Law & Order: Los Angeles

NBC (ended 2011)





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  • Could've been a great show if the network didn't destroy it.

    Could've been a great show if the network didn't destroy it. The show should've been a transplant of Law & Order but in Los Angeles. What we got was a pretty traumatic remake that lacked an opening, the doink doink sound and feel of the original series. The network first thew these out of the norm episodes at us about 5 if I recall and then when that didn't bring in the ratings. They revamped the show and killed one of the main draws if not the main draw Skeet Ulrich off the show. When it was too late NBC burnt off the original pre-reboot episodes and guess what they were great. Why would a network not give the show at least it's original ten episodes before trying to reboot? The cast was great and paired with the things we love about Law & Order the legions of fans would've supported it but sadly NBC who's already dying for ratings didn't have the patience to allow the show to grow.
  • How Could This Get Cancelled.

    I tuned into this show on Hulu, because I was bored. I wasn't expecting anything much from a show that's just Law & Order only in Los Angeles, but when I played the first episode I was in shock! I was treated to one of the finest, best acted, best filmed crime/law show on televison. It was bright and beautiful to watch. The camera work was amazing. It wasn't shaking like it does on CSI: Miami. The stories are written beautifully, and I loved them all,except for Hayden Tract which hit to close to home for me(I live near Tuscan) other that, I'm in Love with this show!
  • A new and great West Coast flavor treat for Law and Order addicts!

    Oh, my my. The Law and Order franchise just never seems to run out of steam. More quality crime/drama from the people who brought you Law and Order, this time with a tangy west coast flavor! As always, as with any of the Law and Order spin-offs, you get your outstanding writing and story lines and high production values that never fail to disappoint. Action scenes that do not have the choreographed look of most other crime drama/cop shows. And you always want to keep your fridge raiding and bathroom going trips confined to the commercial breaks, 'cause you don't want to miss a beat while the show is on. Another outstanding spin-off of the Law and Order franchise!
  • An interesting new addition to Dick Wolf's hugely successful "Law and Order" franchise and one that is most definitely worth watching.

    One of the things I like the most about this show is the fact that I recognise several of the lead actors. Although I haven't seen Skeet Ulrich since his stint as a murderer in the film "Scream", I knew immediately who he was. I was also familiar with Wanda de Jesus and, of course, Alfred Molina. I always find it much easier to watch a program when at least some of the main cast are familiar tome.

    This off-shoot from the Mother Ship deals with cases worked on by the Robbery and Homicide Division in Los Angeles and, as such, the team certainly always have plenty of work to keeo them occupied.

    I suppose only time (and ratings) will tell but, so far, I like what I have seen and I shall keep watching. It may well turn out to be a winner.