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  • Awesome!

    Laverne and Shirley is awesome! Like someone else sais, i remember watching it when i was a little girl. it was one fo the first shows i remember. I liked it then, and really got back into it when Nick at Nite brought it back. I agree with that other review, it a is definetely a show for us girls, even tho it was set int he late 50's, we can completely relate to their adventures. The show was hilarious, and while some people say it has gay undertones, i don't think this at all,plenty of women (and men) live platonically together as roommates,and how could Laverne and Shirley be gay? They were chasing a man or prepping for date in nearly every episode! Lenny and Squiggy are hilarious, and Carmine is awesome-and a very talented singer and dancer. He is a sexy boyfriend to Shirley-and also very sweet-he once said she could think of him as her big brother. Frank's Laverne's loving father and Edna's the free-spirited, wise cracking landlady.
    I love so many of the episodes,the 2 Christmas ones were especially favorites(who could forget the show at the mental hospital or Squiggy dressed up like a miniature elf?!)I like how Lenny and Squiggy are always on the make for the girls, and they walk in at those perfect moments when the girls are describing some disgusting man or another-and Squiggy greets with his famous "Hello!" I like the show because it is so much fun and completely silly. In today's serious world, we need a show like Laverne and Shirley to remind us that there IS a lighter side, and it's ok to use laughter to help us thru life-as we have our own adventures and make our dreams come true-just like Laverne and Shirley.
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