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Late Show with David Letterman

Weekdays 11:35 PM on CBS Premiered Aug 30, 1993 In Season



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AIRED ON 2/27/2015

Season 22 : Episode 02.27.15

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Since 1993, legendary comedian and talk show host David Letterman has been interviewing guests and hosting musical performances at 11:35/10:35c weeknights on CBS. NOTE: Thanks to noted Letterman expert Don "Donz5" Giller for his help in contributing to this episode guide.

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  • Been dialing it in for years

    Hard to believe this is the same guy from NBC. Totally lost his edge when he had his kid. Now spends half his time talking about child rearing. His monologue doesn't even make me smile and the segments during the monologue are embarrassingly BAD. Still the best interviewer when not talking about kids but i can zip through the show in about 10 minutes. Top 10 list, were they ever funny? I already miss Dave cause he hasn't been on the show in years. Pitymoreless
  • Take a pass on the Letterman show when visiting New York City

    They show a video before the show starts that tells you to laugh even when a joke isn't funny. They weren't funny. I think I laughed once during the whole show. Their announcer, Alan Kolter is a class act and the only really funny guy on the show. Check out his celebrity interviews on youtube. Very funny stuff. The band is great too. If you have a VIP pass hide it. The pages and security are rude and unfriendly if you have a VIP pass. Also, they will seat you in the last row. You can't see the stage from back their so you have to watch the show on the overhead TV monitors. I can do that in my living room. We made a charitable donation for tickets and got treated like dirt. The pages are a bunch of little trolls.moreless
  • Can't leave soon enough

    Letterman is irrelevant to just about every TV viewer. He has grown too old and bitter. Without George Bush to make fun of he has no real material. He's alienated older viewers with his ultra liberal and mean spirited rants and now he's lost the younger viewers due to his lack of talent and inability to compete effectively with Jimmy Fallon. I hope Fallon stays focused on great entertainment and keeps his personal political point of view out of his show. CBS has to be counting the days till Dave finally retires. If he doesn't get out soon NBC is going to have a lock on Late Night for decades and CBS won't be able to even come close.moreless
  • way to go Dave!

    just got myself one of those new hi def TV's... wow what a difference... I noticed years before there seemed to be some sort of sasquatch or bigfoot meandering across your set background... now with my new set there is a flash that crosses the set before you appear... incredible! and the floor of your set is as blue as the Mediterranean... Great show!!... Classic!... going to miss you, the stunts, the guests, the gags and the pets! enjoy your life and family! wish I got this TV sooner...moreless
  • Retirement Perfection - extremely well timed - Forum wouldn't let me rate it 10?


    I used to be a go getter, musician, etc. I also use to watch late night shows. No offense to any of the shows but I guess I grew out of them. I happened to catch the retirement show. It has often passed through my mind, as in Mr. Carson's case and others, how could they do it night after night. Comedy is a hard, hard way to make a living. You retired perfectly. Congratulations, happy for you! This was hard to write. Rate it. I rated it ten. Title too short. I added a few more words. Invalid, put your score in. Yikes!moreless

    Stephen Colbert Won't Take Over the Late Show Until Late Summer 2015

    Steel yourself for a good eight months with no Colbert on the small screen.

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