Law & Order: Trial by Jury

Season 1 Episode 11

Day (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 03, 2005 on NBC

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  • What started off slow and week in "SVU" comes to a satisfying conclusion in "TBJ".

    I will admit right off hand that this is the first time I've ever watched a TBJ episode all the way through (I've seen about five minutes before) and probably the first time I've ever put my laptop aside to actually WATCH a Law & Order episode. (I rated it 10 because it has one of my fav actors...And I have nothing to compare it to! BTW: I'm reviewing the entire duo here, since there's already a review for "Night".)

    I started out knowing the perp for this duo, so it was interesting to see the story used to connect the pieces of my knowledge into a greater whole. The writers do an excellent job of throwing you off the trail, however; many times, I found myself wondering how they ever got to where they'd be able to convict Gabriel. But they succeeded, and that was the most important part.

    Maybe it's because I'm not a muslim, I've never had such a terrible thing done to me and I was born without a shy bone in my body that I had a hard time sympathizing with Nina. To me, if something that bad happened to you, it should empower you to speak out (despite the name-calling), not force you to be even more shy. Also, I would not worry about being called a slut and a whore by co-workers and people on the street -- they obviously have maturity and confidence problems of their own, and that's why they said all that. Of course, they could've been hiding their own fears as well, by calling Nina names.

    I'm sorry that the subplot with the Irish maid didn't work out (and not just because I like Ireland, either!) I think it would have been deliciously creepy if that vet was allowed to testify, after having proof that she was the product of one of Gabriel's rapes.

    All in all, I believe it was a lovely episode -- if not one that left Otto and Tevye hoping poor Gabriel will seek help for his mental health problems! ;)