Lavender Castle

ITV (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Birds of a Feather...
      Dr. Agon puts out a radio call, calling all enemies of the Paradox to come together. Short Fred Ledd, Colonel Clump and the Dank arrive at the Dark Station. Each one has a story to tell of an encounter with the Paradox crew. Afterwards, the four enemies form an alliance to destroy the Paradox crew.moreless
    • Interface
      Episode 8
      The Paradox crew fall into another one of Dr. Agon's traps. On the planet Barrenette, the desert is littered full of bodies but these are cut outs. With the rest of the team knocked out by sleeping gas, Sir Squeakalot with a jetpack must defeat Dr. Agon's giant robot spider alone.moreless
    • Supernova
      Episode 7
      Finally finding Lavender Castle, Dr. Agon plans to destroy it. When the castle is in close range of a sun, he intends to create a chain reaction in the sun, which will destroy itself and vaporise Lavender Castle. The Paradox crew race to stop Agon but may already be too late!moreless
    • Wearizy
      Episode 6
      Sproggle's birthday is coming soon and the young orphan wants a pet but Captain Thrice won't allow one on board the Paradox. Unknown to the captain, Sproggle is given an invisible dog called Wearizy by junkyard twins Twaddle Duff and Twaddle Dim. There's more trouble when Dr. Agon gatecrashes Sproggle's birthday.moreless
    • Galactic Park
      Galactic Park
      Episode 5
      The Paradox crew need a break so they visit a Galactic Theme Park on the planet Themea, apparently run by Twaddle Duff. The crew decide to take a ride on the ghost train. However, they are unaware that this is a trap by Dr. Agon (disguised as Twaddle Duff) who plans to give them the ride of their lives!moreless
    • Diamonds Aren't Forever
      Following Short Fred Ledd to the planet Icesester, Sproggle is captured and held hostage by the pirate who is after the Icesester Diamond, the largest diamond in the universe with the power to absorb the energy of a sun. Unless the Paradox crew don't find the diamond within half-an-hour, Fred will cut off Sproggle's bauble…moreless
    • Cloud of Chaos
      Cloud of Chaos
      Episode 3
      Sproggle is accidentally thrown from the Paradox and falls through a blue cloud during a close encounter with Dr. Agon's Mammoth Machine. The villain ‘rescues' the orphan but once they are both aboard the Mammoth Machine, both are oddly affected by the cloud and swap personalities. Dr. Agon becomes Sproggle while Sproggle turns into Dr. Agon!moreless
    • The Legend
      The Legend
      Episode 2
      Captain Thrice and Walking Stick mount an expedition to the planet Bharron because according to legend, when the two suns eclipse on the planet every thousand years, Lavender Castle can be seen in the desert. However, on the third day, Thrice loses Walking Stick when he falls into a gully. Alone in the endless desert, the Captain soon finds himself at the mercy of Dr. Agon…moreless
    • Duelling Banjos
      Duelling Banjos
      Episode 1
      Having run out of fuel, the Paradox crash lands in the swamp on the planet Quagmire, near the Dank's shack. The suspicious Dank refuses to help the crew until Captain Thrice challenges him to a banjo-plucking contest. If Thrice wins, the Dank will help but the cost will be dear if the Dank wins: the Paradox will belong to the swamp creature!moreless
  • Season 1