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  • Please take him off air!!!

    Why is this man still on air?!? His ratings stink, he's so not funny, he repeats himself every show with the same topic of bashing Trump, which by the way, is not funny, his laugh is fake, it is just all around disgusting to watch. Please for the sake of your network get him off of there pronto!!
  • I tried a bring myself down to that level.

    It's tough to watch TV if you're even slightly knowledgeable.

    I just saw Elizabeth Warren on his show this evening and wow! She was claiming Goldman Sachs connections within our current administration and forgot about all of the Goldman Sachs/scum bag bankers in the last admins. Let's starts with Timothy Geitner. The last 50 years are littered with bad bankers in administrations. This right/left hypocrisy/arguing is getting very old! Seth, I hope you can see past BS, you seem like you could be cool and you seem smart!?
  • He's an ass! Tired of his Trump bashing.

    I used to watch, but now every time I turn him on his monolog is all about bashing President Trump. Now I just turn him off. It's not good he goes way overboard spewing his own political views somehow trying to influence an election that is long since over. I hope advertisers and the network shut him down. FU Seth I've turned you off for good

  • And the Hits Just Keep Coming!

    I've not, in the past, been a fan of late night TV, but Seth Myers is quickly changing my view! His ability to connect with his audience is excellent, the writing is sublime, and the content is thoroughly enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the "A Closer Look" segment. To put it mildly, these are troubling times, and Myers brings much needed levity to the field, while never backing down from the plate. In segment after segment he keeps home run after home run! Keep holding them accountable, keep those hits coming, and be aware that we love what you're doing!
  • so boring i can't stay awake

    Seth is just plain old dull boring uninspiring and not talented. All he does is sit. i turn his show off as soon as it comes on and watch Corden instead. Carpool Karaoke is hilarious. Nothing on Seth is funny in the least. Please let him go. Corden is hilarious and has many unique creative variety of things to make us laugh. Fallon is hilarious and a geniously funny too! BUT PLEASE -->> SETH NEEDS TO GO !!!
  • Goodbye Late Night

    I watched late night talk shows to get a laugh, but they have gotten too political for me and not that funny. If I want to hear Trump bashing, I would watch CNN. Democrats will never understand this: Hillary was so corrupt that half the country voted for an unknown. Oops, now I'm getting too political. Tune me out, please.

  • Seth is awesome!

    I cant stand the dump trump . He is not a real president. I cant wait for his impeachment. His investigation is taking forever but at least Seth makes the moron entertaining and tolerable. Someone commented anyone unhappy with trump should leave the country. I am one unhappy with the ReRe prez... but I dont have leave he should. Hes the TRAITER! If I could vote him to an "Shithole Country" never to return for punishment for being a TRAITER, a demeaning Womanizer and a Racist piece of poop I would. Maybe he would learn tolerance and decency living in modesty amongst the poor but I doubt it. (Seth I need more dump trump jokes please!)
  • He's a shit hole

    He bashes Trump way too damn much like get over it move on think of something else shit gets boring. We understand you don't like Trump. Peoples gonna stop liking you if u don't get over your fucking self. And calling him racist and saying stuff he does is racist is what causes everybody to rebail against him. Your the reason there's protests and riots cause u don't speak the truth just by your judgement and opinion you make everyone try to believe what u say is true. Yes America freedom of speech I get it. You can bash him but damn not every show shots old.
  • Gets REALLY Old After Only Two Shows

    Watched the show once and it was okay, with some funny bits. Watched it a second time, and it was pretty much the same things with slightly different jokes (trashing Pres Trump). Watched it a third time, and more Trump bashing. Fourth and fifth times were exactly the same. Obviously, Seth does not like Trump - we get it. Time to move on with something original, but maybe Seth and the writers are not capable of doing that, so they stick to the easy Trump jokes.

    While, I understand Seth does not like Trump, I can't believe the NBC management lets this occur every night. NBC lost the respect of the audience some time ago, but this is ridiculous.
  • Stale, hateful and borring

    By far the worst, most hateful and borring talk show I've ever seen. Hes very borring, not funny and straight up mean for a sqrany weird looking guy. He brings nothing new to the table and has a very ingenuine laugh. To sum it up hes a bandwagoner, fake af, and shoves his hateful and political agenda down his veiwers throats. I dont like donald trump, but I dont need to talk about it for an hour every night or whatever bandwagoon opinion is happening on hollywood. In general its the most hateful and unoriginal talk show in history.
  • One Trick Pony

    I used to like Seth Meyers on SNL. I could stomach his political jokes, even if I disagreed with them, because I felt it was in the spirit of it was usually only 10 minutes. Now, his jokes are becoming more and more mean-spirited with what appears to be an intent to hurt. That's not funny! It's clear he, and his writers, are extremely upset by the existence of our current president. I get it. Sometimes your person wins the election, sometimes they don't. It's called democracy. There were a few mean-spirited folks who showed their dissatisfaction with Obama when he first became elected. That is natural! But, to allow an individual the stage to do it night after night after night after night on main stream television is a poor use of the time slot. We have MSNBC and FoxNews to turn to if we want to see political satire passed off as news. And Seth appears to have some real issues with Trump. Not just light hearted issues either. The pompousness he shows with his facial expressions and tone play out as if he thinks he is the smartest person in the room - which I doubt. If he were that intelligent he'd be doing something other than reading jokes that someone else wrote.

    Late night with Seth Meyers presents top of the line intelligent political humor. The Closer look segment is the thing going in Late night television, the other late night hosts will have to step up their game, and Late night with Seth Meyers is second to none when it comes to late night television.

  • What A Waste Of An Hour Slot On TV

    When Jimmy Fallon took over this show for Conan years ago he struggled at first, but he gained positive momentum rather quickly and rose up to take Leno's spot. Then comes Seth Meyers to step into Fallon's old spot. He struggled heavily and only gained negative momentum. Now his show is just an hour of Trump bashing. I dislike Trump too but damn, its not all I think about or talk about. Crappy band, crappier guests than most, terrible interviews with guests. It would be more exciting to watch a fish sleep.
  • He's Doing Everything Wrong

    "Wow!! He is the funniest host in the history of late night television" SAID NO ONE EVER
  • He's doing something right

    Seth is so hilarious, and yet, simultaneously, so accurate. It's not his fault that the president only opens his mouth to change feet. The fact that a whole cadre of angry humourless right wing hacks are getting triggered on this site is just testament to Seth's ability to speak the truth. If he was just a blowhard comic telling mean lies, nobody would care - they're angry because he's a consummate professional smacking right on a nerve. When the president is a clown, the news is a comedy. Plenty of people love Seth's work and understand he is exactly on the money, and regardless of your fake news reviews, they will continue to tune in for an antidote to the dope in the whitehouse.
  • GetALife

    You need to learn the meaning of respect. Many people were not happy when Obama became President but we didn't see this crap we see now. Trump is our President and if you don't like it, then leave the country and find a new one. Quit trying to create more hate.
  • so sick of seth myers

    he used to be more balanced. he is so one sided now i can't stand it. his last night's "closer look" he at first alluded to both weinstein immoral behavior and trumps and then went on an extended rant on old trump news and never mentioned anything about weinstein. i'm done! im boycotting nbcs late night. jimmy falon is not much better - at least he appears to be more neutral but his producer and writers are still wacky bent hypocrites. what ever happened to comedy?
  • Like it or Not

    Donald Trump is the President of the United States. If you dont like it why dont you and the rest of your liberal media leave the country. I am so sick of the Trump bashing constantly.
  • Has fake digitized laughter not audience

    If you notice, the boring trump bashing monologue has canned fake laughing. They never show the audience. My guess is the audience uses the restroom during monologue or comes in late for the guests, which are also strategic trump
  • Pathetic

    Even before it became a nonstop Trump bashing hour, I tried to watch when Seth Myers took over. It was like watching paint dry because he really has no talent, he should've stayed on SNL. Once in awhile the channel doesn't get changed right away so I have caught some of his ranting. Now all he does is froth at the mouth like a rabid dog when he talks about Trump. Pretty pathetic.

    I am going to echo what everyone else says, Seth Meyers sucks!! I have totally given up on watching this show I can't stand his unfunny Trump bashing every single night, on and on and on it goes, and it's NOT funny!!! I hope this twerp gets fired soon, and I hope his ratings go down the toilet just like the show! The only people that will like this show is liberal A-holes and Hillary backers who already suck! Keep talking Seth, your digging your own grave and when you get fired I will LAUGH so hard!!
  • I lost my liver

    So very tired of the Trump bashing Seth and writers. I will no longer watch the show. We played a drinking game and every time you said "Trump" we had to chug a 6 oz glass of beer - needless to say we were all floored about 20 minutes into the show. I am now on the transplant waiting list. Thanks Seth!
  • Seth BLOWZ

    Seth Meyers is very typical of late night shows such as Jimmy Kimmel, they GOT to stop punching the Trump-bag.

    It is SO over-done, is this all this dumb-azz and his writers can come up with?

    I could create a WAY funnier show drunk.

    Making fun of Trump is such low-hanging fruit, it's rotten.

    Now, imagine the backlash had these same dip-shitz made fun of Obummer so relentlessly. You'd hear screams of 'RACIST' in outer space.

    Its so re-tarded to think they are STILL debating the election and who hacked cares??? Move on, morons!

    His ENTIRE 5-26-17 show made fun of Trump. How BORING and get heads are so far stick up Hillary's skirt, and, you idolize Slick Willy and his ability to seduce and abuse young interns, getting hummers in the oval office 24x7 while Hitlary approved knowing her financial future was solid gold.

    I wish these stupid liberals would just move to Mexico, Cuba or some other socialist loving nation so real Americans can get on with business here. Adios, weenies!!!
  • Seth and Amber Ruffin SUCK

    Oh. My. Damn. I think Seth Meyers has a closet crush on President Trump, he surely can't seem to stop talking about him; over, and over, and over, and over, and over. His unfunny "jokes" he tells, then the sideways open-mouthed pause he gives waiting on laughter are NOT FUNNY. You're repetitive and lame, can't interview worth a damn and your laugh (correct me if I'm wrong) sounds exactly like a teenage school girl crossed with a squawking crow screeching to be released from a catch net. Seriously man, nails on a chalkboard. Lastly, I'd like to mention the writer/sidekick Amber Ruffin is just as non-funny as Seth. Racist to boot. You both make me sick and I can promise you, any positive review or rating you ever receive will never be from me, you SUCK. What a waste of an hour where someone decent could be on.
  • Not only Boring as #!%*& but Grating!

    The show now is not only Boring and the same ol' crap every night, but it's downright grating on the nerves!!! No one wants to hear and see the same ol' junk every stinkin' night which is not even the least bit comedic, but 100% pure negative propaganda of the show and apparently it's writers. Regardless of anyone's political leanings no sane person wants to hear a broken whiney record drone on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... like it's freakin' groundhog day... get it?!

    I don't think it'll be enough to change the fomat or content, but it's time to replace the host and probably just cancel the show all together and start fresh again. That way the network can regain its lost viewership at this hour and as well show they are out to entertain all of America and stop simply being an arm of MSNBC or CNN or even Fox News for that matter because everyone wants entertainment (if, for example, the so purported comedy were to lean the other way). The way it stands now they only attract the few who live in the same bubble that Meyers and the writers and producers do. Until the show is completely changed many including myself will continue to change the channel as soon as Fallon is over or just switch the tv off. Enough said!

    Please stop bashing the President Your show is awful and I have quit watching along with thousands of other get new writers or if its all you just QUIT! Get someone in there that show entertainment not shaming and bashing others.. No place for that in our lives don't you get it we want comedy.. Lots of people can shame and be rude I don't think that is what they hired you to do... you have gone too far...
  • Trump Bashing is Not a Show

    It's getting old now Seth. Please stop. You and Alek Baldwin are both cringe worthy now every time you're on the TV. I used to enjoy Alek too but cant stomach the dumb Trump skits. They'er just bad.
  • Seths gotta go !!!!!!

    Its time this guy finds a new job, he's not funny the recorded fake laugh playback is simply stupid he's not funny not now and not when he was with . I don't know the point of his entire show other than slandering the President of the United States to the point of making me question the motivations of the network. End the pain of this obsessive needle face pig and his two female ***s !!!!!
  • Seth meyers is the worst ever late night tv host

    Really? Everyday half his show is beating down the president. We all know he hates president trump but my god dude,get over it. People are sick and tired of your opinion and your lame jokes. In my opinion, it would probably called harrasment. Sounds like seth meyers got picked on as a kid in grade school and now hes trying to make up for it bashing on president trump. If he thinks this is making him cool than he's totally false. Its actually making him look like a total idiot in my book. No one likes a broken record player. I dont have any idea why this has him as host. His bad monologue is more than half the show and his interviews with celebritys is less than 5 mins long. Jimmy fallon by far is a better host. Seth meyers is a fake acting host and needs a reality check. Quit harassing the president. Your no better than he is on your idiotic comments.
  • Late night comedy?? Seth Sucks!

    its the Seth's news hour. a skit formerly on SNL for 5 minutes now dragged out for an hour. I quit watching 6 months ago. Tonight I realized he was on a tv in the house, it was the same boring SNL skit again. where he acts like he is a news anchor? I'm sure you can guess what the "news"/"Comedy" bit was about?? politics, the politics he is against. At this point I wonder if he needs therapy to get over it. and NBC needs to realize the viewers have become the therapist for him to vent. So many other talented and actually funny people, if we wanted more news we would seek the news channels, NBC, you're smarter than this right late night TV should be fun, relaxing. He is no longer relevant - maybe use him 5 minutes on SNL not an hour of the Stupid opinions by Seth show.
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