Laverne & Shirley

Season 5 Episode 24

Antonio, the Amazing

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 01, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Laverne and Shirley return from a friend's wedding to find a strange man lying asleep on their sofa. Laverne arms herself with a baseball bat and is about to hit the guy when he turns over. She can't bring herself to hit him because she thinks he's gorgeous. She's just about to kiss him to wake him up when Frank and Edna inform the girls that this is Laverne's cousin from Italy, Antonio. Laverne is miserable that she can't date Antonio because he's her cousin. Shirley realizes Antonio's not her cousin, but Edna reminds her that she's got Carmine. Anotnio greets everybody and announces he's come to America to make his fortune.

Antonio excercises with Lenny and Squiggy. They teach him some bad habits including biting your palm if you like something. The boys leave to go collect hair from the local barber shop, and Carmine comes in. Carmine lets Antonio stay with him while he's in Milwaukee and gives Antonio a t-shirt to wear advertising his dance studio on the back.

The girls tell Antonio that they've found him a job selling women's shoes. They are eating pizza at the Pizza Bowl and Antonio comes in to tell them he was fired because the boss's wife came on to him in the store room. He's now unemployed and can't find a job. Frank offers him a job, but Antonio turns it down as he feels everybody is pitying him. He decides to go back to Italy, so Laverne gets Shirley to give Antonio a pep talk to make him stay. She starts off well but ends up crying herself. Antonio leaves still insisting that he's going back to Italy. A few minutes later, a bear walks through their front door. The girls go wild and keep feeding it scooter pies and Coke. Luckily, Antonio gets along naturally well with animals and claims he knows this bear. It's name is Giseppe, and it is a bear from the local zoo which must have followed him home. The girls tell him to take the bear back and ask for a job at the zoo as he's so good with wild creatures. He decides to do this and exits with the bear.