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  • Epic Late Night Host

    It seems that recent reviews are confusing David Letterman with the unfunny Jay Leno. Or, they don't seem to appreciate the great type of comedian that David Letterman is. He was pretty awesome. Most hosts wouldn't care if their show were PG that late at night, but he doesn't care that he can get away with more and still decides to use mostly clean humor a lot. His bits always work, sometimes even when they don't. He will certainly be leaving a void now that he has stopped hosting the show. It's sad that we won't be able to see him on TV anymore. But those of us who remember him will probably remember a great talk show host who knows what he's doing. I just wish that the comedians on his show were always as good as he was. But, he will be missed, that's for sure.
  • Boring, Snarky, unfunny

    That's about it. Was compelled to add a review, to what end I dunno. But always found Letterman to be boring, not very entertaining, not at all funny, a parody of himself which is rarely interesting and in this case, not.... I can only think we have a very bored populace to have ever stayed with the guy. Gave 3 bars just because I can't give 1 bar, just because. Ever see him be rude to people? Often. I find him to be an absolute bore. Kind of like this review but takes one to know one aye?

    PS, watched his last show. I was not disappointed... in my initial commentary which is... unremarkable. How boring can you get? Be? Absolutely unremarkable. Which is a reflection on the American society which leans towards mediocrity. How this program maintained for as long as it did is simply that... a reflection on a public that accepts mediocrity. I personally found the so called comedian Dave Letterman and the Dave Letterman show to be stunningly boring. Always have and won't be able to say, always will.
  • Been dialing it in for years

    Hard to believe this is the same guy from NBC. Totally lost his edge when he had his kid. Now spends half his time talking about child rearing. His monologue doesn't even make me smile and the segments during the monologue are embarrassingly BAD. Still the best interviewer when not talking about kids but i can zip through the show in about 10 minutes. Top 10 list, were they ever funny? I already miss Dave cause he hasn't been on the show in years. Pity
  • Take a pass on the Letterman show when visiting New York City

    They show a video before the show starts that tells you to laugh even when a joke isn't funny. They weren't funny. I think I laughed once during the whole show. Their announcer, Alan Kolter is a class act and the only really funny guy on the show. Check out his celebrity interviews on youtube. Very funny stuff. The band is great too. If you have a VIP pass hide it. The pages and security are rude and unfriendly if you have a VIP pass. Also, they will seat you in the last row. You can't see the stage from back their so you have to watch the show on the overhead TV monitors. I can do that in my living room. We made a charitable donation for tickets and got treated like dirt. The pages are a bunch of little trolls.
  • Can't leave soon enough

    Letterman is irrelevant to just about every TV viewer. He has grown too old and bitter. Without George Bush to make fun of he has no real material. He's alienated older viewers with his ultra liberal and mean spirited rants and now he's lost the younger viewers due to his lack of talent and inability to compete effectively with Jimmy Fallon. I hope Fallon stays focused on great entertainment and keeps his personal political point of view out of his show. CBS has to be counting the days till Dave finally retires. If he doesn't get out soon NBC is going to have a lock on Late Night for decades and CBS won't be able to even come close.
  • way to go Dave!

    just got myself one of those new hi def TV's... wow what a difference... I noticed years before there seemed to be some sort of sasquatch or bigfoot meandering across your set background... now with my new set there is a flash that crosses the set before you appear... incredible! and the floor of your set is as blue as the Mediterranean... Great show!!... Classic!... going to miss you, the stunts, the guests, the gags and the pets! enjoy your life and family! wish I got this TV sooner...
  • Retirement Perfection - extremely well timed - Forum wouldn't let me rate it 10?


    I used to be a go getter, musician, etc. I also use to watch late night shows. No offense to any of the shows but I guess I grew out of them. I happened to catch the retirement show. It has often passed through my mind, as in Mr. Carson's case and others, how could they do it night after night. Comedy is a hard, hard way to make a living. You retired perfectly. Congratulations, happy for you! This was hard to write. Rate it. I rated it ten. Title too short. I added a few more words. Invalid, put your score in. Yikes!
  • Long overdue stick a fork in Letterman 2

    I agree whole heartedly with the original stick a fork. I watch the local CBS affiliate here in Houston but change the channel immediately when Letterman comes on. I am surprised that CBS allows him to vent his political views. He is obviously a left winger of the highest magnitude. I think most of the main stream media is left leaning as well. Strange how Hollywood used to contain some of the most patriotic people in the country. My how times have changed. Jay Leno at least made jokes about both parties. We will see if NBC makes Fallon follow the Letterman style. A lot of the jokes Letterman used about/against Romney were some of the most tasteless ones I have ever imagined would be allowed to be aired!
  • He's

    David is boring! He shows not an ounce of interest or enthusiasm in his guest appearing on his does his job only (definitely not his homework).
  • guest Kevin hart

    I have been watching you forever. However, I have never heard you tell Robin Williams that he talks to much as you did with Kevin Hart. That wouldn't be because Kevin is a young rising black star, I'm sure. Being loud and funny is what got him where is is today. Try watching The Crazy Ones on your channel, and then tell me who is loud and talks a lot. .
  • mostly not funny

    Most of the jokes are not funny

  • Long overdue to stick a fork in Letterman 'cause he's more than done...

    Really Dave? It's 2014 and you're still using George W Bush for your monologue fodder? You're as relevant as wagon wheels these days. If you weren't such a shill for the left, you'd be using the mountains of comedic material you could extract from our CURRENT disastrous administration.
  • not funny at all

    The humor isn't there. I could see someone age 80+ liking it but nothing is funny about this boring show. Tonight Shows ratings have got to be 10 times higher than this snoozefest.
  • Commercials

    This show has way too many commercials seriously great show but the network needs to stop with so many commercials.
  • 1000th episode

    I have a wrist watch from the show stating on the face LATE SHOW 1000. Anyone know of how many of these were made? And is it worth anything?

    Not a Catholic, but the jokes about the Pope needs to cease. Not funny.
  • Late at night, a lot of intelligence

    Letterman is the best in talking show business, both in smart good humor and general ideas.

    The only thing that makes me sad seeing this show is to realize that in my country, Brazil, we'll never see so much freedom of expression, regrettably.
  • Dave is Betterman

    Letterman and his entourage are better than the others, with the possible exception of Colbert.
  • Billy Cristol

    I have watched this show on and off for 30 years and I loved Billy Cristol also. I was shocked to see the episode tonight with the picture of Romney with a Hitler mustache. Whether I like Romney or not I think this is not funny. I am not Mormon, but am a Christian. Cristol is Jewish and an idiot apparently. There are many people who watch this show and it should show some integrity and respect for the man who is willing to take on this mess of the President of the United States. Obama is much closer to a Nazi than Romney will ever be. I will be watching Leno now and David Letterman has disappointed me hugely. If you love this Country you have a very poor way of showing it. Read "The Amatuer" and learn.
  • Show Over

    What was once an entertaining show has now lost its appeal. Dave comes off as an angry, mean old man. His Bush Bashing is over the top, get over it, and his politics are boring, and his disgraceful remarks should be kept to himself. If he loses this show, he can BLAME IT ON LETTERMAN!
  • Monologue's the best

    I love Dave's monologues, mostly written by Bill Scheft.

    Here's a GREAT YOUTUBE video interview with Scheft.....
  • Horrbile

    has Dave and his writers had stroke i have not watched in a while and his HORRIBLE.
  • Alan Kalter

    Please get rid of him and his ridiculous joking. He is just plain foolish, not funny.
  • Letterman has lost it big time

    David Letterman is almost unbearable to watch anymore. If his beating a failed joke into the ground wasn't painful enough to watch, now I gotta watch him act like a liberal nut job too?!? Republicans are evil, I get that. But his thinking that the democratic party is the next best thing to sliced bread is down right delusional. If there is a hell, I'm quite sure it will be filled with both parties. I'm sorry, but unlike what David Letterman wants us all to believe, Obama is no where close to walking on water.

    Letterman stopped being cutting edge decades ago. The fraise "crotchety old man" comes to mind.

    I also can't get over the fact that he can rip apart someone that gets busted for having an affair, but when he gets caught its a different story. Total hypocrite.

    I gave The Late Show with David Letterman a 2. I would have givin it a 3, but watching him and Billy Crystal yuck it up over Shirley Temple (a child star that was famous back when dinosaurs roamed the land) jokes proved just how dated and unwatchable it really is.
  • Great show!

    You are simply the best :D
  • Letterman desparately needs new material !

    I used to like David Letterman. Here of late, his show is more or less only repeats of the same old worn out and tired material. His Romney segments are far beyond being funny anymore, his takes on Gov. Christie are also not funny now, since he shows the same material night after night.....and the band guy, Paul , is annoying and obnoxious with his comments accompanied by a note or two of music.....perhaps it's time for Letterman to retire.
  • Comedian John Caparulo

    Just got the cd "Mad Cap". Its over the top funny. My buddies and I are going to see John Caparulo on st patricks day saturday march 17, 2012 at watseka theatre watseka, illinois. Cap is awesome.
  • mr rude review 4.0

    hes just a rude democrat lover whenever i watch its cause i'd like to see one of his guests what i would like to see is when bill o'reilly is on he would smack him down real good, with a back hand would be the best way. even his wife loves him after cheating on her and embarassing her on national tv. heck he can't even leave bush alone yet he really did not love #43 review 4.0
  • David Letterman reveals his "ugly-side" in front of the TV.

    David Letterman reveals his "ugly-side" in front of the TV, as a bitterly, "frustrated talk-host" favoring democrat's, etc.

    Episode: 11/18/2011 with Herman Cain

    David Letterman was once the most respected "talk-show-host" on national TV. I used to enjoy everything he said and did because he had a real sense of humor and humorous explanations for a lot of the subjects he talked about. No matter what the case he was the good example for allowing us to interpret ideas being presented that might be complicated, or not well known etc.

    David Letterman is a big disappointment. Life is not fair as I never expected to see him fall so rapidly on national TV.

    I am so disgusted with his "rude behavior" to Herman Cain. It is the perfect example of an Obama supporter trying to damage one of the tea party candidates trying to improve our life. I am not the person to say, "Herman Cain" is perfect but he deserves respect in front of a national audience. I never saw Letterman insult Clinton like he did Herman Cain?

    Shame on you David Letterman. I hope your mother's family did not see you interview Herman Cain. It was a cheap shot, etc.

    I clean carpets for a living and would never allow you to do the rude-bash-talking like Herman Cain had to contend with. I would have rebuked you in front of your audience!

    It does show us that "Herman Cain" can control himself. He did an excellent job of tempering his thoughts/remarks and it was an obvious time of "repeated attacks" by Letterman.

    I recommend everyone "un-friend" David Letterman for his bad, ugly-rude behavior.

    Thank you,

    Herb L

  • Anthony Bourdain rocks. Baez, Kristofferson suck.


    I've been a longtime fan of David Letterman. As teenage newlyweds, My husband and I stayed up late to watch him on NBC. But it's hard to remain a loyal fan these days.

    Tonight I tuned in with a bit of anticipation because Anthony Bourdain was to be a guest of Dave's.

    Dave's interaction with the Melissa McCarthy was ok. He seemed nervous and detached, but polite enough.

    But his interview with Anthony Bourdain was a huge disappointment. Promising at first. And then Dave - suddenly and inexplicably - went off on a tangent about the Food Network vs. all the starving people of the world.

    News flash for Dave: Anthony Bourdain works for the Travel Channel. Not the Food Network!

    Bourdain is an interesting, funny guy. As Dave ranted, Tony sat there and smiled with a puzzled look. Probably thinking, What a jerk! Dave ruined what could have been a great interview. Bourdain totally rocks. And Dave came across as uninformed, whiny, and frankly, idiotic. What a waste!

    I miss the days when Dave behaved at least somewhat professional. He enjoyed people, even as he made them cringe. He was always wisecracking and rude. Yet lovable and funny. Nowadays, he's just sour and crabby.

    Nowadays if I want a laugh, I watch Anthony Bourdain.

    Regarding Joan Baez and Kris Kristofferson... what the heck? Do they need hearing aids? What an embarrassment. At that point, I couldn't take anymore and turned the channel.

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