Laverne & Shirley

ABC (ended 1983)





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  • Laverne and Shirley--making our dreams come true for me and you

    This show was non-stop riotous entertainment for me growing up. I remember I first got hooked on it while in middle school. As most of you know, it chronicled the daily and weekly adventures of two Milwaukee blue-collar working gals living together, as well as their interactions with friends and family. It was just awesome. I don't know what made it so delightful--the brilliant comedic actresses or the plots. Probably both. The producers couldn't have gotten two actresses with better dynamic. Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall shined and I never got bored of following them and their crazy antics. It wasn't just Marshall and Williams, though. Who could forget Lenny and Squiggy? Or Laverne's eccentric Italian father? The entire cast made this show the great caliber of entertainment that it was and I'm sure future generations will be as fond of it as I was as a kid.