Law & Order: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • one more time.....awful

    I'm writing this one more didn't post before
    First off, Wolf's ego and need for CONTROL is the real reason the original Law and Order was canceled...not just ratings. For some insane reason he got great joy in having HIS series NOT make it through 21 years, therefore beating Gunsmokes run.
    Now for the new show. I watched it because I like several of the actors that are on it....hoping it was not going to be ANOTHER "Hollywood" series.
    Extremly disappointing!!!
    The only good thing out of it was I bet Lindsey Lohan's Mom was furious with the plot. I'm sure it's pretty close to the truth as far as she goes.
    In any event, I'll watch it next week but won't continue watching if every show is just about Hollywood celebrities etc...........
  • Not bad for a pilot. Really.

    I've seen some pretty uneven pilots in the past month. Law & Order: Los Angeles is not one of them. In fact, it exuded a lot of confidence for a premiere.

    It's not original Law & Order sadly, (really, why did they have to cancel it?) however the LOLA pilot is much better than the pilot for L&O: Trial by Jury... which is a really good sign.

    Highlights include: Seeing Alfred Molina on network television = very cool; I am curious to see how the alternating DA system works. Ulrich and Stoll have an easy and comfortable chemistry. I am glad that they haven't tried too hard to make the characters outrageous or copy the characters from the recently cancelled original... that would have come off as desperate.

    I am sorry to hear that they are recasting Wanda De Jesus. Someone should check Regina Hall for a pulse... I know its early to judge, but I am going to miss Alana De La Garza and her legal foxyness... And while on the subject of Reginas, it's too bad Regina King is already on Southland- she could have been a strong female lead.

    I was split between following LOLA or giving The Whole Truth another shot, however having seen LOLAs superior pilot, I'm thinking Wednesday is going to be Law & Order night once again.
  • Law & Order: Los Angeles, or LOLA, to those in the know, is like if the old show met TMZ, and added a lot of sunshine, bright colors, and palm trees. Good-bye East River, hello L.A. River (which is paved with concrete, by the way).

    From the promo trailers for Law & Order: Los Angeles, I was anxious to see this show. It looked like it would be a mixture of the Law & Order format, but with lots of gritty L.A. and Hollywood stuff thrown in. TMZ meets L&O. I liked Southland, but haven't seen it since it went to cable, but this could be kind of like that. I went to see Tower of Power at the Kern County Fair in Bakersfield, and TOP put on a longer set than I'd expected from a band who'd been on the road for 43 years. Besides, I had to wait for their encore, "You're Still a Young Man" even though the title was by now bitterly ironic, like The Who doing "My Generation" at the Super Bowl half time. And you can't end a show on a ballad, you just can't, it's a rule, so that meant at least one more of their patented Oakland Soul/Funk blow outs. So, when I did get home, LOLA was half over.

    I missed a lot of the good parts that were in the trailer, but what I did see was pretty good. I like Skeet Ulrich, though whenever I hear his name, I think of Lars Ulrich, drummer of Metalica. And really, why would you name a kid Skeet? Skeet shootin'? Mosquitoes? What? His character is named Detective Rex Winters. Hey, if he wrecks winters, imagine what he'll do to summers. Dun Dun. I liked him though, and there was a scene where they visit a top flight photographer who had taken a head shot of a suspect, and she wanted to photograph Rex. He refused, with no interest whatsoever. The photographer said that the fact that he refused made her want to photograph him even more. That says a lot about his character, and I think it will make him oblivious to the temptations that he will encounter, but at some point, maybe he will give in. It is like where there are two characters on a show that flirt but can't quite consummate, and you keep watching wondering when they finally will. Dun Dun. His partner, played by Corey Stoll, is named Detective T.J. Jaruszalski. He is bald and has a big mustache. His father was a famous cinematographer, so he is more of a Hollywood insider who enjoys his job because it is like having a front row center seat at his own private cop show. Dun Dun. Alfred Molina is Deputy DA Ricardo Morales. He will alternate with Terrance Howard. Molina was a lot of fun to watch, he is quite an accomplished actor, with a lot of film credits to his name. Terrance Howard is right up there. I would enjoy either one, and even having them both together on the same episode might just be overkill, like swatting a mosquito with a jack hammer. Dun Dun.

    This show was "torn from the headlines," obviously a mixture of the Bling Ring and Lindsay Lohan's troubles. But actually, Lindsay was a victim of the Bling Ring, not an accomplice. And in the television version, her own mother pimps her out (or did I just imagine that? I actually want to watch it again because I thought this was implied and it was the reason that the mom finally copped a plea. I was looking for the recap, but alas, there was none). I realize that the characters on the show are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental--or is it? Dun Dun.

    Looking at the discussion of this show, it seems like a lot of die hard fans are mostly concerned with whether or not this new show will be enough like the old show, which ran for 20 years and tied but didn't break the record set by Gunsmoke, to satisfy their L&O addiction. Like, where are the Dun Dun sounds? And the shot of the cast, striding strong and purposeful into the future, the "hero shot" as some referred to it, in the show's opening? Hey, you know what, I would like them to add that, and I hear they are, but they wanted to make a break at least in the first episodes so people can see that it is a new show, and stop comparing it so much. They'd like the old L&O fans to get on board, but with an open mind. Dun Dun.
  • Something new and different from the creators of the hugely successful "Law and Order" franchise and it's not too bad, either.

    A new city, new detectives, new cases as the 'Law and Order' action moves to 'The City of Angels'. It's good to Skeet Ulrich, a recogniseable face, in a leading role, ditto with Alfred Molina, both of whom did excellent work in this premiere episode.

    The case for the detectives involves a string of burglaries which are being perpetrated on the homes of the rich and famous when their houses are empty. Unfortunately, during one attack, the girlfriend of an up and coming Hollywood star is badly beaten and, in another, the burglar in question is shot dead by the mother of a fresh young starlet who has recently gained the reputation of being somewhat difficult to deal with.

    Further investigation brings to light the interesting fact that the young starlet is in some way connected to at least four of the eight reported incidents but the plot thickens even more when it's found that her mother is far more involved than was first thought.

    An interesting plot for the first episode and well acted. I am looking forward to seeing where this one goes as I have been a fan of the L and O franchise for a long time.
  • Lacks the Gravitas of the others

    The show lacks the Gravitas that the other shows enjoyed. The cops seem a bit wish washy as are the prosecutors.
    As someone else said this has come across as as just another Los Angeles based show.
    They could have done so much with it
    The choice of cops is interesting - they seem very lightweight. In the original and its spin offs at least one of the partners was almost real - someone with attitude, but there is none of this here.

    Lots of glitz and glam - are they going to show the seedy side of town too or are we just going to hear about celebs?