing. He's like an irritating child version of Rich Little trying to Karaoke and parody thinking the world loves him - when he really should just sit back in The Chair and be the reverent host he out to be - instead of some overgrown child getting his romp in a musical candy shop - oblivious to humility or reverence. Fallon IS NOT the legend he makes himself out to be - if anybody actually buys it. I'm guessing many people are just watching out of habit (and many of the masses probably don't care/are not discerning. They feed their babies McDonalds, too), others are just watching it like how people are drawn to a car accident. Is THAT the bar NBC wants to meet for the new Flagship of late night entertainment?!? I certainly hope not.

    Can we just chalk Fallon off as a bad decision and move on to some else? Someone better and more deserving. This child is insolent, immature, self-absorbed - and generally unworthy of the crown he has been given.

    . (one day later): Just to boil it down - Fallon as-is is NOT FUNNY, he is irratating, immature & repulsive. His humor is too petty & self-absorbed for the time slot. Maybe keep him on lates, but this brand is not worthy of the dignity (and potential awesomeness) of the Number 1 late spot. Perhaps George Clooney?
  • Abyssmal...

    ...and it looks like even Jimmy himself knows it. He's looking more and more jittery each day. Have some mercy, NBC, and hire someone else PRONTO! I wonder who the genius at NBC was who came up with this idea? Kenneth the Page? Didn't they even have test runs or something like that? It feels like they just picked a name out of a hat and then called up whoever got picked 10 mins. before the first show and said, "Hey, you're the new host of Late Night! Start taping... NOW!" Poor Jimmy Fallon! Shame on you, NBC! Boo! Hiss!
  • It's like watching slow suicide by NBC network executives.

    I don't know who or what JF had to do to get the show, but it was a mistake. The show is dismal, depressing, and dreadful. The man does not have talent of the caliber to sustain a late night TV show. Conan barely had it. I stopped watching him years ago. And since Conan is moving to the "Tonight" slot, NBC will be losing another late night viewer. NBC = "No Body Cares" about the audience.
    Rolling back the timeline, one can recall a rookie, named Glen Campbell, who did have the personality and talent to wing a network TV show.
    Maybe it's time for another midwesterner to helm the NBC post prime time shows. The "coasters" haven't a clue.
  • Does he ever shut his mouth?

    For an interviewer, Jimmy Fallon really doesn't let his guests get a word in edgewise, does he? I was really anxious to see a fresh take on the late night talk show, but this was just so disappointing. His monologue was so stilted and stammering that it barely got any pity laughs from the audience. The "Lick it for $10" was just pitiful. The only bit that was somewhat amusing was the News Slow Down, and that was more due to his band than him.

    His uneasiness cannot even be attributed to nerves since Fallon cut his teeth on not only performing before a studio audience, but broadcasting that show LIVE! The most absurd part of the show had to be the interviews. I don't think anyone in the history of mankind had ever deliberately cut off Robert DeNiro mid-sentence before, much less several times in a few minutes. Fallon spent more time talking to DeNiro about his own movie "career" than focusing the attention on the guest! When Justin Timberlake came out, all the two of them did was have a one-on-one conversation about stuff they did while JT was on SNL. Umm, guys? We weren't THERE for that week. Do you mind letting us in on the jokes?

    Van Morrison was drunk on stage. Nuff said.

    I remember when Letterman aired his first show in this timeslot after Johnny Carson and I remember Conan O'Brien's first day too. While Conan needed a few months to hit his stride, he had the disadvantage of NEVER having worked in front of an audience before: he was a writer for SNL and The Simpsons, not a comedian. Jimmy Fallon has no such excuse. If he doesn't rework his presentation quickly, he will go the way of the Pat Sajak Show before he knows what happened.
  • Maybe my expectations were too high.

    I've been looking forward to Jimmy Fallon's debut for a while now. From moment one I was uncomfortable -- for Jimmy. He seemed SO nervous it was hard to watch. His jokes were bombing and he made his discomfort obvious. One thing you never do (at least on opening night) is point out your own mistakes. Things only got worse with De Niro. Not only did Jimmy seem to be stumbling through the interview, I think De Niro was looking forward to finding the nearest exit. The "Space Train" sketch was completely pointless and just wasn't funny. "Lick it for a Ten" (or whatever it was called exactly) was a dismal failure. The demographic commercial didn't spark at all.

    Honestly, I had to switch over to Craig Ferguson after the De Niro "interview", which actually didn't tell us anything about De Niro. The problem is that the show tried to borrow from Leno, Letterman and Ferguson (not much Conan). It should have been something new that defined Fallon and hooked us in. Instead it was a nervous miss-mosh. Fallon is a nice guy, but he needed to show more charisma and come in strong with more self confidence. The only thing that showed promise in my opinion was the political music number, but that relied heavily on the band and not so much on the comedic material itself. I'll give it another chance tomorrow, but if things don't look up soon I'll have to stick with Ferguson. There's plenty of character with him and he actually interviews his guests instead of playing SNL-type games with them.

    Best of luck, Jimmy! I really do hope things kick in!
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