Late World with Zach - Season 1

VH1 (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Zach's Kids & Sorority Boys
    Zach's "twin sons" make a guest appearance; Late World Round Table with Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, and Harland Williams of Sorority Boys; Zach trains to become a boxer; John Mayer performs.
  • The City Bus
    The City Bus
    Episode 10

    Zach does his monlogue on the city bus, 2nd "Late World Red Carpet Report" at the SAG awards, Zach interviews Sarah Silverman, Sarah S. goes to the vaginal rejuvenation clinic, Part II of Zach's interview with Ice Cube in the back of a car.

  • Penile Enlargement and Branch
    "Late World Special Investigative Report": Zach visits the penile enlargement clinic, Part I of an interview with Ice Cube in the back of a car, 1st "Late World Red Carpet Report" at the SAG awards, Michelle Branch performs
  • Monkey
    Episode 8
    The infamous "Am I wearing the same clothes as that monkey?" monologue, Zach takes a trip to the Hollywood Old Folks Home, Zach goes shopping with Carmen Electra and gets a make-over at Mac, Zach gets a job at Starbucks, Res performs
  • Best of Late World #1
    One hour Best Of Show featuring: They mayor of Hollywood; "Welcome to Hollywood, Zach" bit; Natalie Imbruglia interview and performance; round table chat with Fat Boy Slim, Janine G., and Rufus Wainright; "A Serious Interview" with Roy Jones Jr.; Foo Fighters performance; Tommy Lee Interview; cameltoe discussion between Zach and Janine G.; Zach gets down with the car vac; Rufus Wainright performance; "What's Hip in Hollywood?" segment; Fat Boy Slim interview; Jill Hennessy interview; Wayne Brady interview; the Boca Raton Songmoreless
  • Garofalo, Wainwright
    Late World Round Table with Janeane Garofalo, Fat Boy Slim, and Rufus Wainwright at $1 Chinese; interview with Fat Boy Slim; "Late World Extreme Interview" with Janeane Garofalo; the "camel toe" discussion between Janeane and Zach
  • Natalie and Wayne
    Natalie and Wayne
    Episode 5
    Natalie Imbruglia interview and performance, Wayne Brady interview. (synopsis by Jenn)
  • Jill, Tommy & Zach
    Jill, Tommy & Zach
    Episode 4
    Jill Hennessy interview in which she plays the Indigo Girls song for Zach, Tommy Lee interview, "What's Hip in Hollywood?" bit, the "Won't you come back to Boca Raton?" song performed by Zach, Tommy Lee, and Jill H. (synopsis by Jenn)
  • Foo Fighters
    Foo Fighters
    Episode 3
    The Foo Fighters play twice. Zach gets friendly with a car vacuum. "Welcome Zach to Hollywood" bit where Zach is on the back of a moped, going down Hollywood Blvd, while several people, including Anthony Kiedis, welcomed Zach to "Hollyweird". (synopsis by Jenn)
  • Penultimate Show
    Penultimate Show
    Episode 2
  • THE FINAL SHOW-Zach says goodbye
    The Final Late World with Zach. "Professional Laugher" hired by VH1 replaces piano as Zach is pushed out onto the stage on the platform where he's usually seated behind piano. Lico Gutierrez, the stage hand, is dressed in a powder blue tuxedo as he pushes Zach onstage. The episode is mostly Zach reminiscing on Late World and his staff's farewell speeches to Zach. At the end, soprano, Terri Bibb sings "Time to Say Goodbye" 'with' Zach. The backdrop shows VH1 taking jabs at Zach. "We should have listened to the focus group", "You weren't that funny", "Your guests were funnier than you", etc. The end of the song approaches and the gentleman singing Zach's part emerges from backstage unbeknownst to Zach. As Zach walks away he notices the singer and asks, "Who's that guy?" in typical, deadpan Zach fashion. Zach stops at the edge of the stage. Lovingly caresses the wall, pulls the switch on the lamp (which falls to the ground, shattering) and exits the building. He leaves the studio and approaches "Dumpy" the dumpster, which he kisses. Then, flipping the lid, he jumps in. The lid is closed by the garbage man. The dumpster is rolled to the street, positioned on the truck. Zach pops up and reminds us to recycle. He disappears again into the dumpster, closing the lid and the dumpster is raised up and dumped into the truck. The closing is a wonderful shot of Zach in the "Real World - with Just One" sketch doing a long drawn out whine........and then laughing.moreless