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  • Best show ever!!!

    I've been a HUGE, truly obsessed fan since first watching this show on Nick at Nite in 1998, so I can't say I'm super objective on this - but I LOVE this show. :)

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  • Bravo !!!!!

    This is one show that takes back in time and makes you laugh. Bravo to the cast and crew.. I laugh so much it takes me away from the depression of all bad days. It is funny to see how these girls and their friends can be so entertaining and be so together... I miss this show they aught to at least put it on TV land again...When the kids are away I too, love to laugh...But, I am sure they would laugh right along with me. There is no Violence, Nudity, Bad language. I hate vulgar TV..
  • A wonderful, classic show about two women who can't help but stay out of mischief! They will have you laughing out loud within minutes of the beginning of the show!

    I absolutely LOVE this show, although it was long before I was born. I love older shows like this, they entertain me a lot more than some t.v. shows today. This is a classic t.v. show whose comical genius was simply incredible. You just can't replace the comical duo of Laverne and Shirley, who remind me in there antics of Lucy and Ethel! Whether I am feeling down, or I am just in the mood for a good laugh, I can put on a "Laverne and Shirley" and feel great instantly. Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams are just hilarious in all of the sticky situations they get themselves into! :D
  • Laverne and Shirley--making our dreams come true for me and you

    This show was non-stop riotous entertainment for me growing up. I remember I first got hooked on it while in middle school. As most of you know, it chronicled the daily and weekly adventures of two Milwaukee blue-collar working gals living together, as well as their interactions with friends and family. It was just awesome. I don't know what made it so delightful--the brilliant comedic actresses or the plots. Probably both. The producers couldn't have gotten two actresses with better dynamic. Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall shined and I never got bored of following them and their crazy antics. It wasn't just Marshall and Williams, though. Who could forget Lenny and Squiggy? Or Laverne's eccentric Italian father? The entire cast made this show the great caliber of entertainment that it was and I'm sure future generations will be as fond of it as I was as a kid.
  • SUCKFEST!!! I wish i could give it a zero!!!

    I absolutely hate this show.. I hate how the actresses attempt to act, and the cast, and the whole entire thing is grotesque. It makes me sick it stayed on so long. I guess it may have benn cool back then, but now it is a complete and total embarrassment to the poor people who get the channel that comes on!! My sister is an old soul, and she watches all these old, horrid shows. I may have liked it if it wasn't pushed on me, but I highly doubt it. And what kind of names are LENNY and SQUIGGY?
  • A somewhat funny show about two women that work in a brewery and their friends. Another spin-off from Happy Days

    I use to watch this show when it was on (when I was a kid). That tells you how old I am I guess. Anyway, the show was pretty good at the time but doesn't real hold up against current day comedies.

    Penny Marshall (now a famous movie director) starred as Laverne DeFazio along with Cindy Wiiliams as Shirley Wilhelmina Feeney. Both were pretty good at their roles. There were several other actors that made it big after the show. Ed Marinaro who later went on to star in Hill Street Blues joined the cast in season six. Michael McKean who played Lenny Kosnowski has gone on to make several movies.
  • its classic but i hate it

    i dont like any happy day spin off except for mork and mindy. and this crappy spin off even somehow spined off another spin off. i really dont enjoy this show. i wouldn't watch it if my life depended on it. well maybe its not that bad, but i still hate it.

  • Classic sitcom

    I'm probably one of the few people who doesn't feel that Laverne & Shirley jumped the shark when the girls (and everyone else) moved to California. Sure, the tone of the show changed a bit but all of the characters were still there and we were introduced to Ed Marinaro and Leslie Easterbrook for the first time. The final season without Cindy Williams was just strange. How can you have a show called Laverne & Shirley without Shirley?
  • Awesome!

    Laverne and Shirley is awesome! Like someone else sais, i remember watching it when i was a little girl. it was one fo the first shows i remember. I liked it then, and really got back into it when Nick at Nite brought it back. I agree with that other review, it a is definetely a show for us girls, even tho it was set int he late 50's, we can completely relate to their adventures. The show was hilarious, and while some people say it has gay undertones, i don't think this at all,plenty of women (and men) live platonically together as roommates,and how could Laverne and Shirley be gay? They were chasing a man or prepping for date in nearly every episode! Lenny and Squiggy are hilarious, and Carmine is awesome-and a very talented singer and dancer. He is a sexy boyfriend to Shirley-and also very sweet-he once said she could think of him as her big brother. Frank's Laverne's loving father and Edna's the free-spirited, wise cracking landlady.
    I love so many of the episodes,the 2 Christmas ones were especially favorites(who could forget the show at the mental hospital or Squiggy dressed up like a miniature elf?!)I like how Lenny and Squiggy are always on the make for the girls, and they walk in at those perfect moments when the girls are describing some disgusting man or another-and Squiggy greets with his famous "Hello!" I like the show because it is so much fun and completely silly. In today's serious world, we need a show like Laverne and Shirley to remind us that there IS a lighter side, and it's ok to use laughter to help us thru life-as we have our own adventures and make our dreams come true-just like Laverne and Shirley.
  • Two women live together (as pals) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in this series, the first spin-off of 'Happy Days'.

    This is an interesting series. I really like the plot developments, and it is a bit funnier than its predecessor, 'Happy Days.' It is interesting to see these girls get along, if by 'get along' you mean schedule when and where your next fistfight's going to take place. Anyway, this is a remarkable series that involves physical comedy that hadn't been seen since 'I Love Lucy' (and we all know how big that series was), and impressive, witty dialogue. These girls have come through quite a ways, from their humble beginnings at Shotz Brewery to their days in the Army, California and beyond. Just one question: When will the Season 2 DVD set come out? WE'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!
  • 2 non gay women live together in a small apartment-another spin off from happy days.

    I loved the show when it was on(I was 11)-but for some reason I can't stomach watching it now-I do not know why. It had it's moment. but it was gone years ago-they were good together but they were not Lucy and Ethel-they were copycats. Laverne(penny marshall) has put out some good movies since then.
  • "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" Were gonna do it !

    Oh I love this show it's totaly Awesome! Laverene is a wacky out going kind of girl and Shirly is a innocent scardy cat and there good friends Lenny and Sqigy are complete idiots who are allways trying to get with them, and Carmine or "The Big Ragoo" a boxer who happens to be shirly's Friend with Benifitts and Lavernes father who owns the Pizza Bowl a Daily hang out! this show is Tops!
  • Girls Only Show

    I have been a fan of Laverne and Shirley since I was a little girl. It was my very first tv show that I ever saw. I fell in love with it. This show is one of the best shows that ever hit tv. It is funny and the chemistry between all the characters is phenomonal.

    Squiggy was always my favorite and I miss him. I do watch re-runs. This show is definitely a show for us girls.