Laverne & Shirley

Season 8 Episode 21

Councilman DeFazio

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM May 03, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Frank makes his usual contribution to his local councilman. After the guy has taken Frank's money, he tells him that he plans to tear down Cowboy Bill's and build a high rise on the land. Frank chases the guy from the restaurant and heads down to see Laverne. Laverne is ill in bed, but Frank vents his frustrations to Laverne and decides the only way to stop him and beat city hall is to run against the current corrupt councilman.

The next day, at Cowboy Bills, Frank is busy getting all his friends to help him campaign. The councilman walks in with a camera crew in tow and tells them all about his plans for the area. Frank confronts the guy and tells the news crew that the other guy is crooked and that his family owns all the companies that he gives the city's jobs too. The anchorwoman for the television station invites Frank to an open debate to voice his views against Counilman Pike.

Later, Frank confesses to Carmine that he's never spoken in public before in his life. The day of the debate arrives, and the television cameras are rolling. Pike is as slick as ever, and Frank is overwhelmed on camera. Frank rounds out the debate by opening up to the voters, by being honest, by telling them that he'll work hard and do his best for them, and that he's really one of them.

The next day, at Cowboy Bill's, which is now campaign headquarters, we see the gang waits to hear the election results. The first set of results come in, and Frank only has 12 votes to Pikes 1200. Frank is dejected and thinks he's defeated. Pike's mother, who owns the contruction company that's going to tear Cowboy Bill's down, starts crowing and throwing her weight around about how much she's going to enjoy blowing the building up. Frank retreats back to Laverne's. Laverne has the television on, and they hear that the result was actually 2012 for Frank and that, although all the votes aren't in yet, the polls are projecting a win for Frank. Frank becomes scared about what he's going to do now that he's the new councilman. Pike comes into Cowboy Bill's and suggests that Frank still go ahead with the destruction of the restaurant. He says he'll give Frank a huge discount on the construction of the new building as his sister owns the company that has the rights to build.
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