Laverne & Shirley

Season 6 Episode 6

The Dating Game

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Dec 30, 1980 on ABC

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  • Lenny & Squiggy go on the Dating Game and give priceless responses to the beautiful girl's questions.

    Without a doubt the absolute best single episode of any sit-com in the history of sit-coms. Absolutely hilarious. This is Lenny and Squiggy at their best. Their timing with each other is perfect. The jokes were fantastic. The reactions of Laverne and Shirley to Lenny and Squiggy's responses are great, but the host of the Dating Game, Jim Lange, has the best reactions. He does a great job. This episode will keep you in stitches throughout the whole show, but especially during the game show sequence. I highly recommend everyone watch this episode, especially if you are a fan of this show.