Law & Order: Los Angeles

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  • Season 2
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Law & Order: Los Angeles.
  • Season 1
    • Westwood
      Episode 22
      When the brother of one of UCLA's soccer stars is murdered, Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski discover he had been protecting his sister. During the investigation, however, new evidence is discovered that could lead away from their suspect, which leaves DDAs Morales and Price with little time to determine what really happened before the case goes to the jury.moreless
    • Van Nuys
      Episode 21
      A birthday party from which only one guest escaped as the rest of the party-goers were beaten to death puts Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski on an investigative trail with very few clues. Then, just as they believe they have found the motive, an even seedier reason comes to light. At the DA's office, DDAs Morales and Price reach out to Dekker for assistance in trying the case.moreless
    • El Sereno
      Episode 20
      After the man who massacred his co-workers at a brokerage is finally arrested, his attorney claims racial profiling skewed the investigation. DDAs Dekker and Stanton are left with a stalled case, and a very delicate path to tread in order to get it back on track.
    • Carthay Circle
      Episode 19
      Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski believe the young woman found dead in her home was murdered by her boyfriend. When he is also murdered, their case suddenly involves corrupt politics and the broken propositions system. New evidence surfaces, which forces DDAs Morales and Price to find a way to save the case.moreless
    • Plummer Park
      Episode 18
      Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigate a botched kidnapping, which becomes complicated when they discover another crime. Unfortunately, this dilemma leaves Dekker with a ticking clock as ICE threatens to extradite witnesses who are key to his case.
    • Angel's Knoll
      Episode 17
      When a man is found murdered in his bathtub, Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski quickly determine that he had just had an argument with his cousin. A conversation with the his girlfriend, however, leads to the discovery of other violence against the casino worker. DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa, meanwhile, are faced with an impossible choice: with which criminal to cut a deal so they can capture the person behind it all.moreless
    • Big Rock Mesa
      Episode 16
      A devastating Malibu fire is found to have been set as a cover-up for murder.
    • Hayden Tract
      Episode 15
      A senator's political rally turns into tragedy when a man begins shooting, which leaves the senator and six other attendees dead. As Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski use the department's latest tech toy to find the killer, DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa butt heads over the best way to run the case. Elsewhere, TJ's mission to locate Winters' killer puts him at risk.moreless
    • Runyon Canyon
      Episode 14
      The strangulation of a university student puts Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski on campus where they investigate the freshman pre-med's life for leads. What they find is a girl who did not match her cover. Unfortunately, all this knowledge will not help DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa when one last surprise surfaces during the trial.moreless
    • Reseda
      Episode 13
      A high-risk bank robbery raises red flags for Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski, especially when a second robbery uses the same kidnapping threat. What they don't expect is the threat to one of their own when they close in on the suspect. DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa have their own battle when it turns out their trial strategies differ from those of DA Hardin.moreless
    • Benedict Canyon
      Episode 12
      After a stylist to the stars is murdered in her car on her way home, conspiracy theories are rife in the Hollywood community. Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski, however, discover evidence that puts them on a hunt through her past. A hunt that Rubirosa and Dekker must continue to make sure the murder charge sticks to the correct suspect.moreless
    • East Pasadena
      Episode 11
      After a high-speed police chase comes to a sudden end, horrified officers discover the body of a dead woman, but no driver, in the car. Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski suspect her jealous boyfriend, but he offers information that leads them to her job as a bookkeeper for the city and a possible scandal which could be implicated in the woman's death. Meanwhile, DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa attempt to maintain order in East Pasadena as the case gains publicity and citizens begin to mobilize in protest.moreless
    • Silver Lake
      Episode 10
      A home invasion that leaves a mother and son dead ends up putting Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski on the trail of a serial rapist. But, as DDAs Dekker and Rubirosa assemble their case, it turns out Morales' first return as a detective may free a guilty man.
    • Zuma Canyon
      Episode 9
      After a teenager's quinceañera turns deadly, Detectives Jaruszalski and Winters track down a lead to a marijuana crop and the boy who is guarding it. Unfortunately, this brings them to the attention of the man who owns the field with fatal consequences. Meanwhile, DDAs Price and Morales walk the line between prosecutor and statesman duties when they are asked to worry about the Mexican government's sensitivities above their case needs, which pushes a fed-up Morales into an unexpected decision.moreless
    • Playa Vista
      Episode 8
      The murder of golfer Kristin Halstead sends Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski to the Mens' professional circuit for leads, only to find them in Chip Jarrow. Trouble comes in the form of an incident between Jarrow and his wife, Monica, which leaves DDAs Dekker and Stanton to filter the chaos into a coherent case they can win.moreless
    • Ballona Creek
      Episode 7
      Winters and Jaruszalski believe they are investigating a gangland murder when the body of a Department of Public Works employee is found with multiple stab wounds. After the detectives learn the employee had been investigating a series of murders that had been committed over the past 10 years, a new suspect is revealed that fires up Dekker's already high need to seek justice for those victims.moreless
    • Hondo Field
      Episode 6
      Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski look into the murder of an oil rig worker who was also a possible whistle-blower. Unfortunately, a last minute change by the defendant's flashy lawyer to an affirmative defense will leave DDAs Dekker and Stanton scrambling to regain the advantage.
    • Pasadena
      Episode 5
      A hit-and-run becomes the overnight political sensation when it turns out the victim was pregnant, and Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski's investigation turns up a potentially sensitive father. And DDAs Morales and Price find themselves maneuvering equally tricky waters as they close in on the truth behind the crime.
    • Sylmar
      Episode 4
      When a meth lab explosion kills two young boys, Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski expect a relatively easy investigation. Unfortunately, the case takes a couple twists. First the detectives discover another potential target, then DDA Dekker finds himself in a battle over jurisdiction.
    • Harbor City
      Episode 3
      A pro surfer who gave up the life to care for his mother is found murdered. Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski find themselves delving into not just the murder, but also the local beach culture. Once the suspects are set for trial, DDA Morales determines that one of his witnesses has been less than forthcoming. His next choice could make or break the case, and possibly his career.moreless
    • Echo Park
      Episode 2
      The murder of a cult member who had been convicted of murder herself sends Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski on a torturous investigation involving the woman's fellow cult members. Yet somehow, this leads them to one of the original investigating detectives—Winter's wife, Lori. This turn of events puts DDAs Dekker and Stanton in an awkward position as they probe the old case, and the new, for the truth.moreless
    • Hollywood
      Episode 1
      Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski track the activities of a burglary ring that target the rich and famous, whose latest job escalated from simple burglary to assault. When one of the suspects ends up murdered during the next heist, the investigation leads to a twist which reveals the seedier side of the business.moreless