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Reading Rocks! is a buoyant PBS television special that appeals to kids and encourages struggling readers to keep trying. The Disney Channel's Nick Spano (Even Stevens) hosts the special, which uses wacky humor to offer stories of hope to children who are trying to learn to read. Set to a hip-hop soundtrack, Reading Rocks! features a kid author, a claymation movie, inspiring profiles, and silly moments with Spano. The television show is the first project of Reading Rockets created expressly for kids. While Reading Rocks! is designed for children ages seven to twelve, the special was also created with parents and teachers in mind so they can watch, understand, and encourage struggling readers at home and school. It is a special episode of the award-winning Launching Young Readers series. Reading Rocks! features actress Vivica A. Fox (Ella Enchanted) in an entertaining segment about some of the oddities of the English language and author/illustrator Christopher Myers (Wings and Harlem) in an elementary school visit where he uses his big feet to show children that being different is something to celebrate.moreless
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