Laverne & Shirley

Season 8 Episode 22

Here Today, Hair Tomorrow

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM May 10, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Rhonda enters Cowboy Bill's in a panic telling Frank that she suspects Carmine is about to commit suicide. She says he's packed all his stuff, turned off the gas, and disconnected his phone. Just as the two of them are about to run to try to save Carmine, he walks in and tells them that he's decided he's getting nowhere fast and that he's moving to New York to try his luck on Broadway. Carmine says his goodbyes to Frank and Rhonda and heads to Laverne's. She's excited that she can finally afford to buy the water bed she's always wanted, but, when Carmine tells Laverne he's $100 short on funds, she loans him the money from her bed fund. They say their goodbyes.

Carmine arrives in New York and attends a casting call for the musical Hair. He immediately befriends a man with whom he goes halfsies on a room. Carmine and the rest of the dancers perform their musical number for the show. Carmine and his new friend check the part list to see if they got the jobs, and they both have.