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Later with Bob Costas

Episode 3

Airdate: 12-26-1989

Aired Weekdays 12:30 AM Unknown on NBC
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Airdate: 12-26-1989

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  • How can I review something that I can´t see, why is that???

    How is it possible to review something that I can´t look at before making a review of it??? Please make it lookable so I can watch it before I post a review about it.

    I think it must be the interview that Bob Costas made with Del Shannon in the program called Later with Bob Costas that where aired for many years and I think it has ended now. This show was a greate serie of interesting stuff,finding out all about my big idol and others. It was a two-part show about Charles Weedon vestover "Del Shannon" who so tragically took his own life just shortly after this interview was done. He was one of few great performers that had a lot more to give us and should he have been more understood maybe he would still be around. As I see it he was a very emotional person who was very miss-treated in the beginning of his career with managers who was making his life very tuff. I can not understand why he was´nt more appreciated in his own country??? He was much more valued in Great Britton and Germany and Australia and other countries as well.He deserved much more than he got anyway that´s what I wanna say,shame on the one´s who treated him bad! I only wish I had seen him live only once but I was´nt that fortunate so I have only this few video-clips to make my dream come true by, it´s as close as I can get to him now that his gone! I have loved this guy since 1963,that´s when I first heard about him and got my very first vinyl-singel,no it was´nt "Runaway", it was his version of "Do You Wanna Dance" and the flip side was the moust vunderful song I had ever heard and from that day I was hooked on "Del Shannon" for the rest of my life. Disaster occured in 1969 when I changed my adress and forgot to take my vinyl-singels with me!!! I did´nt hear that song again until february 2008 when I got hold of a dubbel-cd collection by Del and it was on that!!! But I remembered most of the lyrics on it and I have searched for that singel for many years without any luck. It took almoust 40 years until I was abled to hear my Favorit-singer sing my Favorit-song again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now why is that?????????? Because they never played the flip-side of that singel on the radio and they never play "Del Shannon" ever on the radio theese days, it´s a lost fortune that we oldies never may listen to again if it was´nt for the records and now cd´s, thank God that they exist.!!!Well I will end this now because I have other things to attend to today, my mother who is to become 87 years in July are waiting for me to come over today. I´m leastening to "Del Shannons" Great Hit "Do You Wanna Dance" now when I close this down,hopefully someone will read it and have the same oppinion as I have about The Grate Late DEL SHANNON, may he be at piece now and resting easy on a cloud somewhere up above us!!! That´s all folks,take care and do as I : Love Del Shannon !!!

    Oh, and I would love to see that 2-part video again of Bobs interview of "Del Shannon" if it´s possible but I don´t know how to find it??????moreless

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