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  • This guy has to go!!!

    I'm sorry but Jimmy Fallon is an idiot! Hes not funny, His idea of humor is jumping all over Donald Trump! get real. I got news for you Jimmy, your not Carson who was very intelligent, your not Leno who was funny and witty. Its time for NBC to look for a replacement!! Quick!!

    Who does Jimmy think he is??? Not funny and way tooooo political. Thought I would give him a chance but he seemed to get more and more in love with himself. To Jay and Johnny. Jimmy does not compare at all. Sad to say the least.
  • Fail on!

    Jimmy is a talentless tool. It's crazy to me that he has fans when he is so mediocre at everything, and he does it so disingeniously. His forced laughter, and stupid smile are his signature.
  • Boring

    Very boring and political show
  • he blows

    Two words, he blows
  • Fallon Fallacy

    Completely agree with Sven! Fallon is not funny and obsequious is the perfect adjective. I get the feeling that he thinks he's some sort of musical genius because he covers great songs by real musical artists. And if I wanted to watch other people play drinking games for an hour, I could go to any bar frequented by 20-something frat boys. He's just terrible.
  • fallon your face

    I cannot believe how low the former to-night show has sunk. Carson set the standard-Leno was a worthy replacement -then disaster. First with a pathetic short run by Conan O'Brien, and finally a juvenile mimic named Jimmy Fallon-his mimicry rarely reaches beyond the amateur status-and nervous self centered unfunny comedic attempts fall short. His interviewing skills are poor and his forced laughter and obsequiousness have me cringing and finally made me stop watching a once enjoyable hour after nearly 50 years. NBC smarten up.
  • What a terrible host

    Why was this guy ever hired he ruined a decent show to the point the name was changed and not suited for TV maybe B no... C grade movies please fire this wanna be and get a real host
  • Not funny....

    I can see why they dropped The Tonight Show name and went with Late Night. It is not the same show at all and does not follow the dynasty of what the previous hosts built. Jimmy Fallon is not funny on this program. He is a comedian, a sketch actor, a spot-on impressionist, a great entertainer, and a nice guy. He is not an interviewer. Writers have to keep coming up with different skits just to keep it interesting. All show, all about Jimmy acting like a frat boy, substance is very lacking. Bunch of people in the audience screaming and carrying on, being immature as well, his fans just don't get it, but if that's all they know, I'm sure it works for them.. I like the guy, just can't watch this .........
  • Re - To All The Haters

    People DO CARE of the opinions here. This is a BLOG, regarding TV shows, IDIOT!

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is absolutely terrible. I'm not a hater but I agree with the people here who think that the show is NOT funny. I tuned in last night because Donald Trump was on. The show was painful to watch. PAINFUL!! I don't know how much Jimmy Fallon gets paid but whatever it is, it's too much. I couldn't get past the first guest. Jimmy's fake laughing ... what the hell is up with that?

    The person who hired Jimmy should sober up. Sorry Jimmy.

  • the truth about . Cooper

    how about a new feature called 'What really happened'? you could do stuff like re-enacting the DB Cooper incident--and after the plane lands--have him kicking out the baggage, climbing down from the overhead compartment where he had been hiding all the time--and just walking away-all the security is going in--not going out. let me know if you ever want any other original material.
  • Sorry Jimmy...

    Right off the bat, (which he tells everyone on his show that there acting hit one out of the ballpark) his interviewing skills are horrible. He's a reboot of Arsenio Hall kissing everyone's ass and telling them there the best. Enough already. Fake laughing face in get rid of that idiot in The Roots who talks into the mic along with the band playing with random words out of the dictionary (I guess its rap). Don't know single word he says and ears bleed constantly. Its f&%#in horrible and brain cell melting. I liked you better before you took over The Tonight Show. Can we talk Craig Ferguson to take over?
  • I've been watching broadcast TV since 1950, and it has never been worse!

    Steve Allen in the late 1950s was brilliant. Jack Paar tried to act like an intellectual, which he was not. Johnny Carson set the gold standard. Then it started to decline, with Letterman and that last gen crew. Even Craig Ferguson was novel. But this millennial crew, . Fallon, Myers, and that chubby Brit Corden are the PITS! The worst imaginable! Why are they in show business? THey are totally devoid of looks, talent, humor and conversational skills! Granted I'm an old "boomer" pushing 70 and totally out of touch with this "Millennial generation," but I don't want to be in touch with them! This is the mostly ungainly, talentless generation that I know of. I am, however, awaiting Stephen Colber, who is techinally from the tail end of Gen X and not a "Millennial," thank God, which is probably why he is witty, intelligent, and has some looks and a modicum of talent and not just another dumb fat slob, which apparently is the most important criteria for getting a Late Night gig in the early 21st century If Colbert does not deliver, then death is preferable to watching late nigh TV at this time in history..
  • Bring back Leno

    I agree with most of you folks below---THE SHOW IS TERRIBLE---and I'm being kind. When you're brougt up on either Carson, Leno or Letterman and then NBC throws this pathetic show at you they call Late Night---what a let down---they can't do anything right! Sombody please tell me who the target audience/ demographic is that watches this nonsense? Will this show last? I rather watch re-runs of Judge Judy---which I do. I always thought Ben Baily who did "Cash Cab" would be a good fit for late night. His band isn't that good either. Is there another Leno out there somewhere? I only gave a 1 star because he's probably a nice guy---but in the wrong profession.
  • Similar to Tonight Show

    Various ep (13-14) NBC
  • Not Funny, Sorry

    Jimmy Fallon is talented but not as a comedian. Absolutely cannot stand the show. His sidekick is silly and so is JImmy. I am sure he is a wonderful person but not an entertainer for late night. We want clever humor, and most of all a GREAT monologue. His are really unimpressive. Jay Leno was quick and FUNNY. I have him taped. Maybe Jimmy should look at his monologues to brush up on timing etc. Oh well. I am off to Jimmy Kimmel. Can't believe I am writing a review. Never have done this but I miss Jay and Johnny!
  • fingernails on a chalkboard

    I have watched snippets of Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show, but, when I say snippets I am talking in seconds. He seems so hyped up and like he had five cans of Red Bull. I like a talk show host with a more lay back " thinking" sense of humor, not the "American Pie" kinda humor. He's always laughing and that laugh where he covers his face like a young girl. I can't take it....
  • Great show

    I am really entertained with Jimmy Fallon's skits.
  • To all the haters.

    People keep saying this show is stupid and its "childish" or not educating. Im sorry, if you wanted educating theres a channel called PBS. If you dont like Jimmy Fallon hosting the tonight show, go find a diffrent show. The fact that you took the time to trash on some one (who is way more famous than you) is stupid. No one cares about your opinion.
  • Thanks, NBC

    I finally get to bed at a decent hour since there is nothing worth watching after the local news at 11:00pm. What a childish show!
  • Stupid

    Somebody tell Jimmy that late night talk shows aren't where he should peddle his obnoxious sketch comedy and cartoonish behavior. At first the show was entertaining simply for its novel approach, but it's become so low brow lately I'm disgusted. Hearing his back and forth with Higgins going on about DVD/monster cables or miming duck noises is mind numbing. And his inability to spark an intelligent conversation with his guest (as evidenced in his early years) are transparently supplanted by games (some you would expect in drunken frat houses) and long confusing segments where he can't help laughing at himself. Jimmy has time to hone his interviewing skills where he doesn't resort to making a spectacle out of himself and his guests.
  • Sad.

    NBC what have you done? The Tonight Show has been destroyed. Lucky for most of us - we aren't stuck with just "Network" TV. You guys took a great show that provided comedy, world information and believe it or not - even educational facts while totally entertaining its viewers. Somehow the last few years of Jay & now with Jimmy ~ its turned into crap. Is it new producers? executives? Somewhere it derailed and it did not seem to be the fault of the guy on the stage. Maybe crap was what you were going for in the first place. If so ~ yeah~ you win. I Don't blame Fallon but, He is Not "Tonight Show" quality. Well... With The quality of the show NOW - maybe he is perfect. "The Tonight Show" used to lead the pack with what the late night shows tried to beat. The bar is so low now ~ might be time to clean house & start over or just bag it. As for me - No worries as I am changing channels ;)
  • Fallon must be for the low-intelligence 'hangover' crowd

    I just can't stomach this show. It's childish, it's predictable and it's not the least bit smart or intelligent. He does just what Leno did - he panders and sucks up to the guests like a puppy that's been abused, trying to ingratiate himself. (Leno also did this. He was afraid to offend anyone and so much so that he was just pathetic and

    There's nothing smart or intelligent about him or his show. Kimmel? He's sarcastic, has brains and he's funny. Letterman? The king of snarky sarcasm and humor. But Fallon panders to the lowest common denominator. I'd guess his fans wouldn't understand sarcasm or a parody if it hit them in the face like, say, a blueberry pie. But then again, it is a proven fact that those who cannot understand sarcasm suffer from a serious brain disorder

  • Tonight show Screen Grabs OMFG Its ssooo lbad, Fallon sucks S1E170

    This is about 20 minutes in S1E170 brodcast 11/25/2014. Ok it Screen Grabs and the first is during a basketball game and the caption has the players stats and his age is 114, really funny. Next was a security log in and the two words were "weiner and Hound". Immediately fallon says "dont come in dads office" as if porno or something was on. The jackass to his right kept saying "weiner hound" over and over and over 20 or 30 times. 45sec later it was over. Next was an dinner invite with typos. "Crap cakes and sweet potato hay" i swear only a few seconds short of 2 minutes nothing but stool jokes, No.2 specials, corn, peanut butter, serving crap cakes and on and on and on. Then they run the joke into the next capture with a typo that has "Anus". Sure i enjoy a shit joke occasiknally but not for my late night entertainment. Especially when it seems to be coming from two 11 year olds. I realize these times dont seem long but watch the video. It seems like its never gonna end. Theres more but you get the idea. Again he needs to be replaced with a more mature comedian.
  • Common Picnic Games Nightly With Jimmy Fallon

    Fallon seems to have a never ending supply of common games that people with low IQ's play at company picnics. Beer pong, Egg Toss's, and now a pie eating contest! 09/12/2014

    Glenn Close, a widely respected award winning actress! Eating blueberry pie on late night. UNBELIEVABLE. What's next? A Potato sack race with Nicole Kidman?
  • Say what??

    I recommend they all take TV Broadcasting 101. Fallon mumbles, talks under his breath, and talks too fast. He interrupts guests and talks over them. I never understand the banter with Higgins, who once even covered his mouth to deliver lines in a skit! Say what? The show is unintelligible. With this issue and the constant and fawning, "we just love him/her so much," I don't watch anymore. I gave him a chance but never heard a really interesting conversation, what parts I could actually hear. Seems like a bunch of amateurs.
  • Horrible

    Class, wit ,charisma and poise had Johnny, Ed and Jay. Not a fan of Fallon, it reminds me when America voted for Bush, as if. Guy below ."Every time I see or hear this dolt I want to go put my nuts in a blender. lol
  • Really?

    somersaults are not your strong suit. Gross! Cut it out Mr. Fallon.
  • In truth...

    I miss johnny Carson.
  • Pure Garbage

    Watching Jimmy Fallon is like walking into a Rite Aid store It's empty, lifeless, and kind of sickening in a way that isn't easy to describe. Words that come to mind are Cheap, Contrived, Stupid, Over-Caffeinated.