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  • Anthony Bourdain rocks. Baez, Kristofferson suck.


    I've been a longtime fan of David Letterman. As teenage newlyweds, My husband and I stayed up late to watch him on NBC. But it's hard to remain a loyal fan these days.

    Tonight I tuned in with a bit of anticipation because Anthony Bourdain was to be a guest of Dave's.

    Dave's interaction with the Melissa McCarthy was ok. He seemed nervous and detached, but polite enough.

    But his interview with Anthony Bourdain was a huge disappointment. Promising at first. And then Dave - suddenly and inexplicably - went off on a tangent about the Food Network vs. all the starving people of the world.

    News flash for Dave: Anthony Bourdain works for the Travel Channel. Not the Food Network!

    Bourdain is an interesting, funny guy. As Dave ranted, Tony sat there and smiled with a puzzled look. Probably thinking, What a jerk! Dave ruined what could have been a great interview. Bourdain totally rocks. And Dave came across as uninformed, whiny, and frankly, idiotic. What a waste!

    I miss the days when Dave behaved at least somewhat professional. He enjoyed people, even as he made them cringe. He was always wisecracking and rude. Yet lovable and funny. Nowadays, he's just sour and crabby.

    Nowadays if I want a laugh, I watch Anthony Bourdain.

    Regarding Joan Baez and Kris Kristofferson... what the heck? Do they need hearing aids? What an embarrassment. At that point, I couldn't take anymore and turned the channel.