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Since 1993, legendary comedian and talk show host David Letterman has been interviewing guests and hosting musical performances at 11:35/10:35c weeknights on CBS. NOTE: Thanks to noted Letterman expert Don "Donz5" Giller for his help in contributing to this episode guide.

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  • way to go Dave!

    just got myself one of those new hi def TV's... wow what a difference... I noticed years before there seemed to be some sort of sasquatch or bigfoot meandering across your set background... now with my new set there is a flash that crosses the set before you appear... incredible! and the floor of your set is as blue as the Mediterranean... Great show!!... Classic!... going to miss you, the stunts, the guests, the gags and the pets! enjoy your life and family! wish I got this TV sooner...moreless
  • Retirement Perfection - extremely well timed - Forum wouldn't let me rate it 10?


    I used to be a go getter, musician, etc. I also use to watch late night shows. No offense to any of the shows but I guess I grew out of them. I happened to catch the retirement show. It has often passed through my mind, as in Mr. Carson's case and others, how could they do it night after night. Comedy is a hard, hard way to make a living. You retired perfectly. Congratulations, happy for you! This was hard to write. Rate it. I rated it ten. Title too short. I added a few more words. Invalid, put your score in. Yikes!moreless
  • Long overdue stick a fork in Letterman 2

    I agree whole heartedly with the original stick a fork. I watch the local CBS affiliate here in Houston but change the channel immediately when Letterman comes on. I am surprised that CBS allows him to vent his political views. He is obviously a left winger of the highest magnitude. I think most of the main stream media is left leaning as well. Strange how Hollywood used to contain some of the most patriotic people in the country. My how times have changed. Jay Leno at least made jokes about both parties. We will see if NBC makes Fallon follow the Letterman style. A lot of the jokes Letterman used about/against Romney were some of the most tasteless ones I have ever imagined would be allowed to be aired!moreless
  • He's

    David is boring! He shows not an ounce of interest or enthusiasm in his guest appearing on his does his job only (definitely not his homework).
  • guest Kevin hart

    I have been watching you forever. However, I have never heard you tell Robin Williams that he talks to much as you did with Kevin Hart. That wouldn't be because Kevin is a young rising black star, I'm sure. Being loud and funny is what got him where is is today. Try watching The Crazy Ones on your channel, and then tell me who is loud and talks a lot. .moreless

    News Briefs: The CW Pretty Much Cancels Seed and Backpackers

    Plus: Jessica Biel is headed to New Girl, Stephen Colbert isn't moving the Late Show, and Orphan Black is getting drawn up.


    Dave Chappelle: "I Never Quit Chappelle's Show" (VIDEO)

    During the comedian's first late-night appearance in years, he spoke to David Letterman about his 2005 exit from Comedy Central.

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    • © 2006 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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