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Saving Law & Order: LA, possibly on cable.

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    [1]Jul 28, 2011
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    Well it's pretty obvious NBC's not going to make an attempt to renew LOLA anytime soon and Dick Wolf hasn't said a word about any attempts to revive it (or the original mothership series).

    There's a grassroots campaign on Facebook and Twitter:

    http://facebook.com/savelawandorderla(Facebook) & http://twitter.com/SaveLOLA (Twitter)

    So "like" and follow those pages if you have accounts on those social networks - ANYTHING is better than nothing. There is a lot of contact information to get in touch with NBC and Turner Network Television (which will own original mothership episodes until 2012).

    Also there is a petition with [at the moment] over 400 signatures to revive both original Law & Order and Law & Order: LA - I'm suprised it doesn't have more signatures as many fans I know would like both series back! http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/renew-law-order-and-law-order-la-on-tnt.html

    If anyone else has any other information on ways to Save Law & Order: LA - please, feel free to post it! This show can be saved if we all try.

    Bob Greenblatt has said he wants the Law & Order franchise to stick around on NBC, but leaving Mothership & LOLA for dead isn't keeping the franchise around on NBC - come September 2011, SVU will be the remaining U.S. Law & Order.

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