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  • I give up. It sucks!

    Honestly, I've never been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. I found his child/monkey-ish characters & humor on SNL cringe-full. Needless to say, that didn't draw me to his late night show - but I did tune in on occasion just to see what the fuss was about. I figured The Roots were some band he "discovered" at a concert while stoned in college and took along for his ride up.

    That said, I have given The Tonight Show w/ Fallon an honest chance. I get the format. I thought this might be a new beginning and a new way to access and enjoy this comic. FALSE. Fallon comes off as SO out of his depth but is so self absorbed he doesn't even realize it. I've seen his musical "performances" with various it's embarrassing. He's like an irritating child version of Rich Little trying to Karaoke and parody thinking the world loves him - when he really should just sit back in The Chair and be the reverent host he out to be - instead of some overgrown child getting his romp in a musical candy shop - oblivious to humility or reverence. Fallon IS NOT the legend he makes himself out to be - if anybody actually buys it. I'm guessing many people are just watching out of habit (and many of the masses probably don't care/are not discerning. They feed their babies McDonalds, too), others are just watching it like how people are drawn to a car accident. Is THAT the bar NBC wants to meet for the new Flagship of late night entertainment?!? I certainly hope not.

    Can we just chalk Fallon off as a bad decision and move on to some else? Someone better and more deserving. This child is insolent, immature, self-absorbed - and generally unworthy of the crown he has been given.

    . (one day later): Just to boil it down - Fallon as-is is NOT FUNNY, he is irratating, immature & repulsive. His humor is too petty & self-absorbed for the time slot. Maybe keep him on lates, but this brand is not worthy of the dignity (and potential awesomeness) of the Number 1 late spot. Perhaps George Clooney?
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