Laverne & Shirley

Season 5 Episode 26

Separate Tables

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM May 13, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Shirley is building a popcicle stick model of her dream house. Laverne walks in wanting to go to the movies, but Shirley just wants to build her house in peace. Laverne starts to muscle in on Shirley's model and Shirley tells Laverne to go to see the movie on her own. Laverne doesn't want to and this prompts Shirley to ask Laverne is she's afraid to go on her own. Laverne says she's not afraid of nothing, and storms out. Later she comes back and tells Shirley how good the movie was. Shirley, thinking she went on her own, congratulates Laverne, Mrs. Kolchek walks in and it turns out that Laverne dragged the old woman from her bed to go to the movie with her rather than go on her own. Shirley tells Laverne she has a problem, and that she's probably very insecure. Laverne realizes Shirley is right, so Shirley books them both a table at a new Chinese restaurant where they'll both be eating at separate tables to try to cure Laverne of her monophobia. The next day we see Shirley being seated at one table and Laverne being seated at another. Laverne comes up with many excuses to wander from her table to Shirley's but Shirley keeps sending her back again. The waiter asks Laverne what she wants to eat and she points at something on the menu. The waiter starts laughing and tells the others at the next table. It turns out Laverne ordered the printers of the menu. Laverne eventually places an order not before Shirley stands up and tells everyone at the restaurant Laverne's problem. When another waiter appears pushing a trolley of food, Laverne scuttles on to the underside of the trolley and is wheeled out. Shirley is at home waiting for Laverne to come in. Shirley apologizes for forcing Laverne to go through with the meal. Laverne then tells Shirley that she's been all over town doing stuff on her own and that she's finally licked her monophobia. Later that night, Laverne walks in after having been to a Julius La Rosa concert. Shirley asks if she got her his autograph, Laverne brings the man himself in to sing to them, which when he does Shirley promptly faints.