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  • David Letterman reveals his "ugly-side" in front of the TV.

    David Letterman reveals his "ugly-side" in front of the TV, as a bitterly, "frustrated talk-host" favoring democrat's, etc.

    Episode: 11/18/2011 with Herman Cain

    David Letterman was once the most respected "talk-show-host" on national TV. I used to enjoy everything he said and did because he had a real sense of humor and humorous explanations for a lot of the subjects he talked about. No matter what the case he was the good example for allowing us to interpret ideas being presented that might be complicated, or not well known etc.

    David Letterman is a big disappointment. Life is not fair as I never expected to see him fall so rapidly on national TV.

    I am so disgusted with his "rude behavior" to Herman Cain. It is the perfect example of an Obama supporter trying to damage one of the tea party candidates trying to improve our life. I am not the person to say, "Herman Cain" is perfect but he deserves respect in front of a national audience. I never saw Letterman insult Clinton like he did Herman Cain?

    Shame on you David Letterman. I hope your mother's family did not see you interview Herman Cain. It was a cheap shot, etc.

    I clean carpets for a living and would never allow you to do the rude-bash-talking like Herman Cain had to contend with. I would have rebuked you in front of your audience!

    It does show us that "Herman Cain" can control himself. He did an excellent job of tempering his thoughts/remarks and it was an obvious time of "repeated attacks" by Letterman.

    I recommend everyone "un-friend" David Letterman for his bad, ugly-rude behavior.

    Thank you,

    Herb L